Friday, November 15, 2002

Back in effect??? Hardly. the interim, I feel compelled to reach out to those of you who still check the site for updates. Thanks much for your steadfastness!!! Even moreso for your love & meditations! Right now, I'm bathing in the vigorous energy hoping to absorb all of the peace amidst.

For those of you who have yet to encounter my Jam Master Jay tribute posted on Hiphop oriented websites, or circulating via forwards, check it out at . is an online publication giving voice to forward thinkers of the Hiphop generation. Much love to the staff for blessing me with this opportunity to shine!

Hear the Headstone Rolling Toward the Sun can also be found in the Exhibit section of

Oh yeah...IN THE KNOW will resume schedule in the new year. Anticipate a NEW & IMPROVED format. Don't you just love the hype :-)?