Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cooking With Kush (S1E1)

True Skool Akademy has produced two aspiring chefs to date. Not sure what it is beyond the home climate that promotes cooking as a subject that has led us to teach it to the degree of proficiency and mastery, far beyond traditional public school culinary programs. Out of 16 years of homeschooling, has come what has come to be known the "unschooling" method, which allows for each child to basically guide their own educational destiny, with little more than quality supervision and direction from the educator. This direction comes in the form of making all and any resources available to the student in order for them to reach full competency in the particular subject-area. This is the very best part of my life. Absolutely!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Give thanks my children and others recognize the effort eye put forth in making sure my children are whole in spite of their Father's absence. Honestly, eye do not put myself on a pedestal simply because he has chosen a hands off approach to parenting, but it is what it is. By default eye hold it down, over-compensate, and over-function, it's certainly not my chosen path. Healthiness IS my chosen path, so it must happen at all costs.

Eye do what eye do because my commitment has ALWAYS been to "do my best, be my best, give my best, and live my best" to and for my seeds. "One monkey don't stop no show", so his choices do not excuse me from my purpose - and eye know this. With that said, eye want to make it clear that my role is not that of Mom and Dad, as many suggest, rather just being the dopest kind of Umi that ever existed. Don't know how to be a Father, and don't wanna be (stand at a urinal, no thank you...lol)...but a purposed, called, dedicated, original, unique, sharp-skilled and hard loving Mami...aww, sooky sooky, I AM!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Salute - Nikki Giovanni

Stuck on Passion Felt
(Taken from Something To Cope (page 91)

Ms. Nikki pleasures me to a point
sharp enough to pare ecstasy from semantics, 
her candor takes sure advantage of my nature 
morning in/time again

Ms. Nikki makes me know how to love
a woman though it shole makes me mad uneasy 
the way she touches my soft spot with her tongue 
black feeling/black judgment

Eye fancy us sparkin’ to the art itself & ego-trippin’ 
long & hard/eye pause to nibble the form of her 
lexis from my kisser savoring the deep violet -
the iris inhales a delectable vision

Eye imagine sharing & musing about current events 
& all we see hidden on the backside of the bush 
fiery as the cig' that she drags right before reading 
in the cloud/she exhales sacred edibles

-Oriana Lee

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Second single from the album, Coming Back A Champion (2013)

Produced by CrazyLazy Dave (Dirty Cabin)
Directed by Oriana Lee (Writehanded)


1 Timothy 6:10 (New International Version)
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Take cover droppin' thinkbombs with a classic touch/
passin' fashion passion blowin' all the cash up/
canadian bacon american blue cheese/
smell the sea breeze leakin' from the brain freeze/
getta better cheddar amerigo mash up/
taste foul but still smilin' all the while we cracking up/
massa got the whole world sick/
pickin' at the Jackson wounds then rubbin' in the Michael Vicks/
grace sufficient for the thorns in our flesh/
nevertheless, we restin' on a bed of distress/
turn my back on the crowd in Miles posture/
ain't nobody out there but posers and hawkers/
but well, the hey, fall off the pup/
foot back in the stirrup, leg over for the giddy up/
touring heaven on a supernatural plane/
90 minutes on horizon, a life full of earthly gain/
spillin' wisdom from my tongue as songs of solomon/
daughter of zion claiming unity and freedom/
treat yourself don't cheat yourself/
what we chasin' is paper, never mind the vapors/
mostly rock the hard locs today I sport the curly girly/
shirley had a temple but her fence wasn't pearly/
winning paul's races always run in asics basics/
multitaskin', lastin' action, fluid fast like lasix/
early to rise early to grind/
exercise my body then stretch my holy mind/
spend time in meditation, praise and relation/
devotion is the potion that oils my locomotion/
prophets see ahead so for free I drive a kia/
when funds are like tortillas I say tres ave marias/
come now missy hillie need to foot a bill or two/
with the cash in my stash need the ebt for food/
poetic freestyle, pile words a mile high/
club swag swig schwag advertise like fruit flies/
dance a natural rhythmism for the kids provisions/
light a pose strike a match burn night oil decisions/
that's where the bulk of income's coming from/
fill my inbox with money opps just to close on one/
put worldly matters first can only make it worse/
hilariously delirious materials made for sirius

Saturday, December 8, 2012


This is the first video from the forthcoming, Coming Back A Champion. Zeke (LMBOChannel) is making his directoral debut - two cuts, that's it! We decided to intentionally make it raw home video style as to present me real & true to our lifestyle. 

Check it out, like it, share it!!!