Saturday, December 30, 2006

Communication with the virtual world has been choice in these last weeks of this Gregorian year. Once this unborn manifests my physique will be as slim & trim as my social output, at least until Something To Cope drops. Until then, get acquainted with another dimension of Oriana lee through Something To Cop:Abridged From the Book Something To Cope (Digital Only). By any artistic means necessary!


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Many days have passed since stars filled my backyard ceiling. It takes being all the way out in no man's land to enjoy nature anymore. Even the little dipper in sight. Amazing! Transformation will take place with or without you. Dig?


"The worse thing you can call a person is crazy. It's dismissive"
-Dave Chapelle

If my bank account allowed me the freedom to up & run away to Afraka right now, God only knows how fast my long legs would get me to the first available airline carrier. The last time that "a friend" called me crazy, eye hauled off and punched them square in the face. That was in two thousand and one in the midst of a revealing therapy stint that left me confronting the supressed molestations of my childhood. It would be years before eye could frankly admit that a raging nut is exactly what was brewing in my brain, though the guilty party had since changed their story to appear as though they had only said eye was acting crazy. Semantics; same difference. Lying can ease one's inner guilt.

For that same person to act out and call me crazy (no acting in there for certain) today bounces off my back and dead into the water because what does not fit simply cannot stick. It actually makes me chuckle at times because eye feel so fortunate to be so sane to even know the difference at this stage in my life. Empty words cannot hurt me, neither can they fill me anymore. Truth however, does hurt those who are unwilling to face it. If telling the truth makes me a lunatic, then nominate me queen, because that's what self-analyzation has led me to honor most within myself.

Love makes people do strange things. The lack of love leads people to show their true lack of compassion in strangely forced ways. Eye love my self enough to not want to continue to subject myself to the abuse that comes from the lack thereof. Eye love my unborn enough to want a healthy arrival in a safe and loving environment. Somehow, someway, without money or midwife, eye am certain that the creator has love for us. In this mindstate, eye await the blessings in store.


Monday, December 4, 2006


Being married in the entertainment business is more of a challenge than the rigors of this industry itself. It's no wonder unions don't last more than a hot second with all the pressures. Plus, it's a complete fact that real artists are absolutely out of their minds, which makes it tough if you're a spouse with any square tendencies at all. The fact that they don't even know it makes the likelihood of a smooth ride nearly impossible.

Prior to this pregnancy, just how a woman could consider aborting her precious unborn baby always brought me to a point of judgement.

"How could she think like that?" How could she go through with it?"

Only during this, my fifth pregnancy, did that become an option that has crossed my mind on more than one occassion. When it became clear back in the Spring that eye was indeed expecting again, instantly eye thought of the many sister-girls in my life who have chosen this path. They always complain afterwards of an emptiness & guilt that never goes away. Even still, knowing just how unlikely that my financial circumstances would change during the course of this gestational period, it seemed like a logical step - for everyone's sake. Of course, now in the eighth month of pregnancy, we all know what the final outcome of those original thoughts, the struggle with my choice still lingers.

Having survived a series of infidelities (common in the business; common in a marriage) over the last years, in addition to a temper of my own that has gotten so out of control at times that my man could have easily had me hemmed up on spousal abuse charges, it seems almost wrong to bring another child into this roller-coaster relationship; this insane world. But as we all know, no matter how hard we try, we don't always control these things. It's so much bigger than our daily worries.

As my girlfriend affirmed a while back, "We all lead Jerry Springer lives." So damn true!

Some of you will gasp at my candor; others will judge & criticize. Hopefully all will be able to see the beauty in my brutal honesty to some degree as we could all stand a little more truth & reality in our day to day. My people won't even flinch, as they will tell you that this is just the type of REAL gal that eye am. No matter how you know me - as an artist, business-woman, friend or foe, my desire is that you too come to have a glimpse into this fantasy life called the music business understanding that we are one people in the end.

Your tail stinks when you purge your colon the same as mine. We all put on our socks one foot at a time. Let's love & support each other instead of tearing one another apart. Life is too short to do it any other way. Don't be skerred.

Much love to you & yours!


Sunday, December 3, 2006

pack rat

•a ratlike rodent that accumulates a mound of sticks and debris in the nest hole, native to North and Central America. Also called wood rat.
• a person who saves unnecessary objects or hoards things.

In moving from one residence to the next, it's imperative to recognize that purging is as important as packing. Just this season I have trashed a broken fan, a well-worn pack-n-play, several pairs of outdated shoes, too small clothing, bits of trinkets, pieces of toys & many other long held on to items. Many people hold on to things unnecessarily with no purpose in mind. That's a pack rat. To hold on to useful objects that are mendable or simply out of sorts is what us Black Americans call making due with what 'cha got. There's a big difference. Po' folk know the difference. Only the beholder can determine the value based on their particular needs & purposes.

It stings when someone regards your treasure as junk, not recognizing that we all have those collectables that only we deem important for a variety of reasons. As they [do not exist] say, "People are people" & "All around the world same song". Just days before Granny returned to the essence, she gave me an old change purse stuffed with 100 dollar bills & assumably junk jewelry. While the money has been long spent to the good of the family, the jewelry remains as my personal fortune. If it wasn't for Granny - an accused pack rat, eye wouldn't understand the contradistinction.


Thursday, November 30, 2006


Kana is participating in Metro's annual presentation of the mini-Nutcracker and in reading the costume requirements it's obvious that they know they have some black angels because it is worded that the girls wear "light lipstick and blush appropriate to one's skin color." Funny, huh? Granny would be so proud to see Kana playing her position the way she does in the performance. She always loved for us to be on stage or front and center in any capacity.

Granny...Granny...Granny...[heavy sigh]

Granny would always say to me "You have a life of your own to live. No one can live it for you. You need to worry about controlling you." Over and over throughout my youth these words would manifest at the end of a discussion or chastising regarding me minding someone else's business.

How does one maintain that viewpoint when someone else's life becomes your own to a degree? Like in marriage or parenting. Still trying to figure it all out.


It will be imperative that the ten hugs requirement be fulfilled today in order to soften this heavy heart. Being heavy with child only compounds what's going on emotionally. Prayer warriors, please remain steadfast.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Gotta find Carlotta! Anybody know where my favorite midwife friend can be found? Please hit me with her info. My last cell phone was so toe' up that my contacts could not be transferred. Don't you hate when that happens?


Friday, November 24, 2006


Three Novembers ago, my career foci went from True School & Writehanded to For that long, this has been my primary job as a professional, in addition to the many years of part-time service. We have since added two children to the equation - this fifth being due January 8. As my run as full-time manager draws to a close, it's important for me to speak candidly to those of you who have helped make it all possible.

Of all of the pursuits in my life, artist management has to be the most thankless - honestly, downright graphically demeaning oftentimes. [This coming from a woman who sold automobiles at one of the grimiest lots in town and also co-managed a greasy car repair shop for years.] If not for the consistent encouragement of so many of our supporters (financial, spiritual & emotional), you would have wiped up the floor with my towel long ago.

As we continue to be thankful, allow me to extend special gratitude to those supporters who have taken an interest in championing the personal efforts of Oriana lee - as mother, wife, manager, educator and writer. Your encouragement does not go unrecognized. It's you who have let me live, so take a big whiff of your roses while you still can (in no particular order):

The Farrell Family (at large)
The Jackson/Williams Family (at large)
Shawne Bailey
Steve Balser
Mr. Merge
Charles Kiskadden
Tee Little
Dee Little
Jazzy Sport Crew
Van Hunt
Shellie R. Warren
K. Danielle Rucker
D.J. Fisher
Shyria Coleman
Erika Reed
Menah Pratt
A.C. the PD
Adrian Constant
Biel & Cynthia Fuller
Hunter Brown
Lady Jaz
Brother J
Cousin Chris
Corey Bloom
Donnell Floyd
M.C. Eades
Joyce Harris
Auntie Easterlyn
Sacha Williamson
Frank E.
J. Millz
J.P. & Shellie
Jason Batog
Sheila Rawlings
Vanessa Vex
A to the L
Thomas Brown

Peace, people.


What 'cha say?
Get 'dis money!
If they say, "What 'cho gon' do today?"
Just say, "Hey, I wanna' get paid."

While most of my fellow Americans will be caught up in the spending storm this morning, yours truly we be holding the position as top earner. Retail stores aren't the only ones in pursuit of at this time. Count me in!

Something To Cop:Abridged From the Book, Something To Cope got lost in the system somehow. We'll be making things right with the digital distributor this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

Payday, payday payday!
Payday, payday payday!


Thursday, November 23, 2006


How does one praise creation for the ability to make another human being unhappy by just looking at, talking with and tending to emotion? Giving in this instance means turning that inner out then returning them wrapped up in a large sheet of your bullshit. Neither the heart to leave or love.

How does one explain to a five year young man who recently reverted to fussing, fighting and making it a habit to wake in a pool of piss because his guardians' arguments have developed in a him a fear about divorce that it is a fact of life? That what's real is real. That what hurts is pain.

How does one forgive the mother who last addressed her only girl and grandbaby as bitch just days before her drunkenness drowned due to a knock on the head which led her to bed - forever? Her only salute in 18 months - a soul teardrop from behind assisted breaths. Sore grows within.

How does one revere a wife who punches on papa then punishes her child for hitting out of anger or a husband who names his son a punk then corners him into cowering? Parents lack perfection in their performance which makes for a sorry show. Happy go lucky.

How does one thanksgiving holiday beget a series of losses with equal paying gains evermore? Jive turkeys stuff our spirit in this land of taxidermy. Chess squares fill Chester memories rich enough to help us poor people hobble on down the road until we arrive at the next stop. The pray in Gesthemane a continuum.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Quality songs should capture human emotion as deeply as well-crafted poetry.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Looking so forward to visiting the mistress. Therapy allows freedom to vent that's disapproved of in the natural environment. It's hard when situations & individuals have inflicted hurt, but then disallows a chance to grieve over the loss or situation that brings on such hurt. Frustrating to say the least. If not properly managed, the anger from that alone can lead to a world of problems that no one ever predicted.

TIP: When someone tells you repeatedly that they are not a team player, don't try to force them to work in a group just to round out the force. Only you will end up loser in the end. Then who's to blame?

Thanks to all for the positive feedback on Mingus Fingers. It's still one of my favs to date. If you still haven't previewed it, then what's the wait?

Simple enough!

Anyone know of a credible artist manager that might fit in well at, please send contact info:

Hit me!

"Sarasvati knows the fool in it."


Friday, November 17, 2006

If you are in the Nashville area, go & check out an incredible musician playing in town tonight and tomorrow. One of my best friend's brother actually. Support!

Bernhard Gueller and Awadagin Pratt with Nashville Symphony



People say the darndest things. Leaving it there for now. Giving thanks for the ability to work from home for nearly a decade now. What a blessing! To even think about joining the traditional corporate or blue collar workforce gives me frightful chills. Yuck! For those of you who put the sole/soul to the pavement everyday, kudos! It may not be long before eye become a part if things continue in this direction for us financially.

Think long and hard before entering the music business. Again, think long and hard.

Ironically, we got a call yesterday from the tv show Wife Swap. If you remember, Trading Spouses contacted us a while back. It trips me out how badly these people want us involved. Of course, there are so many concessions that we would have to make,that no matter how appealing the money, it just does not seem right. We're holding out for the right opportunity yet. There has to be something fitting for a Hiphop dad & family that allows us to keep our ethics in tact. Right?

We're looking for a major blessing on this move to Florida in the upcoming weeks. My mother in law is still fighting the good fight against cancer. As a gift to my husband, eye am bound & determined to fulfill this plan. Somehow. Someway.

Something To Cope will again be a dream deferred in order to bring this to fruition as all funds are being used for the move. To me, there is no sacrifice too great for life. Both my mum & spouse deserve this time together as Dwight left home at 13.

Missing Granny should be the strength needed to pull us through to the other side. eye miss her! The pastor/friend that eulogized her tried to preach to me yesterday in the grocery store, not initially recognizing who he was recruiting. He thought to tell me about the power of Jesus. It lead to traditional fire & brimstone, which is where my ears took a break. In my thinking, it was Granny coming at me from another angle of reassurance that things will work out in the Lord's time.

My husband says that new viewers are going to think this a religious website because of all of the spiritual content. Eye guess it is in a way.

In God we trust. May the creator touch your life on this day. Thanks for your undying support.


Saturday, November 11, 2006


Andy Warhol's Campbell Pop-art is currently on exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. With the security guard looking the other way, my handy cell phone allowed me to snap a quick shot. Adrenaline rush!!!

Time after time, eye find self baffled at how small many of these legendary pieces happen to be. Perhaps the legend behind the work leaves the impression that the works are colossal, but they almost never are. Think : Mona Lisa. When Dwight finally had the opportunity to see it for self at the Lourve he was straight tripping at what hype can do for art.

"Perceived reality is reality."


Friday, November 10, 2006


R.I.P. Gerald Levert

Wow! Thanks for leaking this G!


Wednesday, November 8, 2006


"Trouble don't last always!"

Tee & Dee...our hearts go out!


Sunday, November 5, 2006


Most Consistent Pregnancy Foods
1. Salad
2. Broccoli
3. Fish

Catfish is desirably the least palatable seafood in my diet - usually. But man, oh man, my famed pregnancy dive has done it again. South Street has this incredibly meaty & lightly seasoned version that keeps me licking my chops - day in, day out - like a fine brothuh with long locks. Licking my plate was a childhood habit long past until this week. Eye caught self doing it last week after some of Dwight's West Indian styled pancakes. Eating never stops around here. Everyone in the house has taken up the pickle craving - except me. So much for the pickles & ice cream theory.

Kana discovered through a random "Oriana" Google search that a most inspiring wordsmith passed weeks back. In the haste of Act Your Waist Size, many current events apparently have gone unnoticed. Peace be upon namesake author Oriana Fallaci who returned to the essence in September. Following her releasing, The Rage and the Pride, the latter years of life proved trying. She was diagnosed with cancer & jailed in her 70's for standing on the word. A most stimulating figure in my life, her physical presence will be missed. Peace be upon her.

Oriana lee is the second most known Oriana, next to the renowned author.

H. Graphiks freshened up the Writehanded Dot Com logo. Thanks a million, Unka H!


Saturday, November 4, 2006

Who the heck is Organs Les anyway? In the meantime, cop this free "Gettin It Crunk Up" download.



Wednesday, November 1, 2006


MP3s of past singles and futuristic flavor are currently available to you:


If any of the songs move you please leave a donation for the site to help this music continue.

If the songs move you enough to donate at least
$15.00 I will send as a gift to you:

Some Music Pt. 4 [Vinyl Ain't Dead Yet]
[A simple, classic mix CD (slim line jewel case/2 panel color artwork)
in the tradition of a mixtape a la Kid Capri & Doo Wop]

If the songs move you enough to donate at least
$25.00 I will send
Some Music Pt. 4 [Vinyl Ain't Dead Yet] signed.

Shipping is included. Outside of North America? Please add $2.50

Hurry, supply is limited.

Thank you in advance.
Count Bass D music on iTunesand eMusic

Sunday, October 29, 2006



Friday, October 27, 2006


Another amusing morning underway:

-Buster's lament about not being able to snap his fingers sounds like Bjork's trill?

-Fat Man Scoop and his miss have been delegated to hold court about marriage and relationships?

-Magnificent's tasty coco complexion smells just like chocolate chips?

Believe me, this life is nothing to fool with. That of an artist eye refer.

Big up to our modest, but thriving message board! Cat's really have a good time there. Join if you like.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

At some point in living, one has to come to know that every demon cannot be challenged outwardly. Some you just have to ignore. A less innate strategy than fighting it out, but not out of reach.

It wasn't until embarking on the "two's" with Kush that ignoring came second nature in parenting. Believe me, trying to match wits with a raging child lunatic who falls out in the middle of the supermarket aisle, limbs flying in every direction, screaming bloody murder...Humph! Something about me saying, "No" to a request for Fruit Loops cereal. How else could eye compete? Feel me?

Now to master those sub conscious activities. When my eyes close for REM, people & scenarios come out of every crevice. Lately the me weeds dominate night terrors, growing up all over the place. Some of the things that come with this business will have your head spinning. Freaks really do come out at night. Fo' sho!

I, too, despise long goodbyes.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Blogger has been down since the weekend. Two incredibly long pieces to you, my people, lost in the world wide web. Choosing to move forward. A new day awaits!

Kana(9) & Hezekiah(7) have recently uncovered the iTunes Music Store. Having noticed that they had begun asking me to do tunes both before & after school, my assumption was that they were playing MP3's in our personal collection on the family computer. Next thing you know, eye hear Kana rejoicing over never before heard Michael Jackson with the music blaring from the speakers. Eye wonder, "What's going on up there?" Triumph!

Magnificent(2) discovered soy shreds during his mid-morning fridge raid and enjoyed them all over the floor on the heels of me replacing the broom to storage after the after-breakfast quick sweep. He rediscovered the power of two this week & terrorized our home in a way that would make us all aware.

Old Man Kush(5) has developed a big-boy appetite and has spent the last week eating up what will soon be the unborn baby's portion of daily grub. Five alive!

Following a month of live dates leading up to the release of Act Your Waist Size, Dad has finally been released from the sansukumi presence that has haunted him for years now. Someone slipped a me weed in his drink. Already, the King has embraced a whole new other beast.

Thoroughly displeased with the limited food options offered to a pregnant person with aversion to onions & garlic, the OleE[arth] has spent more time thinking about nourishment than any other task these last days. It's no wonder my slimline still works those pre-pregancy (size four) Apple Bottoms. Nelly as true to his word about craftsmanship as our creator. See me work those genes at a fieldtrip near you!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


As we pour out the neck of a Guinness stout onto the harlequin kitchen floor for all our dead downloads, we encourage you to download Act Your Waist Size legally!

If you already copped it "by any means necessary" in advance, then remember that you can leave a direct donation for your aural blessing here! We appreciate your sincerity in helping us achieve our family, artistic & financial goals in life. Our 4 plus children appreciate you, too!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rest well.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Remember to believe in the abilities of the EYE.
Makes all the difference.


Sunday, October 8, 2006



Saturday, October 7, 2006


In case you didn't know already, our family is working to establish a model of living that we know will benefit the entire society. The primary tenant boils down to education, which we pursue through & with our seeds. Baby number five gets about 14 more weeks of gestation before joining this True Skool/CountBassD/Oriana lee movement. We put our jewels up against whips & chains any day of the week. That's Hiphop!


Wouldn't you agree this the most soulful looking cup of Lemon tea ever? Coffee-black. No matter how unappealing it looks, many thanks to Hampton Inn staff for keeping it moving each & every morning of the tour. Honestly, some of the best, most consistent service ever.

A very mean, power-hungry man halted Some Music Pt. 4: Vinyl Ain't Dead Yet from being sold by the online retailers without my approval. This is the latest installment to the series that you have come to expect from during the last 3 fall seasons. Never mind though. As they say, "One monkey don't stop no show." If you want a copy before our attorney can work this situation out, then you know where to find me for direct order.

Behind me devil! We rubuke thee!


Friday, October 6, 2006

Some really weird vibes have been coming my way today. Not necessarily bad. Just strange.

Artists are real people, too. Belie' that! Folks are going through it all throughout the industry. Most with both the label/distributor and on the home front, all at once. Know it or not - hell in the worst kind of way. It's difficult being a "real" person and a successful artist, all at once. People want you to be a jerk just to make them feel better about their own insecurities. Hence, insults & sly remarks or coy eyes are always coming in your direction hoping to bring you out of character. To hell with that - in the worst kind of way, know it or not.

"Land of the free, home of the brave."


Thursday, October 5, 2006


Brother J has really big plans in terms of revolutionalizing the Black Amerikan mind in the upcoming months. He had me on the verge of tears a few times, as he kicked in my ear the Creator's master plan for his voice. He's such a blessed brother to know. A wise soul. Fo sho'! The Grand Verbalizer's prospective on the way that this society has promoted a disenfranchisement of our people falls in line with what conscious educators across the country have been trying to correct for decades Think: Miseducation of the Negro/Carter G. Woodson. Follow through makes all the difference. A girlfirend was building on the same thing last evening in the ATL. Something positive is going around...

Speaking of a round...

We've been told by supporters that the labeling is backward on the Count BassD "Internationally Known" 12 Inch. How typical? Right? You know how it is when you give over control of a post to others that you have traditionally guarded. Mistakes happen that are out of your reach in terms of preventing or correcting.

What you loyalists have come to know factually is that our product always proves worth more than the means to which it is recorded no matter whether a perfect means or not, so just try to keep that in mind in this instance. Forgive them for they know not what they do! Find perfection in the art. Huh, bruh!


Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Touring with our whole family in tow has been one of the most fulfilling experiences that we have offered to ourselves since in this business. Only after all of the typical label politricks came to play, did we derive the courage to actually put what has been a longterm dream in to effect. Geez...has it been worth it!

Big up to the Kid Captain Coolout for reppin' in Athens last evening! Chuck Brown (Stareanacha) are truly appreciated!


Saturday, September 30, 2006


It's 3:13 in the morning in Nashville right now (as Maczine displays). Here eye sit in a hotel off of Interstate Exit 313 in Pennsylvania, giddy with excitement. Everyone else is sleeping, but the anticipation of returning to my preadolescent town for the first time in more than 20 years has me twisting & turning in the sheets.

The typing must have a subconscious effect on the noise-level as Kana(9) & Magnificent(2) just woke up at the same time in a slight frenzy. Kush(5) must dream of dreadlocks because he sleeps like his gorgeous locks look much of the time - all over the place.

Anyway, it just feels so good to be "home". They [do not exist] say it's where your heart is, so seemingly there must be a piece of "me" still tied to Harrisburg. More ironically, it's one of the connections that my love & eye made early in our friendship ('93-'94) since he also spent key developmental years in PA attending boarding school. Sure feels right to be around these parts. Thanks to the business of music, we made it!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


weed (n).- a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants

With a blow of the wonderful wind, a wacky weed can plant right at your front gate. We sometimes so marvel at the beauty of the weed flower that we allow it to exist; us, ignoring the harm being done to the earth - underneath the surface. Weeds plant themselves on the most fertile grounds. In order to destroy a weed, it has to be attacked at the root. Weed killer is the primary remedy across the lands.

At our home next door, the barbwire fence was so covered with that creepin' ivy, that we worked for two autumn seasons to rid our yard of the weed. Supposedly ivy is a notorious refuge for rats and other undesirable vermin. Think: pet possum. While we never saw the possum when living next door, neither could we have imagined the city-street view that now pokes through each partition of the fence. Free & clear - of weeds.

We have no fence at our current den. Still, weeding season yet again. Once the herbicide sprayed and the weeds are dead, eye hope to plant a flower bed.


Friday, September 22, 2006

The revamped presentation of (due later in the year) will be formatted through Wordpress from what my designer tells me. Having used the free version Blogger since 2002, his news - a change celebrated. MY HUSBAND has been properly linked up in the previous post. Error corrected.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Photo credit :Adrian Constant


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The circle - thick like Sunny D. 360 degrees encapulates a miraculous manifestation. In Black American Christian circles we are taught to call on our "prayer warriors" for strength when we lack the power to create change in our own space. Prayer warriors have carried me through another battle. Life has truly had it's way with my family over theses past few years. The past two weeks has been especially enduring. But out of the storm comes a beautiful rainbow - this eye see before me.


Monday, September 18, 2006


When you have children, you have to reprogram your mind to consider them in all things. ALL THINGS! The same is true in a marriage. To be able to do so, you have to train yourself from the standard "me, me, me" selfish outlook on life to be "big enough" to put self aside. As more children pass through this womb, this has become easier for me to do over time. There's something natural in it that takes little work, but it's also a forced conscious effort much of the time. Primarily because of outside influences which come from every direction not usually with the "best intentions", but their own selfish motives. Creator forbid that you surround self with those without children who only have to look inward on a daily basis. The influence of their lifestyle can move you right off of your mark - if you let it. Moving either slightly left or right of that mark can lead to a path that will ruin generations for years to come. The responsibility associated with this parenting thing is awesome beyond belief. So much so that until you do it, you can NEVER know just how much so. NEVER! An outsider's perspective on this lifestyle is just that - a perspective, based on very little fact or experience. Think eye am wrong? Humph! Just you try & see.

How do eye know? Take five.


Sunday, September 17, 2006


So much for rest. Another sleepless night caught me by surprise, but not really. For the last 14 days or so 3-5 hours a night has been the average. Insomnia has a way of dominating all bodily needs & functions when emotions (Can we say prenantal hormones?) are out of sorts. My family speaks often of how this has been a key enemy ever since they can remember - since age four or five it seems. Eye chalk it up to the nightmares that have plaqued since those early years.

Lack of sleep=mentally deranged

Out of pain comes anger comes resentment. To the furthest extreme acting out often manifests, stemming from the original pain. It's cyclical & when you live with other people it can unfortunately be detrimental to their livelihood, as well. There's always a more productive way of sorting out the pain than lashing out at those around you. For this, eye am guilty at this moment.

Occasionally, my supporters write me questioning my "real talk" on this site from the perspective of my disclosing too much. In my thinking, we are all human, therefore no one can judge me. Though many can learn from my mistakes so long as eye continue to be open & honest with those who say they love me. This is just life, my friends. Popularity does not excuse this actuality.



Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sick & tired to the point of being an irate lunatic is never a good thing. Not for any of the parties involved or within earshot. Sometimes you just have to know when & where to ask for help.


Maybe a few hours of rest will make a difference. Good night...or good morning. Depends on how you look at it.


Friday, September 15, 2006


In college eye had an extremely eclectic art professor who used to get mad emotional whenever he talked about past art students. One day he told a story of students breaking into his classroom and vandilizing some of the work that he had on display. Right after he got done telling the gist of the story, he took a very dramatic pause, and out of nowhere he shouted,"THOSE BASTARDS!" Apparently, he was in the middle of a breakdown while those of us students literally fell out of our chairs laughing. That line has contributed an appreciable humor to our lives ever since.

"Those bastards" has been precisely my sentiment for most of my dealings this work day. This entertainment business sometimes feels like a noose. You better know something!

WOW! It's really happening.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Crack is cheap...cocaine is a hell of a drug"

Two great quotes. Two incredible artists. Sounds like it could have been one complete statement out of one experienced mouth. That said, my prayers go out to Bobby and Whitney. R.I.P Rick James.

Tonight Luther has been on my mind. The pain involved in loving a mate will bring out verses that begin like, " A chair is still a chair, even when there's no one sitting there", or " A room is still a room, even when there's nothing there but gloom." (Respect to Dionne Warwick, cousin to Whitney & Burt Bacharach). These connections run deep!

It's baffling the way that life comes and goes. He was such an influential vocalist during his time here with us, but since his transitioning, he has almost been forgotten it seems. Where are all of those women who would fill the Harpo studio screaming for Mr. Vandross as if he were interested? Perhaps they like Ursher now. Huh, bruh! One of my favorite cuts was always "There's Nothing Better Than Love" featuring Gregory Hines. Not that the tap dance champ could pump the same power from the diaphram, but he sure gave enough passion to make a difference. R.I.P Gregory Hines.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Happy born day, Mom!

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

Mortality has haunted my thoughts as late. To have witnessed so many spirits come & go in the last few years has at certain moments been consciously burdening. Until my Granny passed, it seemed that the invincibility of the youthful mind kept me from being concerned with such matters. But after losing her, the central-most mainstay fiqure in all my years, the fear of transitioning from this place has become at times obsessive & compulsive. Reality strikes!

Here's to the vivacity of Act Your Waist Size! Scroll, scroll, keep scrolling...


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Thanks to the hard work of my good friend & designer, we finally have the archives in effect. Considering there have been quite a few requests for these past musings, hopefully it will provide a little more insight into the life of the mother, wife, writer, music business executive known Enjoy! Eye sure have been. reminisce.


Sunday, September 10, 2006


Wow! So it's Sept.10.

Five years ago on this day your girl got released back into population. What a crazy weekend preceeded back in 2001. Life changing & altering in the best & worst kind of way. Saving the details for you to read in Something To Cope, which eye began writing on August 15, 2001, just know that the title was born out of this very trying situation. Give thanks to the creator for tribulation. Out of the storm came a colorful new world. Catch a glimpse of my "Welcome Home" celebration.


Saturday, September 9, 2006


Just what we've been waiting on. Just in time for "Something To Cop:Abridged From the Book, Something To Cope".



Thursday, September 7, 2006


Over & over again, eye have had to remind Self by way of misfortune that it's never wise to type my message in Blogger as opposed to a text document. Being so hurried, so much of the little time alloted for each task leads me to me cutting corners whenever possible. This can only go on for so long before the whole effort collapses as a result of constant shaving. Consider this musing a vent about the post that eye lost last night...long, juicy post.

Woe is me. Whoa is me.
Thanks for hearing.


Monday, September 4, 2006


My beloved great-uncle made an unannounced stop by our home bright & early this morning to check up on us, as a great uncle should, but also to discuss our plans for the holiday. He was no doubt hunting a cookout.

When he asked," What ch'all gon' do for Labor Day?" My response was very simply, "Labor". "You're a communist", he joked. "Just a commonist", my cute reply.

As this National (United States) holiday was originally established to extol those who contribute to this economy through regular work habit & employment, it bothers me to unveil the contradiction in that only official government employment, multi-million dollar companies and those affected by the absence of those aforementioned get the option to spend the day labor-free. Of course, the culture has changed with the growth of the economy, but in these 2000's, money is much mightier than any worker.

Gas stations, fast-food restaurants, pharmarcies - all open.
Grocery store clerks, video store help, department store staff - all working.

Who needs a day of rest from the hassles of blue-collar bull, more than the common workers? These are the penny-pincher wage-earners who would be penalized if they didn't show up to grind today - all in the name of Labor Day.

Add this tidbit from the U.S. Department of Labor website for extra sarcasm:
"The Sunday preceding Labor Day was adopted as Labor Sunday and dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the labor movement."

The spiritual aspect is money worship, while the educational aspect is whether or not you have learned this yet. Huh, bruh? What's that you say, sis?

Were you fortunate enough to take this day for Self - congrats to you! If you had to mash for the rations in spite of what your calendar reads - consider it a blessing, nonetheless. Me - everyday is a work day as the entertainment industry does not readily provide for health coverage, 401K, sick days, or retirement pension. Nothing to even mention really. It's just my job!


Saturday, September 2, 2006


It just occured to me that eye have not been home in a minute. Here, my dear. Sorry for the disappearing lost in the field. Bookings are still dominating my agenda, but as everything falls in place, eye see Something To Cope on the horizon. In the meantime, Something To Cop will be available for digital download in the upcoming weeks.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Dr Who Dat? Beat Journey also dropped this week.
Cop it like it's hot...cause it is though!


Monday, August 28, 2006


As eye begin to slate the performance dates for Count to exploit Act Your Waist Size, it becomes clear from our response from promoters that people EVERYWHERE want to catch a glimpse of the beat magician.

Do eye look like a booking agent? Depends on who you ask...Eric? Gabe? Karin? Booking messages are wired to come straight to me from the site, so it seems the answer would have to be yes...however slight. Alls eye know is this is the last go round without a full-time booking agent to carry me through.

Thanks to all of the die-hards, we have more potential bookings coming at us than we can fulfill. Some have been hassling their local venues for us since Dwight Spitz. A few even since Pre-Life. One-nighters here & there over the years have pleased quite a number of heads. But this go round, expect the real thing - a tour. Who knows, maybe shine will catch me on a couple of stages. Gotta' pay those "Pot/Liquor" dues!

No pot or liquor right now, but rice soup with fresh tofu & vegetables has been on my mind. The women down at the International Market know my order by phone & by face:

ME: "May I please have your Rice Soup with fresh tofu & fresh vegetables?"
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "No Onion & no garlic, right?"
ME: "Yes, Ma'am.
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "Cilantro, honey"
ME: "That's just fine."
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "You on your way?"
ME: "Walking out the door."
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "Good, honey."

So once arriving in line to pay, my thirst led me to the All Natural, Not Sweetened bottle of Green Tea presented in the drink cooler before me. All ghetto go would have had me open that drink right then, paying for the empty bottle once the cashier got to me. But instead, eye chilled:

NICE OLDER LADY AT REGISTER: "You don't want to get that. It has caffeine."
ME: "Are you sure? It says "All Natural."
OLDER LADY AT REGISTER: "I think this is not for pregnant woman. I think you should put this back. Get some juice or something."

In my all natural obedience to my elders posture, eye broke line, walked back to the cooler & replaced the drink. Miss lady was straight putting me in my place. To find another woman spirit that's cares just because, with no personal interests almost brought tears. Shoot...she might know something eye don't. It can't hurt to listen. 'Cept eye drove all the way back home so parched that swallowing wasn't even an option. Plus, the devil on my left deltoid reminded me on the ride that those ladies were getting to be a little too nosy & comfortable for my natural liking.

Just as with my 4th pregnancy, my appetite has started to open up slightly in this second trimester. Food, mostly viewed as a disgusting enemy just last week, has won it's way into at least my peripheal. After a second look at a catfish sandwich, eye tried it & actually held it down. Sweet victory! Now, it's all about sweet potato pie. Really, Granny's (R.I.P) can only truly satisfy this craving. Anybody know who makes a good one in Nashville? Even if it's your Mama, tell her we'll come pick it up.


Thursday, August 24, 2006


This pregnancy has me beat down & curled up in a ball like an unborn baby today. Some moments have been so trecherous that being unborn seems like an easy way out of this dilemma. Figuratively speaking of course, a set of wings would serve me best right now. That's in the event that eye could muster enough strength to actually flap & fly.

My husband & children have been incredibly supportive. Really, their love carries me through such times. What a blessing? Some folks have to go it alone. Huh bruh?

Uh oh...upset stomach in effect...gotta run!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Not much sunshine today, but three sons & a moon child more than fill the cracks.


Friday, August 18, 2006


This week began with a slew of few very successful meetings, starting bright & early Monday morning. Thankfully, the weekend has arrived to potentially save me from the challenges that have been born out of the past two days. This antemeridian has proved itself even more perplexing & frustrating. Eye look forward to the afternoon.

To hell with this music business.
All eye ever wanted to do was write.

The children are blasting "I Need You To Survive" (Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Choir) in Kana's new system. That song reaches my depth. So simple. So real. It makes all of the adversity that surrounds me feel like a bed of cotton balls.

I pray for you,
You pray for me.
I love you.
I need you to survive.

I won't harm you,
With words from my mouth.
I love you.
I need you to survive.

Speak this as your self-affirmation today. Share this sentiment with someone that matters.
Your support in this walk allows me to live. "You are important to me. I need you to survive!"


Sunday, August 13, 2006


"Hot Sex" really turned me out when the Boomerang soundtrack came out my senior year in high school. Honestly, for the time, that whole collection was on point. Toni Braxton popped on the scene with a fresh female voice. Boys II Men took it over the top with "End of the Road". That joint was so big that Motown had to go back & add it to the second pressing of Motown Philly. Huh bruh? P.M. Dawn even did it big with "I'd Die Without You". Talk about crossover appeal.

But what bugs me is that in all of Tribe's career, there's not another song that even kinda sounds similar. Not one comes to mind. Hummmmh. Wonder who made that track????? Of course it's credited to the crew as most of their tracks have been, but the real heads know the real deal, or we could appropriately say, the realla dilla behind much of that story. Huh bruh?

"Good mornin'!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're having a party. An ALL girls party. Remember the sleepover eye mentioned earlier in the week. The young ladies stayed up until about 4 a.m. Guess who stayed up with them? We're headed to breakfast now.

...& the festivities continue...


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Not the ones that Europeans say live in Africa. Not the powerful force living under the Farrell roof. Not THE tribe at all. But, A. A group of Queens Kings once bound by Native Tongues. A Tribe Called Quest .

"Bonita Applebum" rocked my socks off when it first came pumping through my walkman radio headphones. Eye recall so clearly the moment. Parked in Chemistry class, listening to this creation, ironically sitting across from a girl named Bonita. Geez! It was 1990. But in '91, the deal was sealed.

The Low End Theory blasted off in a way that would forever change the sound of rap music in my headspace. Content-wise. Rhythmically. Creatively.

In walks a young cat known by the moniker Jay Dee...

The know what it is...his story.

Sending a born day shout out to "Kangol from U.T.F.O." (a group who got my mind all twisted in the early 80's). Untouchable!

Monday, August 7, 2006


Age nine was the only birthday party that eye ever had. One of the best years of my life actually. My mother threw a fresh house party with all of my bestest friends in attendance. Debarge was part of the mood music. A full-figured Smurfette graced the top of the monster cake. We had a real party ya'll. My babysitter's son had a major crush on me & he gifted me a Jean Nate' set with Body Splash & Powder. Eye felt so mature at nine.

Hopefully, we are providing Kana with an equally memorable experience. She asked only to go to church, the library & to dine out at Red Lobster. That's not much. Who can beat that really? Many of her friends request iPods, motor vehicles, cell phones & video game consoles. Not Kana. She's very different from her peers. We're proud to admit that, too. She's my shero!

But of course, we strive to go above & beyond, so there's a little more to it. We started her off with a magazine subscription, then a spin toothbrush (which she hinted at prior). We're going to kick it into high gear when she holds in her hand the collectable Michael Jackson 1984 Thriller doll that my husband worked so had to win on eBay. Then...on Friday, she's having an all girls Carribbean style sleepover. Tye-dye. Shelled necklaces. Plantain. The whole nine. LOL!

Speaking from the non-judgemental standpoint that Count addressed on his journal, Michael Jackson has always gotten love from me, so eye support her indulgence. Allegations aside, eye have to remind myself that really all eye know is that what eye hear. Ya heard? All eye can really say is that his music has moved her since she was two. Consistently. Infectiously. Eye also know that most of what he releases has a positive theme. That's all a parent can really expect for an artist their child chooses to admire. Be sure to note that it's in the right context. She knows the difference in the music and the man, thought they do infuse at times. She knows this first had from her own pop. Of all the high profile people that eye access in the industry, none that eye know run in MJ's camp. No, not one. So as far as we know on that other mess, innocent until proven guilty. Plus, we're not planning on sending her or the boys over to spend the month anytime soon. Dig?

We will get up in the morning (breath willing) & do this all over again for Magnificent. At two, he'll suffice with simply a little Elmo in his life. So that's who we champion as our character of the year. Elmo. That's a brother, you know? See for self...


Friday, August 4, 2006


The much needed thunderstorm taking place outside of my office window makes for incredible writing whitenoise. Considering myself the outdoorsy type, grumbling and rumbling from the clouds feels as comforting to my psyche as a full body massage to Mimi Rogers.

As a young girl, eye was intimidated by the storm. My grandmother would always tell us that God was working and that we must be reverent and submissive. We would turn off the television, ignore the phone, and sit down quietly with a book, often the Bible. Looking back, it was probably the "Power of God" that made me fear the crackling of nature. Interpreted without wisdom, the good book rivals the legend of the Bell Witch in terms of "scary-spooky".

Something To Cop: Abridged From the Book, Something To Cope will be hitting the digital scene pretty soon. Artwork design by our bottom boy [def: "from the very bottom of the map shawdy da dirty souf"]. He threw down! (We love you Unka H!)

This will preceed the book. Consider this something to cope, in the meantime.

Thanks so much for the positivity you have been sending my way.

Cover drawing by visual artist, Gibson Johnson III.


Wednesday, August 2, 2006









Monday, July 31, 2006


On Monday eye embarked on an intensive study on the kings of the electronic sound, German collective Kraftwerk. If Mrs. Yancey considers J. Dilla an alien, then these guys are definitely extraterrestrial hierarchy. In all my study of the earliest Hiphop recordings, the influence that Trans Europe Express and particularly the track, "Numbers" from Computer World had on Africa Bambaataa was never disclosed to me as foundational information. What a humbling knock to one who considers myself a purist. What an intrepid ride this should be! Their website has me wide open...

Recognize today as the born day of renowned author, James Baldwin whose collection of essays, Notes of A Native Son examined issues of race and contributed to my earliest style of formal writing in high school. Baldwin's work was greatly influenced by Richard Wright, who also contoured the psychological perspective of my writing. So much so, that my senior literary project in college was examining his Native Son character Bigger Thomas in light of Maslow's Theory of Human Motivation.

Baldwin also penned essays that analyzed the psychological depth of Wright's work, but ultimately drove a wedge between he and his mentor because of his overly-critical interpretation and pejorative comparison of Native Son to Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. Because of style commonalities, among other things, Baldwin has always struck me as someone eye would have loved to have known.

"Any writer, I suppose, feels that the world into which he was born is nothing less than a conspiracy against the cultivation of his talent."
-James Baldwin, "Autobiographical Notes" from Notes of a Native Son, 1955

Basquiat, Native Son


Sunday, July 30, 2006

One of the most controversial social debates taking place in America, breastfeeding - has parents across the country spastic over the public display of a healthy bosom on the cover of a parenting magazine. While narrow to only view this vital organ as a sexual object when it was biologically created as a source of nourishment, those complaining are mothers themselves, which strikes me as disconcerting.

Perhaps innate guilt regarding their own alternative methods of nourishing their own eats at them. What female in her right mind would think that feeding her child could be nasty or pornographic? The signs of a horribly confused someone whose perspective has been thwarted by twenty-first century indoctrination as to what the female body was made for blink rapidly. The derogatory nature of rap videos have had a great influence of the minds of our young and breast fetishism rampid, but in general, the society (demographic:10-70) has become enthralled with sexual relations & affecting stimulants (remember Viagra?). Huh' bruh?

Having proudly nursed all four of our babes - on public display (covered) and for private consumption - it sickens to entertain the general (U.S.) public perception that the human body primarily be viewed as a sexual object. The primary function of the female breast is to produce milk through the mammary glands. While scientists believe that other external functions exist, nursing babies is number one role. Fo' sho'! Parents - dialogue with your youth. They know the difference between themselves and a baby. Well, maybe. Depends on how we teach them to act.

Talks of a video for "Netsanett Ahun" ensue this afternoon. So very exciting. Yet, so very real as to how Something To Cope has an agenda of her own. With Count's music, these pieces are so much more powerful as a catalyst for the message.

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Dallas Austin apparently co-executive produced the movie ATL, starring T.I. After watching it last night, it became clear that the message coming from the "black mecca of the confederacy" shouts economic empowerment. Take notes, music business chums. Jot the details, mi compadre escritor. A model is officially in place and the paridigm now shifts.


Saturday, July 29, 2006


The laptop doctors saw fit to return Maczine, my fifth limb, to me this morning. Ouwee! We are all estatic to have her home. No more fighting over the family PC, or at least one less computer junkie vying for position. Maczine only kicks it with me, so it's my job to give all of the love & attention she needs. Starting now...


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Podcasts have become my latest fascination. A long time coming, it seems that eye took to them almost overnight after receiving many over the past months. They just never caught my attention before.


Sunday, July 23, 2006


My blog mysteriously disappeared. Well, most of it anyway. The meat. But, anyway.

So the marketing team for stock car racing got me out to watch their presentation meant to lure our children to the sport. We initally set out to see Superman since we had ties to the soundtrack, but changed to Cars at the last minute. We realized that on a Friday night, it would not be wise to get trapped in a crowd of Steel-billies with a loud verbally repititious baby in tow and other children who look to the public restroom as a frequent fun-break from the movie. UMH, umh.

The movie was indeed good and family-oriented (PG). While heavy on the selling, it only attests that car racing has become commercial like basketball, football, baseball and hockey. What was once backwoods has become mainstream since the passing of racing martyr, Dale Earnhardt. Well, to win me over, someone on their marketing team needs to demand better representation. We walked right pass the theatre, all the way to the other end of the corridor because we didn't see the shoddy sign. Backwoods mentality?

Another Saturday at the Frist club and it is no insecure fantasy of my mind that the patrons always stare at me as if a part of the Ancient Egypt exhibit. A lady once approached me while exiting, grabbed me by the forearm and proceeded to show me off to her circle of sister-girl friends as if she had found a walking Egyptian treasure. Kana thought it was flattering, but it felt more embarrasing than complimenting. It's weird the emphasis that some put on physical appearance. Even though commonly regarded as modelesque, fashion and facial features hardly even occur to me anymore. Unless it's a deformity, of course, then it catches me off guard like anyone else.

Otherwise, this industry has made a believer out of me that packaging likely does not wholly represent the quality of the "complete work". Neither does it define.

What feels really fulfilling is being true to self - whatever that day entails. Nobody looks beautiful all of the time. It's how we feel that matters.

*Photos courtesy of (c) 2006


Friday, July 21, 2006


Our children say so. You better believe it! Come September, all should have a chance to see for themselves. If Count finishes the music this weekend, then we go to manufactuting on Monday. Roughly seven weeks from then, we will have a real book to hold.

Please keep Mum Farrell in thought & prayer. She has been battling cancer for about a year now. We're arranging for a visit in the upcoming days. My husband needs to get there soon, we've been told.

For the past few weeks, the CD/DVD-R drive on my iBook has been freezing, so of course it has gotten bad enough to no longer procrastinate on getting it fixed. Five days they tell me. The technician almost saw me shed tears on the spot. We have been conditioned to make these machines our lifelines & to rely on them for what were once physical daily habits (e.g. communication, scheduling, writing). Parting sent me into an instant panic. But what's five days really on the scheme of things?


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Van hits Japan. Japan love Van. Jay love Japan. Roughly another 30 until The Shining. Not since On the Jungle Floor have eye so anticipated new sounds.

It still bugs me out sometimes that we are a part of it all. This business madness cannot be envisioned or imagined. It's like childbirth. You just have to do it to really understand.

One of the greatest blessings that has come to me by way of this music business is the direct inspiration that comes from knowing some of today's most talented artists. These are the luminaries folks. Experiencing so many of them makes me a better me. Something To Cope drew greatly from the inspiration that our friends, our colleagues bring to my world. They let me live.

Special love to the visual, conceptual & performance artists that inspire from the inside: Count, Kana, Tokio, Shiro, Jason, DOOM, Van, Dionne, Matthew Don & the Kid Capt. Nuff respect! RIDE OR DIE!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The cool peeps at Elemental finally took it THERE! Congrats Matt!
We always give it up to the folks that help keep us afloat. Elemental Magazine has supported us since the early days. Now, we're pursuing space together.

Buckle up. Prepare for takeoff.


Monday, July 17, 2006

The Google search for no garlic, no onion pasta sauce got underway about half an hour ago. Shocked to find out that any exist, eye am hopeful that a delicious dinner will smooth out a mostly rough day. Comfort food...finally!


Starting this Monday with a mysterious migraine headache, it's only well into the morning that the pain & accompanying symptom (temporary loss of vision, numbness/tingling of limbs) have begun to subside. Whew! What a way to kick off the day.

But, it's okay though. It's alright. To stop this show, Bush might need to send in the troops. Otherwise, the movement continues. Unfortunately, these record labels want me to get gully in order to get my point across, but not today. Not, sir. They gon' get theirs, B. That's for sure.

The jig is almost up for this traditional means of releasing records through a label. Vinyl is basically dead, which completely signals the dawn of a new era. Do you realize that no medium of playback has been around longer, as a vital force? But thanks to the advent of Serato, wax will soon be no more. Some of the labels & distributors can hardly keep their doors open amidst this shift. Of course, records will always exist on a collector's level, but the masses are not having it. Music lovers are simply not buying it anymore.

Ask yourself - what's the last piece of vinyl you purchased? Even if you are a DJ - would you rather lug five bulky crates of records to the gig or a set-up that fits in your record bag, yet contains all of the music in your entire collection, CD's & MP3'sincluded? Jazzy Jeff, Spinna & Wolf have all endorsed Serato as the future, so you know what's up. Many congrats to the Stones Throw Camp for releasing the first exclusive digital 12 inch single. What a precedence! We've been trying to sell this idea to partner labels all year to no avail. My approach to the record label at this point: If you're not ahead of the times, consider yourself past (passed). Bow out gracefully ye' ole' record execs. Find a soft place to land (perhaps on the piles of money that your companies have made off the back's of the hundreds of talented Black youth that have come through this rap game). Heed to the legendary D.I.T.C. memeber O.C. - "Time's Up".


Friday, July 14, 2006


Keep It Gangsta-213
Superwoman-Stevie Wonder
Lord Help Me-Donny Hathaway
It's Real-Missy Elliott
Real People-Common
The Lord Is Real (Time Will Reveal)-Blackstreet
O.G. Original Gangster-Ice-T
Gangsta Gangsta-N.W.A.
Gangsta Groove-Tony! Toni! Toné!
Perfect-Snoop Dogg
Health, Wealth, Self-KRS-One
Get Yourself Another Fool-Sam Cooke
Somethin' That Means Somethin'-The Pharcyde
Bag Lady-Erykah Badu
Lively Up Yourself-Bob Marley & The Wailers



Did somebody turn the heat up? Sitting out here on the deck working makes me feel like brisket in the fire. Not as if the entire climate surrounding my life isn't too hot already. As mentioned yesterday, eye have been dwelling in a state of reflection - outward, now inward. What presents itself is not so pretty, but beautiful in that the eye can see. Dig? It's difficult as the mother & sustenance for such a large unit, to take the necessary space for self-improvement, but no excuse - just darn near impossible. Plato declared, "necessity is the mother of invention". "Old habits die hard", according to on Ole English proverb. Mama Olee declares growth on the horizon. You know it's time to do something when you start pissing your own self off. Word! Just keepin' it real...

Most adults who have a knack for fault-finding were once children whose parents pointing a secondary reflex. In my case, this is also true. "Gotta shake that shit, Oriana." To realize that my critical (often overly) tendencies are causing irrepairable harm to loved ones. Recognizing that this nastiness usually creeps out during bouts of extreme happiness (i.e. sick & vomiting day in & day out), it's going to have to start with my state of mind eye assume. Depression will completely screw perspective. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers. Please feel free to take my open criticsm of myself to heart that it may help somebody, somewhere. To be a superwoman doesn't equate perfection. Believe that! Just keepin it gangsta...

Off to turn down the oven on my day. Birthday shouts to Semetrius & Brianna who are both 11 today! These kids are really growing up fast. What ever happened to Barney & sippy cups guys?

Peace & Blessings!


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Have you ever had the desire to disappear into the blowing breeze at a moment's notice? Existing only in the most natural state...not forever, but for just a little while. Right now...that would be a welcomed journey.

For almost a week now, my stomach has been quakey every waking moment & my gang-reflex stays cocked. Oh Granny...

During my pregnancies, my Granny would spoil me like a baby, showering me with perfect grub, tons of help with the other children & unconditional love. No greater love - ever. Even today, she carries me. After the morning rainstorm, eye followed Nature's lead & went outside on the deck to "let it out". For nearly an hour, tears & self-pity overflowed; eye was "letting it out" about my current situation & begging the creator for more help & mercy. Feeling alone in that space, Granny made her presence known. We shared in truth & realization. She cloaked me in her strength & sent me back into the house to face my reality.


Granny always told me that to have one or two "real" friends in life means you are lucky. She was my very best friend. If she be one of the only, eye can affirm overwhelming gratefulness for the experience.

Here's 2 go(o)d friends!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Geez...writing verses never proved itself so challenging as it has the past few weeks. With children swarming at all times, it seems impossible anymore to get in the proper headspace to write. Almost nothing frustrates me more than procrastination, so it's not that. Writer's block is an it's not that. Three weeks ago eye made Rawls a promise to knock these joints out in a timely manner. To not have this Back in the day, a short alloted period of writing time would see me through thue progress. Now, these bits & seconds just don't add up.


Count lined up the entire (48 pieces) Something To Cope last evening in preparation for tracking. Zippededoda, Zippedeya! Looks like manufacturing is truly on the horizon, as promised. Where are you, Batman? Holla back, dunny!

Watermelons just aren't the same anymore. Are they coming from Chile, too? What ever happened to the seeds? The seedless melons come with a disclaimer to the effect of : You may find an occasional seed, please don't hold it against us. WTF??? Then, the meat in the seedless, a rare pink, tastes foreignly sweet. No longer the candy red sugary flavor from your childhood. Bogus, dude. Thanks for finding an authentic, hon!

BTW- All that fluffy nap-tural, negroid hair in the picture above - nada. Gone. No more. Five years since a haircut, pulling in my hair had become a stress outlet thereby leaving the whole left-side of my head a fingertip's length. Last weekend, the shears paid a visit.


Monday, July 10, 2006

In 1925, the Scopes Monkey Trial took place in Dayton, Tennessee. The biology textbook at the heart of the trial advocated the segregation of the races for the sake of improving the gene pool, supporting the social construct developed in earlier centuries to implement Aryan supremecy. It was with this trial that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution touted in The Origin of Species was dismissed as an educational stance on the matter. Here we see Christianity enter the newly established public school system as indoctrination.


Saturday, July 8, 2006


"I Need You Now" by Smokie Norful happens to be both Magnificent's (1) favorite video to watch & preferred tune to croon. From top to bottom, runs included, Mags lays down vocals that rival any child singer eye have even seen. He even pretends to play the piano on whatever surface rests before him. You have to hear his rendition. Tripped out! We have to get this on video soon. You know how children will suddenly shift gears on you leaving you with only a memory of their remarkable antics. Maybe it'll be a good idea to set him up in the studio for an audio recording. We can work on the music later.

Children's electronic learning toys are now made with conscious style in mind.
7 girls have dreadlocks.
2 more girls have dreadlocks.
How many girls have dreadlocks all together?

Oh yeah, this a real word problem programmed for LeapFrog's Math Turbo Twist.
Whoopi Goldberg endorses this line of teaching tools, so perhaps that question reflects her personal input. Yet another example of a famous person with no website. What's with these popular folks? Get with the times?

Maybe these are the elite thinkers of our generation? Those who avoid computers might just have a spidey sense for danger in the midst. Computers & technology bring out the best guilt in me sometimes. On that note, what would possess the world's second richest man, Warren Buffet to give away roughly 37 billion dollars of his funds to the Gates Foundation? Philanthropy? UMMMM...this one sounds way too good & simple. Ever heard of the Apocrypha?

We're headed to work in the neighborhood Earth Park (George W. Carver Food Park) this morning. Gotta get in that community service. Right, Sizwe?

Be safe.