Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Van hits Japan. Japan love Van. Jay love Japan. Roughly another 30 until The Shining. Not since On the Jungle Floor have eye so anticipated new sounds.

It still bugs me out sometimes that we are a part of it all. This business madness cannot be envisioned or imagined. It's like childbirth. You just have to do it to really understand.

One of the greatest blessings that has come to me by way of this music business is the direct inspiration that comes from knowing some of today's most talented artists. These are the luminaries folks. Experiencing so many of them makes me a better me. Something To Cope drew greatly from the inspiration that our friends, our colleagues bring to my world. They let me live.

Special love to the visual, conceptual & performance artists that inspire from the inside: Count, Kana, Tokio, Shiro, Jason, DOOM, Van, Dionne, Matthew Don & the Kid Capt. Nuff respect! RIDE OR DIE!


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