Monday, June 11, 2007


Seems it was the legendary soulster Charlie Wilson who pointed out that R. Kelly never misses musically. When you look over discography, you will too notice this is true. While many of his tunes do not suit my particular taste, ain't no future in frontin' on his ability to produce a hit. R & B has been riding on the wings of his talent for the last decade. From one R & B head to another, if Teddy Riley is the O.G., then Robert is today's long-reigning King. No matter what personal mistakes, can you really argue that he's at least among the greatest in the genre? Some people will argue anything...but why?

Saturday, April 28, 2007


The hole house smells like a party
There is power in the black one
Good friends tailor the tapestry
How fun to have a double fudge tongue
The little brother’s smile blooms
As he counts his half-a-buck
Disposable cameras focus zoom
Capturing the relic epoch

Take a pill & watch it grow
The ultrasound seals one below
Go, go, it’s your birthday!
In your name, we gather for earth day
Today marks the first of the rest
For your sake, we celebrate birth


Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Oriana Lee

For all the positive feedback on Something To Cop:Abridged From the Book, Something To Cope, eye say "Word"! For all the constructive criticism, "Word"! Many thanks to all who hold me down on the regular.

Can you find your shout on the backcover?

Peace people...


Monday, March 26, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Look at the contents in Oriana lee's bedside box. Can you identify the following items?

Backup data DVD
Bulb syringe
Caramello candy bar
Cell phone charger
Cordless phone
Community Education Guide
Compositon Notebook
Everything Mac manual
Idlewild DVD
Lime Green Sharpie
Mabook charger
MacBook remote
Pink Journal
Saline nosedrops
Self-help paperback book
School-related library book
Writehanded Com promotional pen


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Water has been most therapeutic as my physical self prepares for harvest. The temple has consumed as many showers as meals & two or more four-ozs of pure fluids have been guzzled daily in these last hours. While my waters may not have broken, they sure help heal aching emotions. Temporarily, at least.

**Had eye noticed the mispelling of "therapeutic" earlier, it would have been changed. If you see something like that before me, don't hesitate to reach out. It's all to the good! Even Oriana lee makes mistakes folx ;).


Thursday, January 4, 2007


2007 + Wholistic Healthiness= Supreme Happiness

Dreams do come true. Akin to mares. So we should visualize our prayers as we do our risks to assure a positive outsome. Fear is not real. Eye am living out my dream.

We will be learning Supreme Alphabet & Mathematics this month once we wrap up our introduction to the Old Testament. Besides that we will focus only on Spanish and Arithmetic. With certain assurance, this schedule should stimulate growth & build synapses. Accomodating the new baby will be primary during this period so we thought it best to lighten our class load while strengthening our unit.

Zig Zag Zig.