Sunday, November 19, 2006


Looking so forward to visiting the mistress. Therapy allows freedom to vent that's disapproved of in the natural environment. It's hard when situations & individuals have inflicted hurt, but then disallows a chance to grieve over the loss or situation that brings on such hurt. Frustrating to say the least. If not properly managed, the anger from that alone can lead to a world of problems that no one ever predicted.

TIP: When someone tells you repeatedly that they are not a team player, don't try to force them to work in a group just to round out the force. Only you will end up loser in the end. Then who's to blame?

Thanks to all for the positive feedback on Mingus Fingers. It's still one of my favs to date. If you still haven't previewed it, then what's the wait?

Simple enough!

Anyone know of a credible artist manager that might fit in well at, please send contact info:

Hit me!

"Sarasvati knows the fool in it."


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