Wednesday, September 27, 2006


weed (n).- a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants

With a blow of the wonderful wind, a wacky weed can plant right at your front gate. We sometimes so marvel at the beauty of the weed flower that we allow it to exist; us, ignoring the harm being done to the earth - underneath the surface. Weeds plant themselves on the most fertile grounds. In order to destroy a weed, it has to be attacked at the root. Weed killer is the primary remedy across the lands.

At our home next door, the barbwire fence was so covered with that creepin' ivy, that we worked for two autumn seasons to rid our yard of the weed. Supposedly ivy is a notorious refuge for rats and other undesirable vermin. Think: pet possum. While we never saw the possum when living next door, neither could we have imagined the city-street view that now pokes through each partition of the fence. Free & clear - of weeds.

We have no fence at our current den. Still, weeding season yet again. Once the herbicide sprayed and the weeds are dead, eye hope to plant a flower bed.


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