Thursday, November 30, 2006


Kana is participating in Metro's annual presentation of the mini-Nutcracker and in reading the costume requirements it's obvious that they know they have some black angels because it is worded that the girls wear "light lipstick and blush appropriate to one's skin color." Funny, huh? Granny would be so proud to see Kana playing her position the way she does in the performance. She always loved for us to be on stage or front and center in any capacity.

Granny...Granny...Granny...[heavy sigh]

Granny would always say to me "You have a life of your own to live. No one can live it for you. You need to worry about controlling you." Over and over throughout my youth these words would manifest at the end of a discussion or chastising regarding me minding someone else's business.

How does one maintain that viewpoint when someone else's life becomes your own to a degree? Like in marriage or parenting. Still trying to figure it all out.


It will be imperative that the ten hugs requirement be fulfilled today in order to soften this heavy heart. Being heavy with child only compounds what's going on emotionally. Prayer warriors, please remain steadfast.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Gotta find Carlotta! Anybody know where my favorite midwife friend can be found? Please hit me with her info. My last cell phone was so toe' up that my contacts could not be transferred. Don't you hate when that happens?


Friday, November 24, 2006


Three Novembers ago, my career foci went from True School & Writehanded to For that long, this has been my primary job as a professional, in addition to the many years of part-time service. We have since added two children to the equation - this fifth being due January 8. As my run as full-time manager draws to a close, it's important for me to speak candidly to those of you who have helped make it all possible.

Of all of the pursuits in my life, artist management has to be the most thankless - honestly, downright graphically demeaning oftentimes. [This coming from a woman who sold automobiles at one of the grimiest lots in town and also co-managed a greasy car repair shop for years.] If not for the consistent encouragement of so many of our supporters (financial, spiritual & emotional), you would have wiped up the floor with my towel long ago.

As we continue to be thankful, allow me to extend special gratitude to those supporters who have taken an interest in championing the personal efforts of Oriana lee - as mother, wife, manager, educator and writer. Your encouragement does not go unrecognized. It's you who have let me live, so take a big whiff of your roses while you still can (in no particular order):

The Farrell Family (at large)
The Jackson/Williams Family (at large)
Shawne Bailey
Steve Balser
Mr. Merge
Charles Kiskadden
Tee Little
Dee Little
Jazzy Sport Crew
Van Hunt
Shellie R. Warren
K. Danielle Rucker
D.J. Fisher
Shyria Coleman
Erika Reed
Menah Pratt
A.C. the PD
Adrian Constant
Biel & Cynthia Fuller
Hunter Brown
Lady Jaz
Brother J
Cousin Chris
Corey Bloom
Donnell Floyd
M.C. Eades
Joyce Harris
Auntie Easterlyn
Sacha Williamson
Frank E.
J. Millz
J.P. & Shellie
Jason Batog
Sheila Rawlings
Vanessa Vex
A to the L
Thomas Brown

Peace, people.


What 'cha say?
Get 'dis money!
If they say, "What 'cho gon' do today?"
Just say, "Hey, I wanna' get paid."

While most of my fellow Americans will be caught up in the spending storm this morning, yours truly we be holding the position as top earner. Retail stores aren't the only ones in pursuit of at this time. Count me in!

Something To Cop:Abridged From the Book, Something To Cope got lost in the system somehow. We'll be making things right with the digital distributor this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!

Payday, payday payday!
Payday, payday payday!


Thursday, November 23, 2006


How does one praise creation for the ability to make another human being unhappy by just looking at, talking with and tending to emotion? Giving in this instance means turning that inner out then returning them wrapped up in a large sheet of your bullshit. Neither the heart to leave or love.

How does one explain to a five year young man who recently reverted to fussing, fighting and making it a habit to wake in a pool of piss because his guardians' arguments have developed in a him a fear about divorce that it is a fact of life? That what's real is real. That what hurts is pain.

How does one forgive the mother who last addressed her only girl and grandbaby as bitch just days before her drunkenness drowned due to a knock on the head which led her to bed - forever? Her only salute in 18 months - a soul teardrop from behind assisted breaths. Sore grows within.

How does one revere a wife who punches on papa then punishes her child for hitting out of anger or a husband who names his son a punk then corners him into cowering? Parents lack perfection in their performance which makes for a sorry show. Happy go lucky.

How does one thanksgiving holiday beget a series of losses with equal paying gains evermore? Jive turkeys stuff our spirit in this land of taxidermy. Chess squares fill Chester memories rich enough to help us poor people hobble on down the road until we arrive at the next stop. The pray in Gesthemane a continuum.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Quality songs should capture human emotion as deeply as well-crafted poetry.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Looking so forward to visiting the mistress. Therapy allows freedom to vent that's disapproved of in the natural environment. It's hard when situations & individuals have inflicted hurt, but then disallows a chance to grieve over the loss or situation that brings on such hurt. Frustrating to say the least. If not properly managed, the anger from that alone can lead to a world of problems that no one ever predicted.

TIP: When someone tells you repeatedly that they are not a team player, don't try to force them to work in a group just to round out the force. Only you will end up loser in the end. Then who's to blame?

Thanks to all for the positive feedback on Mingus Fingers. It's still one of my favs to date. If you still haven't previewed it, then what's the wait?

Simple enough!

Anyone know of a credible artist manager that might fit in well at, please send contact info:

Hit me!

"Sarasvati knows the fool in it."


Friday, November 17, 2006

If you are in the Nashville area, go & check out an incredible musician playing in town tonight and tomorrow. One of my best friend's brother actually. Support!

Bernhard Gueller and Awadagin Pratt with Nashville Symphony



People say the darndest things. Leaving it there for now. Giving thanks for the ability to work from home for nearly a decade now. What a blessing! To even think about joining the traditional corporate or blue collar workforce gives me frightful chills. Yuck! For those of you who put the sole/soul to the pavement everyday, kudos! It may not be long before eye become a part if things continue in this direction for us financially.

Think long and hard before entering the music business. Again, think long and hard.

Ironically, we got a call yesterday from the tv show Wife Swap. If you remember, Trading Spouses contacted us a while back. It trips me out how badly these people want us involved. Of course, there are so many concessions that we would have to make,that no matter how appealing the money, it just does not seem right. We're holding out for the right opportunity yet. There has to be something fitting for a Hiphop dad & family that allows us to keep our ethics in tact. Right?

We're looking for a major blessing on this move to Florida in the upcoming weeks. My mother in law is still fighting the good fight against cancer. As a gift to my husband, eye am bound & determined to fulfill this plan. Somehow. Someway.

Something To Cope will again be a dream deferred in order to bring this to fruition as all funds are being used for the move. To me, there is no sacrifice too great for life. Both my mum & spouse deserve this time together as Dwight left home at 13.

Missing Granny should be the strength needed to pull us through to the other side. eye miss her! The pastor/friend that eulogized her tried to preach to me yesterday in the grocery store, not initially recognizing who he was recruiting. He thought to tell me about the power of Jesus. It lead to traditional fire & brimstone, which is where my ears took a break. In my thinking, it was Granny coming at me from another angle of reassurance that things will work out in the Lord's time.

My husband says that new viewers are going to think this a religious website because of all of the spiritual content. Eye guess it is in a way.

In God we trust. May the creator touch your life on this day. Thanks for your undying support.


Saturday, November 11, 2006


Andy Warhol's Campbell Pop-art is currently on exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. With the security guard looking the other way, my handy cell phone allowed me to snap a quick shot. Adrenaline rush!!!

Time after time, eye find self baffled at how small many of these legendary pieces happen to be. Perhaps the legend behind the work leaves the impression that the works are colossal, but they almost never are. Think : Mona Lisa. When Dwight finally had the opportunity to see it for self at the Lourve he was straight tripping at what hype can do for art.

"Perceived reality is reality."


Friday, November 10, 2006


R.I.P. Gerald Levert

Wow! Thanks for leaking this G!


Wednesday, November 8, 2006


"Trouble don't last always!"

Tee & Dee...our hearts go out!


Sunday, November 5, 2006


Most Consistent Pregnancy Foods
1. Salad
2. Broccoli
3. Fish

Catfish is desirably the least palatable seafood in my diet - usually. But man, oh man, my famed pregnancy dive has done it again. South Street has this incredibly meaty & lightly seasoned version that keeps me licking my chops - day in, day out - like a fine brothuh with long locks. Licking my plate was a childhood habit long past until this week. Eye caught self doing it last week after some of Dwight's West Indian styled pancakes. Eating never stops around here. Everyone in the house has taken up the pickle craving - except me. So much for the pickles & ice cream theory.

Kana discovered through a random "Oriana" Google search that a most inspiring wordsmith passed weeks back. In the haste of Act Your Waist Size, many current events apparently have gone unnoticed. Peace be upon namesake author Oriana Fallaci who returned to the essence in September. Following her releasing, The Rage and the Pride, the latter years of life proved trying. She was diagnosed with cancer & jailed in her 70's for standing on the word. A most stimulating figure in my life, her physical presence will be missed. Peace be upon her.

Oriana lee is the second most known Oriana, next to the renowned author.

H. Graphiks freshened up the Writehanded Dot Com logo. Thanks a million, Unka H!


Saturday, November 4, 2006

Who the heck is Organs Les anyway? In the meantime, cop this free "Gettin It Crunk Up" download.



Wednesday, November 1, 2006


MP3s of past singles and futuristic flavor are currently available to you:


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