Thursday, November 23, 2006


How does one praise creation for the ability to make another human being unhappy by just looking at, talking with and tending to emotion? Giving in this instance means turning that inner out then returning them wrapped up in a large sheet of your bullshit. Neither the heart to leave or love.

How does one explain to a five year young man who recently reverted to fussing, fighting and making it a habit to wake in a pool of piss because his guardians' arguments have developed in a him a fear about divorce that it is a fact of life? That what's real is real. That what hurts is pain.

How does one forgive the mother who last addressed her only girl and grandbaby as bitch just days before her drunkenness drowned due to a knock on the head which led her to bed - forever? Her only salute in 18 months - a soul teardrop from behind assisted breaths. Sore grows within.

How does one revere a wife who punches on papa then punishes her child for hitting out of anger or a husband who names his son a punk then corners him into cowering? Parents lack perfection in their performance which makes for a sorry show. Happy go lucky.

How does one thanksgiving holiday beget a series of losses with equal paying gains evermore? Jive turkeys stuff our spirit in this land of taxidermy. Chess squares fill Chester memories rich enough to help us poor people hobble on down the road until we arrive at the next stop. The pray in Gesthemane a continuum.


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