Thursday, February 26, 2009


Much debated is the argument as to whether genuine Hiphop continues to grow or if it has become stagnant through commercialization, like Jazz, Blues & Rock - forever stuck in a past tense. While moot, scholars & die-hards continue to present evidence to show that the culture is alive & thriving, at least from their perspectives.

Shout out to author & English professor, Mickey Hess for continuing to challenge the theory & presenting facts that should indeed be considered before burying the movement in a 24-carat gold casket at Forest Lawn alongside Dilla.

Is Hip Hop Dead: The Past, Present & Future of America's Most Wanted Music dissects the elements of rap that make up what have led to the bastardization of the whole culture and places them under a magnifying glass for fine analysis. Filled with lyrics and quotes from some of your favorite MC's, his approach to getting to the bottom of the matter is well worth exploration.


So...a few loved ones have been on my case lately about my lack of lack of visibility as a writer. Eye initially pulled back from journalism to write Something To Cope, but kept my chops up by creating the now defunkt, In The Know entertainment newsletter.

Once that phased out a few years ago, my commitment to blogging was a firm one that would surely help me stay on top of my game. But, due to difficulties both technical & some personal, that has become sometimey, with a post here and maybe a post there from time to time. We all know that's bullshit (def: Taurian mess) for someone mostly known as a writer. Here today eye am deciding to try the blogspot format, as eye have always used the original Blogger format that's embedded in the site. With the support of my peeps, my own drive & motivation and your readership, eye am determined to get this back on track. Fo' sho!

On & poppin'!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


In 2000, eye graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in English. At the time, freelancing was my gig & eye was surely on my career path. My plan was to close the chapter with a graduation celebration (another story), but to start my new journey with the new Sony ICD-R100 digital recorder in hand. Talk about life-changing technology! For the past years, eye had recorded all of my interviews with an MC tape recorder, or on paper in rare instances where a recorded was prohibited. Eye was certain that this sleek device would put me on the next level as a journalist. Eye would be able to dump my audio directy into the computer with the aid of a connector and not have to clutter my office with micro cassettes. One less thing to buy. In a recession, that matters...eye guess.

Fast forward a few years to me finding it in my desk drawer today..piece of crap equipment. As it turns out, Kathleen Cleaver and Bobby Seale have been trapped in this device for a few years now, so it's basically serving as a glorified storage device for these valuable exchanges. Neither wanting to discard these precious moments, but wanting to use the contraption of it's intended purpose...eye fret. Between a rock and a hard place some might say. Hmmmmmmmmm... For some strange reason, the discs won't load. Weird, but true. Can you help?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Good looks to the homie Gee-O for including me in his latest
Podcast. Big up to all the other DJ's bangin' Oriana lee sounds on the net & airwaves. Looking forward to my next opportunity to blaze the microphone. Hopefully within the week.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Seems more & more people are offering me their IM info as an easier means of communicating than email. Admitting that it feels awkward, the practice of giving out screen names is increasing in the wake of Twitter. Go figure!

Considering your favorite celebrities (Shaq), musicians (Erykah Badu) & writers (dream hampton) are conversing daily right in front of the whole world, eye am left to ponder who really thinks that IM is the preferred choice anymore. Not to sound like a sales rep, but it just makes so much more sense to tweet, all around.

Unlike the various IM apps, Twitter does not require an internet bundle on your cell. So whether you are in the office or away at the beach, you have access to your base. On Twitter, you are everyone. We are all connected. Big up to Danyel Smith for making mention yesterday on Twitter. Wow! This medium is effortless to cite. Perhaps they have some sponsorhip dollars lying around..eye speak of the service all day already (cracking mysef up today). HA!

But on the real money tip:

We need computers people. Won't you please neighbor? Help! Please. Techs & geeks alike welcomed. Apple hook-ups desired (more than anything). Real talk!

Valentine's Day passed as just another for me. Here's the motto eye held dear that day...
"Can't be with who you love,
love the one you're with."



Technically, it's out first day back in school from winter break. We decided to skip the traditional December/January break so that we could take off for our two January birthdays, the inauguration, and other early Feb. activities. We hit the library, Kinko's, and now proudly announce the first effort of our True School Academy fundraiser for new computer equipment. We run a technology based school, so it's really our most important tool in the classroom.

Currently, we're operating with a PC down, in addition to a G4 that won't boot, so we're down to a fairly functional laptop & my Powerbook. We decided that with all of the kids in the neighborhood, we would try our hand at pushing candy, cookies, chips & hugs to the other sugar fiends around the way. Feeling a little guilty about it, eye guess, but this is where we are starting nonetheless. Hopefully we can step our game up to more healthy treats in the near future. Sooner than later, as the babies are already acting out like crack addicts, downing hugs & dancing around chasing their tails.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Eye have to ask myself, "What is so friggin' difficult about a post a day?" There was a time when being a blogging fool was right up my alley. It seems that over time, the frustrations that eye have come up against with using Blogger through my site & never converting to an actual Blogspot has slowed down my stride. Quite frankly, it has put a complete damper on my output & has diminished my readership greatly. Bad place to be as a writer. Terrible, actually. But, as Percy Shelley once said: "Fear not for the future, weep not for the past." & this is where eye am with the matter. Months of posting, as empty as my van fuel tank, will be no more. This evening, share my spirit of complete renewal & rededication to "the blog". If eye falter, then have your way with me loyal readers...well, within reason, of course. But leave this site feeling like you want to come back for more. Again & again. Please!

Tweeting up a storm check it...Me on Twitter


Saturday, February 7, 2009


Remembering James Yancey today, along with the rest of the Hiphop world. Rumors that Ma' Yancey's battling a health condition have been circulating recently. Let us keep her uplifted with both spiritual & financial support.

Found some pics from February 7, 2008...

Exactly one-year ago, NickJr. debuted the Dora-inspired, Ni Hao Kai-lan.
Whereas we normally pride ourselves in not participating in the hoopla surrounding new commerical shows & products, this time around, we fully indulged. Our long time friend, Matt Mahaffey had actually superceded his Shrek scoring by landing a steady gig as the musical director for this show & the children were very excited. Me, too (actually)! Now the show's up for it's third season. Home run!