Saturday, April 29, 2006


Another born day come & gone, yet the party continues. That's just how it goes when the event falls on Friday. Onward kicking, "cool in my way".

Last year, my day was spent in the studio with Van & Count. Again, they are both naturally sharing in this year's celebration as Van rolls into town today supporting the Anthony Hamilton/Heather Headley tour, as well as a headline set at 3rd & Lindsley at 11 p.m. Woo wee! It's on this evening.

As for the early part of the afternoon, to the studio to continue working toward the Something To Cope wrap-up. It's has truly been a long time coming, but we are closer to the end then ever before ;-). Is this the first time you have read this here? We'll just say, the first time this morning.

What a pleasant surprise to tear open my Cave Canem newsletter this week to find two of my long time Nashville colleagues showcased. Both Mendi Obadike (who eye have known since 7th grade) & Stephanie Pruitt (whose sister Christy eye have also known since 7th grade) were highlighted as former fellows. Today, Writehanded features them as poets of the day. Thanks for keeping art alive ladies. Thank you for representing Nashville in all that you do. Happy Poetry month!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Don't act like you don't know what time it is folx. In the place to be...& the shine is mine! What better way to bring in my 32nd Earthlite with my peeps up in here? This is how we do it...together...all the way. You're with me...right?

It was right around the midnight hour that Oriana lee planted on southern soil. It's no wonder night's have always been my most creative periods. On that note, it's to the studio to finish up this audiobook. Oh, it's real out here! No doubt!


Greetings all! Tuning in from my local library. Not by choice, but by necessity. Nevertheless, we are together again. "By any means necessary!" What better place to meet up anyway?

Tomorrow marks another calendar year spent on Earth enjoying the complexities of day-to-day living. For the first time in many years, the day will be completely work-free. App! You've heard it before, but this too shall manifest. Wait until my next report. You'll see...

Besides the fireworks planned for midnight tonight, excitement brews within as the 29th draws near. It is on this evening that Van will be in town with Anthony Hamilton. Even though he's my boy, the anticipation surrounding his shows make me feel like a complete fan-girl. & this to a degree is true. The new record is amazing; the performance should be off the chain!!!

Thank you for breath, Mom. Happy Labor Day!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We, as mortals, have the ability to make ourselves believe exactly what we would have ourselves to believe. Even when it doesn't match up with reality. It's a form of denial, which we know to be a SELF defense mechanism.

In this very space eye find my SPIRIT.

Dreaming of a longtime friend, who has often comforted me, to nurture a friendship that never actually existed."In My Mind" exists a longing for his smooth-talking Southern-drawl. In my gut a burning from his warm & mellow character. No matter that our dealings leave a sour taste beneath my speak, the addictive nature of our relationship keeps me wanting more. The way that he arouses senses & deadens nerves keep me debating as to whether he is worth kicking to the curb. We all need relief. Quality is the key.

Happy Belated Birth/Earth Day Announcement Wishes to Kush! He counted 5 on April 23.

Also being the born day for William Shakespeare(Poet of the Day). Well known as a playright, literary scholars also revere Shakespeare for his sonnets, the most popular form of English verse.


Monday, April 24, 2006


Life is sometimes so beautifully miserable that one can't help but smile unconsciously at the surrounding circumstances. Love is love. Thank you all so much for your sustaining wishes, thoughts & prayers. Your response to my artistic offerings have been humbling. Smile!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One of these days (in the near future) will be spent doing nothing but blogging, exploring MySpace & responding to emails. If seems that there is never enough time for these aspects of my technological life. Phooey!

We're finally back in the studio for Something To Cope. "Gettin' It Crunk Up" is blazing!!! You all will be able to catch it on the worldwide version of the EP, currently titled "Another Oriana lee EP". We're looking to have this out by the end of the month if the artwork gets finished in time. New pieces have been added. A few have been removed. There has been so much anticipation for this collection in retail circuits. For a little black girl from the 'hood who just wanted to write, recording with anticipation already there for the product makes me feel like a superstar. At least a ghetto superstar.

You never really know how things are going to work out. Recording for myself was never a part of the original plan though, until Something To Cope. Being married to musician, it does seem that it would have happened long agoNow look. Requests come from all over the place now regarding my spoken voice as much as my written. It's a trip.

The first piece that eye ever wrote for vocal delivery was "Downfall of the Ibliys" for MF Grimm, back in 2000. It was to be the title track for that record. DOOM eventually pulled it from the final master, but it will be represented in/on Something To Cope. Eye am forever grateful to Grimm, DOOM & Count for the chance. Nuff respect!!! What had been a stagnancy in my confidence as an artist began maturing on that day.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

EASTER SUNDAY on Oakwood Avenue always provided a wonderful opportunity to dress anew, in the name of Jesus. As a child, we stayed up late night Saturday preparing our clothes. Getting our hair pressed. Picking the greens for Sunday dinner. Reciting our Easter speeches until we gained overwhelming approval from Granny. We knew when that streetlight shine radiated from her wide grin that we had mastered her rote technique.

Ahhh. Those were the days. Or were they?


Saturday, April 15, 2006


June Pointer...huh??? The same day as Proof???

Peace Be Upon Her.

Being one of 3 sisters, we were the Pointer Sisters as children in the '80's. 3 of them performing together. 3 of us playing together. Like clockwork, we would grab the nearest pretend microphone (hairbrush, comb) & assume position everytime a song or video came on featuring the "Sisters".

Eye got to behold my sisters yesterday in Jackson, TN. They both reside in Memphis, so the youngins, Nene & eye journeyed to meet them halfway for the day. We had a grand celebration. In the name of Jesus! It was indeed Good Friday.

Our hotel room number was 303, so we knew what it was when we came through the door. The whole 3rd floor smelled of catfish & fixins. We did it up in that Country Inn & Suites like we were in Granny's kitchen. For all intent & purpose, we were.

Enjoy church tomorrow! Don't break your neck getting there. You want to actually make it there the once or twice a year that you do go, if that's the case. Otherwise, you already know the drill, so make sure to get up early enough to avoid rushing.

Happy Easter!


Friday, April 14, 2006


If the shoe doesn't fit, then please don't try to force your big foot in it. In the end, it will only bring you more pain, corns & bunions on your big toes. Eye have been learning to put my big foot into my big mouth more often. Now that doesn't much.

Back in high school, me & a homegirl developed an inside joke that we used to poke fun at the fact that we needed sympathy or help in any particular situation. One would walk up to the other & say in our most serious funny pouty faces:

" big toe hurts."

We would always get a big kick out of that phrase because it so clearly represented the behavior of a person who wants attention, but has too much fear to ask for it. Instead, the individual uses drama to draw attention to whatever area or circumstance they deem acknowlegable, instead of just saying what it is that they expect you to do.

Evil forces are laboring in my world. But, eye refuse to go. Nope. Not going. In the words off a fallen angel,"Please remove me from this negative flow of energy." & so it shall be. As all "good" things must come to an end, the same is true for the "bad".

Does anyone else find that iTunes hardly ever has the song that you go there pursuing? Frustrating.

Goodbye, Love.


Thursday, April 13, 2006


1 Shot to End Up Locked Up
2 Dance Observations Attended
2 Record Covers in Production
6 Count BassD Tour Dates Booked
5 Days of Skool
5 Days of Work
1 Trip to Jackson, TN
Dozens of unnamed "To Do's"

"Netsanett Ahun/Freedom Now (Peace People)"


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


In the wake of all that's been reported as late in the Detroit music scene, it comes as surprising, but a surprise nonetheless, that D12 member & right-hander to Eminem, Proof a/k/a Deshaun Holton was murdered early this morning. Two months since the passing of Dilla, this tragedy rocks the D like an asteriod making contact with the planet.

Quite typically, the Po-Po's have no clues or ideas about anything related. Just that two persons got shot, ending Proof's time here with us. Sickening!

Peace Be Upon Him!

Speaking of Peace, have you heard rumor of a FREE MP3 download?

Believe you me, with so many horrific incidents happening in our lives each day, we can all benefit from an effectual peace message right now. Have it along with you morning tea or java. Drop it into your iPod for the morning jog. It's filling food for thought guaranteed to jump-start your day.

Peace people.


Monday, April 10, 2006


While the confessions of "Superhead" reads as a very sad & heart-wrenching "tale", Ms. Vixen comes with it in her portrayal of redemption through Jesus Christ. That's real! Similar to the story of Bishop Magic Don Juan finding "GOD", Steffans wrestles her "good-GOD" self away from her habitual past as she strives for "saving-grace".

Eye understand. Eye feel her. This story belongs to many of us.

Ma' Barker tried to pull her card on one steamy Hot 97 summer day when the book first hit the shelves. Most of the rest of this Hot mess audio comes across as ghetto-rubbish, but the part that stands out to me is at the beginning.

"I'm really good. I'm covered," Steffans told the listening audience in response to the vicious on-air attack.

Ain't that something! Covered! Eye know that's right! Everything feels right in these covered moments.

Earlier today a corrosive bit of my past showed up at a most unlikely confrontational location. What kept me from killing this dirty brown weed that has grown over my psyche since my youth? In the Land Rover, it would have been nothing to pin this despicable jerk in between my vehicle & the building facing me. Only because "I'm covered," am eye here with you typing & not locked up in county.

Thank GOD!


Sunday, April 9, 2006


Who would know that it has been 4 years since Mama has even had the opportunity to sneak away for just shy of 24 hours? Word is bond! Not since 2002 has self awakened to a morning of me only. Said experience felt so overwhelming that it took a firm talk with my spirit to get out of bed at all at 10:30 a.m. Thank goodness for rest! Thank goddess for writing!

A brand new short story came to me on this "break". One that has been developing in my mind for a few months, but only now insist on taking shape in written form. Eye have not been this excited about a project since Something To Cope. Having not written fiction since college, this poses as just the challenge that will carry me into another hot & exciting summer.

May blessings continue to overflow in your adventurous lives!

Poet J.Ivy has worked time & a half to make his words heard. He has been putting it down on the "Spoken Word" scene for years. His "big break" finally came during the recording of Kanye West's first record (College Dropout) when J was invited to record a verse for "Never Let Me Down". This brother has truly touched the Nashville poetry niche' in a special way. All the way from the "Chi"...get you some, nigga!!! YO J...TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!


Saturday, April 8, 2006 bugs me to miss a posting. Friday morning was so incredible that it got away from me early.

We (as a family) made it down to the Municipal Auditorium where the Tom Joyner Morning Show was broadcasting w/Guy as musical guests. Witnessing Teddy, Aaron & Damion throwing their full bodies into the running man during "Groove Me" had me wide-open. It seems that they made a new fan out of our daughter because the first record was the only music that she listened to for the remainder of the day. "You Can Call Me Crazy" is her joint. She's standing here bugging because she didn't know that Damion "Crazy Legs" sang that song when she saw him yesterday.

Your gyrl thought she was at the club! All it took was to walk inside the doors after driving around seeking parking for 45 minutes. With Magnificent on hip, my arms started to flail & body jerked from left to right with no effort. A smile remained on my face for the next 90 minutes or so. For free??? Can't beat it with a stick!

We topped it off with a hot, delicious, Black breakfast at Silver Sands. Eye once read that Young Buck heralds Silver Sands as his favorite restaurant. If ever in Nashville on a week day, be sure to bypass Pancake Pantry & head on down to 8th & Jefferson. Get detailed directions from there.

Gotta run. We're starting our Saturday morning with a family game of BINGO. How fun!!!


Thursday, April 6, 2006


Much acknowledgement to my sister-gyrl, known in the cypher as Alemah. Send b-day shouts if you have the time. Remember "Just Rhymin' With Tock" from the Count BassD 12"...this is his woman...& much more.


Wednesday, April 5, 2006




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Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Formally announcing that Magnificent has finally deposited his first pour of urine into the potty pan. YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!! This being significant because we (Count BassD/ Oriana lee) will be hitting the road at the end of April, so this is one major step in that direction. YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!!

Parents, ride with me now! Mags surely would have gone much sooner had we known to purchase this throne that plays music. That's all it takes to move him - like his Daddy.

We will begin posting dates this week. If you are a promoter & have available May dates, please hit me up at


Monday, April 3, 2006


Many of you have heard me rant on my undying love for the work of Nikki Giovanni. Thank goodness she finally allowed her good friend to develop a website a few years ago. For a while, there was nothing. When asked about her lack of web presence years back, she told me that she just wasn't interested. Moments later, she urged me to junk my cherished vinyl pieces for the newer CD versions of her works that had recently been re-released. Here in one conversation, we find ourselves having opposite views on technology. That's real!

The first time that we met she was smoking in the elevator that we shared. Granted, it was or '97. Still, to smoke in an elevator even then meant that you don't give a damn! Right??? Kana insists that she must know me well. Seeing how we have met 3 times now. Child's perspective. Humph!

What started as infactuation...oh...about 10th grade...has elevated to passive agression ;-). She words so plain, but metaphorical all the same.

[From Something To Cope]


Sunday, April 2, 2006


When eye first read Kahlil Gibran's, The Prophet, it was quickly obvious why my favorite bookseller demanded that eye add the work to my collection.

No matter that eye could only offer him $2 for the used copy that he was pushing for $4. On that day, he was following a greater spirit that knew beyond our limited scope just what this book would offer to my creative self. To learn that not only was Gibran such a serenely brilliant writer, but also an uplifting visual artist. Man! Knocked me off my feet! Even up to now, eye had no idea that ALL of his works are accompanied by illustrations. It had never occurred to me that this was not only the format for the select works with which eye am acquainted (The Madman, The Wanderer). His philosophical impact on me is ever growing, much like William Shakespeare or D.H. Lawrence.

Please make yourself familiar if not already. If you're up on Gibran, then take this time to flip through your favorite & celebrate his contribution.

Favorite Poem from The Prophet: "On Self-Knowledge"
Quote: " Say not,"I have found the truth," but rather,"I have found a truth."


Saturday, April 1, 2006


National Poetry Month kicks off today. Allow me the opportunity to introduce a different poet each day of the month. It baffles me that more "important' people don't have websites. Why?

Alice Walker
Favorite Collection:Good Night Willie Lee, See You In The Morning (Harvest/HBJ (c)1974)
Favorite Poem: "Did This Happen to Your Sister? Did Your Mother Throw Up a Lot?"

As one to hate comparisons, it would be Alice Walker that eye would be most pleased to be measured against. Only if a must. No matter she one of my favorite writers since adolescence ( eye read the Color Purple way before my time, sneaking in Mom's closet), she has a way with words & styles that carry over into my work, irregardless.


Spring/Summer weather has returned! Yesssssss (Napoleon Dynamite)! We are preparing to head to the park with the youngins. What's great about the particular park we are considering is that wireless access is available. That means that while the mice play, the cats work. Ya heard? "Sounds silly, not really."

The children (with Dad's help) delivered me a wonderful breakfast in bed a few weeks ago. Giving credit where due! Our children are absolutely THE MOST incredible on earth. Eye don't care what you say!!!

Butter toast
Red Grapefruit Juice
Protein Smoothie