Monday, August 7, 2006


Age nine was the only birthday party that eye ever had. One of the best years of my life actually. My mother threw a fresh house party with all of my bestest friends in attendance. Debarge was part of the mood music. A full-figured Smurfette graced the top of the monster cake. We had a real party ya'll. My babysitter's son had a major crush on me & he gifted me a Jean Nate' set with Body Splash & Powder. Eye felt so mature at nine.

Hopefully, we are providing Kana with an equally memorable experience. She asked only to go to church, the library & to dine out at Red Lobster. That's not much. Who can beat that really? Many of her friends request iPods, motor vehicles, cell phones & video game consoles. Not Kana. She's very different from her peers. We're proud to admit that, too. She's my shero!

But of course, we strive to go above & beyond, so there's a little more to it. We started her off with a magazine subscription, then a spin toothbrush (which she hinted at prior). We're going to kick it into high gear when she holds in her hand the collectable Michael Jackson 1984 Thriller doll that my husband worked so had to win on eBay. Then...on Friday, she's having an all girls Carribbean style sleepover. Tye-dye. Shelled necklaces. Plantain. The whole nine. LOL!

Speaking from the non-judgemental standpoint that Count addressed on his journal, Michael Jackson has always gotten love from me, so eye support her indulgence. Allegations aside, eye have to remind myself that really all eye know is that what eye hear. Ya heard? All eye can really say is that his music has moved her since she was two. Consistently. Infectiously. Eye also know that most of what he releases has a positive theme. That's all a parent can really expect for an artist their child chooses to admire. Be sure to note that it's in the right context. She knows the difference in the music and the man, thought they do infuse at times. She knows this first had from her own pop. Of all the high profile people that eye access in the industry, none that eye know run in MJ's camp. No, not one. So as far as we know on that other mess, innocent until proven guilty. Plus, we're not planning on sending her or the boys over to spend the month anytime soon. Dig?

We will get up in the morning (breath willing) & do this all over again for Magnificent. At two, he'll suffice with simply a little Elmo in his life. So that's who we champion as our character of the year. Elmo. That's a brother, you know? See for self...


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