Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Unless eye wake at the break of dawn, it's seemingly impossible to work in enough time to blog. Don't feel ignored. Don't take it personal. Apply the same rationale to return phone calls & email, too. Right about now, it would be difficult to see me still even if you come by. Huh, Cynthia? This week feels especially heavy as we will note the 2nd anniversary of Granny's passing.

All praise to the Supreme - we have been forced in many compromising positions recently. We have manifested miraculous heights as a power couple over 7 days past. Supporters of what we do have long crowned us as such, but we rarely even consider such flattery. Most of you well know through dealings personal or vicarious that we are not ostentatious - just pure artists confident (mostly) in the fact that we are created in image & likeness. Eye acknowledge the God. That's it really. That plain. That simply put.

Word up!

To not admit that it's happening, would be a moment wasted. Every individual on our team sees that's it's happening - fo' real! Big ting a gwan! Spirits are strapped & on their way to the cosmos.

Thank you all for riding. The fact that so many of you visit here with such regularity still rocks my dome. Energy is constant & never-ending - so too my love. Eye am pleased to know that it's happening for you.

"Just look at it Shirley."



Thursday, February 23, 2006


Of course the single blueberry glazed donut left in the grocery store donut bin has a bite mark in it (according to my husband who just phoned home to let me know). Guess that means it wasn't meant to be, right? Dag, man. The culprit could have at least ate the whole pastry as to not tease fiends like Self. That's just plain wrong. During the course of my vent eye have decided to settle for Tofutti Cuties. That's not so bad.

*Please keep me from eating this whole box?
[Plea for self-help]


At just over 18 months, Magnificent has finally been crowned a talker. He's not fluid with it, but he has precise vowels & tones. Kana has been working with him ever since a friend of ours came to visit with their daughter. The beauty repeats every thing that you speak to her. Our children found that to be hilarious & practically drove the precious joy to tears from taking turns having her repeat their words. Well now, it's Mags they use to feed their humor. But he doesn't mind. Our youngest lad has always been fond of sound. New words=new sounds & he tries them out in every frequency imaginable.

...& here's a few flattering words on the "Oriana lee EP" from Thosetwowords.com.

We're headed to the library this morning.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Being one's own boss has a downside to it that often casts heavy shadows on the potential positive outcome related to the blood, sweat & tears. Multitasking has upgraded to clear fragmentation of both related & unrelated projects due to a lack of continued focus. Everyone around here knows understands intensely that Goddess-Queen-Mama-Wife-Teacher-Manager-Author-Publisher-Sister-Daughter-Friend Oriana lee needs to rest. For a while. Soon. (As I sit here typing, dozing lightly.)

Let me get on in the bed. Maybe eye will crack a new book. Deborah Santana's work wrapped up quite introspectively. There are many quotes from her experiences to be explored in the upcoming weeks. As the career-long wife, companion & supporter of a known musician, her reflection struck me as my possible future - to a degree, of course. Who knows though? It wouldn't be so bad to pop out a number one hit. Huh, bruh!



Sunday, February 19, 2006


Another positive review for the "Oriana lee EP" at Platform 8470. Your support is always appreciated!



Saturday, February 18, 2006


With no television in the house (R.I.P.), our bunch has been reading more than ever. Once weekly trips to the library are back up to 3 or 4 (record set back in 2003) times during.

Since childhood, libraries have always provided a warmth that almost feels like church to me. As Yolanda Adams' "The Battle Is Not Yours" swells in the background. It has always been a secret aspiration to work as a library assistant for a temporary period. Why? Honestly...to be surrounded by books. Simply that. Eye am a bibliophile to the highest degree. Trust me. Between music (various formats) & reading materials, we will probably be able to finance the children's higher education, if necessary.

When in college the second time around, eye actually spent the majority of my spare time in the LIB. While everyone else was on the yard being seen, sister-girl was cooped up in a study room on the third floor meditating on letters, numbers and symbols. Practically living in the quiet of university life made attaining my goal of graduating with honors a breeze. Had eye only been in light at 18, there would have been no need for a 3-year sabbatical from partying. But instead of hanging 'round the books, eye choose the crooks...eye mean the nupes...no the q's...the foot frat? If you knew me then, you must surely know that this list would probably end up being 8 months long if every kick-it partner was documented. ;-) Think it's a joke. Hmph...

This week's read is by the phenomenal wife of the legendary Carlos Santana. Deborah Santana has written an insightful first-work, Space Between the Stars: My Journey To An Open Heart. Miss Debbie touches on aspects of this lifesyle that are unique to the wife of an acclaimed musician. There are a few (Sue Mingus, Rita Marley), but not many who have shared this perspective of the business. It's really mind-blowing (to not elaborate too much at this point). Expect more when eye finish. Picking up at 206.

Eye Love You, Baby Pop.
I Miss You, Granny.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

May wonderful peace be upon my dear elderly cousin who transitioned this week.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Somehow, many a mistake got overlooked in the proofreading of Something To Cope. Mainly computer errors (spell check) & hyphenation alteration. So...before this thing can go to press, the printer suggests that eye get these oversights corrected in order to save myself time & money once those bluelines come back.

Phew! To have not noticed until reading the final hardcopy would have driven me completely insane. It's true that Taurai pursue perfection to lofty degrees, and me noticing such typographical flubs in an Oriana lee text would make for a tremendously scary sight folks. Sure, it happens in most books. But eye can't let it happen to me. No, sir. Not knowingly, anyway.

Five weeks into the school semester & we are covering a lot of ground in our particular focus areas. In years past, we have included units in up to 20 subjects. When the children were all under 7, it was nothing to approach 6-7 lessons a day. But no, not anymore. Not with Magnificent in the mix. Not with 2 of the children now working just below middle school level. No way. No how. Our units now contain a lot more substance & greater detail. We chose to scale back for a more concentrated focus on specific areas. This semester we have chosen to hone in on:

7.Arts & Crafts
9.Physical Expression
10.Home Economics

Of course, many teachings overlap within our system & sometimes include those we have pushed outside of our core. For the most part though, we are right on point.

Teaching is every bit as fulfilling as my 9-year-old mind envisioned. So is writing, which chose me at 8. To have ended up working professionally in the fields that felt right as a child feels amazingly consoling in times of trouble. It just felt right back then. How did it really come to manifest? Jah bless!

Eye am living out my dream!

"Huh?", they ask. "I thought you were Count's manager."
"Yep!", she responds, wide-eyed. "That, too."


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Maureen Yancey speaks about her sun & his miraculous contribution to the world through his music - a love they both shared.

^**Taken from Okayplayer

Have you told the sonic genius in your life how much you appreciate him/her today? Treat them to donuts.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


If you're into this sort of commercialized offering of love in a "heart shaped" box, then allow me to wish you the best in your pursuit of favor from your true (or temporary) love. Allow me to indicate that this post will be full of cynicism related to Cupid's most prosperous day of the year.

Back in 1995, eye followed my heart to this skeptical space once the historical aspect became a factor in my psyche. Up until, never had the overwhelmingly historical Pagan perspective penetrated my psychological & emotional sore-spots. To learn that neither Lucipus not Valentine had anything to do with me & mines, left me wondering why eye was putting so much effort into recognizing their insignificant contributions. As it relates, to Afrakans, of course. Understanding further that the holiday originated through the exploitation of women as prostitutes, more or less, burned me up everytime eye thought it. It burns me to a short even now.

But that's only part of the reason eye swore it off forever...

Only after a short relapse a few years ago. Ironically enough, though the rote of the day was fairly ideal (New outfit, Roberta Flack Concert, Dinner), it was ultimately one of the worst days of my love life. To have a public love day go awry is abrasive to the epidermis of even a long term commitment. Remember when everyone brought individual cards to class back in the elementary school days. For a girl to not receive a card from one who she admired (cute boy or sister-girlfriend), left her feeling sorely rejected for a long time.

So this is partially why eye admonished the holiday for good. Eye can't help but see through the mask straight to the core of the pain. Beyond the red roses. Beyond the sweet treats. Beyond a night out in a nice hotel room.

Eye see mostly the same thing that eye do every day. Beautiful mothers of the earth being used & abused by a population too Id-driven to appreciate that life is valuable only because of her. Eye know..."What are you talking about? That's the whole purpose of celebrating. To show her I care." And to you eye remark, "Eye feel you. Perceived reality is reality."

Have a fruitful day! We already are! Juicy...


Monday, February 13, 2006


The past 5 years has been a tremendously challenging period of life - for me.
The past 5 years has been a remarkably ravishing period of life - for me.
& my family.


Some rough & tough stuff has taken place.
Through grace we called it bluff.

At this time, we take a moment of silence to remember the life & spirit of James Yancey.
Peace be upon him.


Friday, February 10, 2006



Kana is so amazingly connected to a higher power. She has been craving donuts today.

Around these parts, we speak of Dilla's contribution fairly often.News of James Yancey's transition has our household completely rocked. At this time, allow me to second everything that my better musical half has already brought to light on his blog. Allow me to further mention the irony with considering the release of Donuts, undisputably the most highly anticipated Hiphop album of the year, having shipped just this week. UPS dropped a box at our doorstep on Wednesday that held a single copy, plus the fresh 7 inch exclusive of course. Wow! What a listening party we're going to have this treacherous storm-predicted nigh.

My outlook is indefinitely altered. Not because of knowing bruh personally (never met him, though Dwight has) or the lack of his future contribution, solely, but because as eye tap my emotions in type, it comes to me that eye have not yet eaten today (7 p.m.). Why? From getting caught up, mad stressed & working too hard. Unfortunately, most days are like this for me. Plus to acknowledge the extra special beverages that usually calm my nerves? "Something's got to give, Oriana."

Eye immediately think to a quote in URB back in 2004 (He & Madlib on the cover) when news of Dilla's illness was first speculated:

"I had never been so sick in all my life, he recalls. "I had never been in the hospital for nothing. What happened was that the doctor told me that I'd ruptured my kidney from being too busy and being stressed out and not eating right. He told me that if I'd waited another day, I might not have made it."

Peace be upon the genius known to the world at large as "Jay Dee" or "J Dilla" (1974-2006). Neither your life, nor passing will be in vein. You have truly changed my life. Forever.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Good luck, Van! You know without a doubt that we are sending all of the positive vibes that we can muster out your way, homeboy. Taking a Grammy back to ATL would be ideal, but remember that you are still major ish even if it does not go down like that. We'll be watching to see you hold it down for the Sly Stone tribute. At least that's what's been rumored ;-).

Perhaps Fat Beats can help us get there next year. One of those goodie bags that the staff hands out backstage would be a fresh perk even without a trophy. Ya heard?

"What Can I Say (For Millicent)" has been on repeat this morning. Everytime it starts playing a new slew of goosebumps cover my entire bod. What an incredible artist, that Van Hunt. What an remarkable friend! You go boy!!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Eye still marvel at wireless capabilities at large. Eye greet you by way of the Metro Parks network. It's really dope to be able to go to a city park to access you all through Blogger. Kush & Magnificent sit here with me, while we patiently wait for Kana to complete another ballet class.

Hezekiah professed earlier that Marvin Gaye is his favorite singer. Period. Not Michael Jackson, as he would have Kana know. Thank goodness! He says that MJ as a child is cool, but now he's "crazy". Of course this was my opportunity to tell him that as he grows & matures he will come to learn that we are all "crazy". Each & everyone in this particular system. No one immune. Have you claimed the "crazy" in you?


Monday, February 6, 2006

We try to make sure that Kana practices her art at least 30 minutes each day. As late, she has had to rehearse without music due to electrical problems at the crib (yeah, us too). But she got lucky today because a previously missing battery charger to belongs to another CD/DVD contraption that we were just about to junk turned up to her benefit. Music for dancing. What a novel idea?

Anyway, eye find myself in ear shot of her room when it happens to be my own voice that catches my attention. Eye tune it - this fairy-princess is working out her ballet routine to the Oriana lee EP. "Netsanett Ahun" - to be exact. Considering she usually listens to either the self-proclaimed King of Pop or Tchaikovsky, this is more than an honoring.

She must really adore that joint (as do eye). A few months back, little sister modified her tap recital performance to fit the piece, from top to bottom. It ends with this ill bow right after the last "peace people" repeats - during the last measure.

Our baby girl is truly the biggest supporter our our artistic pursuits! Hands down!!! Thanks for being so incredible, Kana! You wow me!


Shellie R. Warren saw fit to recognize me as her "Woman of the Month" in the Inside My Sound section of her site. Please visit her site, buy her book & show a cicular type respect. We have learned that there is a level of success to be achieved in relationships that supports the simple theory that encourages us all to treat others with the same respect that we would have for self. It means so much to have beautiful people who continue to bring it through the door.

At a time like this, it helps to know that others see beyond this frustration that eye feel right now from having to balance so many things under the most unideal circumstances. This past 2 weeks has been as uplifting as it has demeaning, for so many reasons. Lord knows that anyone who has touched my spirit in the way that Shellie, Ben, Jay Malls, M.C Eades, Kid Captain Coolout (others not on immediate recall) has simply from an artistic standpoint in these last days, will be greatly rewarded by higher forces. Thanks for walking with me at this time. Thanks for making me smile!

"E-lec-tricity, E...lec-tricity"

Well wishes to all! Much power to the people!

As we (True Skool) embark on week two of our study on energy, please send some positive our way. This phase entails mostly experiments so hopefully we will get through it with limbs in tact. Children are so inquisitive & sometimes invent things that endanger themselves without having the slightest clue. We wouldn't want any small homeschool fires or first degree boy burns as a result of too much free inventing mixed with kenetic molecules.

Energy (def.) usable power or the resources for producing such power

M.C. Eades just sent me a mock-up for the fresh new Writehanded. It looks cool. With some tweaking, we should see a launch hopefully with the month or so. Just so you know, we had to push the release date for Something To Cope back to April 27th. Until we started putting out our own projects a few years ago it was unbeknowst to me why records & books hardly ever made the firts announced release date. Eye have even witnessed records pushed back for more than a year. So ride with me on this decision. When it drops in April, the climate will be ready; we are convinced. Both Borders & Barnes&Noble have picked it up, so we're making great strides in the meantime. Thank goodness!

Spread love.


Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Many remark that it's always better to give a hero or heroine their flowers while still the breath to smell them. That would be ideal, but paying homage to an ancestor can never be a bad thing according to any life schedule. In honor of what the first lady of the civil rights movement contributed to my state of mind in particular, read this letter from the Oriana lee archives, written 22 years ago to Dr. King commerating the 3rd King Day Holiday. Were there no Sis. Coretta to support & encourage Dr. Martin, the hints of the movement may have quite possibly stopped with the outrage following Emmitt Till's public viewing. Then where would we be? As we mourn the transition of our great Queen Mother, let us also remember to recognize the dawn of Amerika's Black History Month. We pay our respect to Carter G. Woodson for this blackened month. And though we are Black every day, whether there's a special month set aside or not, at least take the time to remind the youngsters to "do your history!"

1007 N. 16th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17103

January 13, 1984

Dear Dr. King,

I would like to tell you what has changed since 1968. first i want to Thank You for getting us started. I like the way you tried to settle it camly. Now I will tell you what has changed. My name is Oriana Jackson, I am black and I am a girl. Also, I'm in the fourth grade. The things that have changed were blacks and whites can play together, I play with a lot of white kids. My best white friends name is Diane Schaffer. She is very nice and I sit right beside her in school. Another thing that has changed is that we have freedom, and black can drink from public water fountains. Your dream has been coming true. My family thinks that you're a wonderful man including me especially. I know you'll be proud of me this but, we have now made your birthday a general holiday! Now if the Ku Klux Klan does something wrong they will get arrested. You were a really wonderful man! I love you.

Your friend and fan,
Oriana Jackson

P.S. Mrs. King if you have time will you please try to write one more big letter back.