Monday, July 17, 2006


Starting this Monday with a mysterious migraine headache, it's only well into the morning that the pain & accompanying symptom (temporary loss of vision, numbness/tingling of limbs) have begun to subside. Whew! What a way to kick off the day.

But, it's okay though. It's alright. To stop this show, Bush might need to send in the troops. Otherwise, the movement continues. Unfortunately, these record labels want me to get gully in order to get my point across, but not today. Not, sir. They gon' get theirs, B. That's for sure.

The jig is almost up for this traditional means of releasing records through a label. Vinyl is basically dead, which completely signals the dawn of a new era. Do you realize that no medium of playback has been around longer, as a vital force? But thanks to the advent of Serato, wax will soon be no more. Some of the labels & distributors can hardly keep their doors open amidst this shift. Of course, records will always exist on a collector's level, but the masses are not having it. Music lovers are simply not buying it anymore.

Ask yourself - what's the last piece of vinyl you purchased? Even if you are a DJ - would you rather lug five bulky crates of records to the gig or a set-up that fits in your record bag, yet contains all of the music in your entire collection, CD's & MP3'sincluded? Jazzy Jeff, Spinna & Wolf have all endorsed Serato as the future, so you know what's up. Many congrats to the Stones Throw Camp for releasing the first exclusive digital 12 inch single. What a precedence! We've been trying to sell this idea to partner labels all year to no avail. My approach to the record label at this point: If you're not ahead of the times, consider yourself past (passed). Bow out gracefully ye' ole' record execs. Find a soft place to land (perhaps on the piles of money that your companies have made off the back's of the hundreds of talented Black youth that have come through this rap game). Heed to the legendary D.I.T.C. memeber O.C. - "Time's Up".


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