Sunday, October 29, 2006



Friday, October 27, 2006


Another amusing morning underway:

-Buster's lament about not being able to snap his fingers sounds like Bjork's trill?

-Fat Man Scoop and his miss have been delegated to hold court about marriage and relationships?

-Magnificent's tasty coco complexion smells just like chocolate chips?

Believe me, this life is nothing to fool with. That of an artist eye refer.

Big up to our modest, but thriving message board! Cat's really have a good time there. Join if you like.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

At some point in living, one has to come to know that every demon cannot be challenged outwardly. Some you just have to ignore. A less innate strategy than fighting it out, but not out of reach.

It wasn't until embarking on the "two's" with Kush that ignoring came second nature in parenting. Believe me, trying to match wits with a raging child lunatic who falls out in the middle of the supermarket aisle, limbs flying in every direction, screaming bloody murder...Humph! Something about me saying, "No" to a request for Fruit Loops cereal. How else could eye compete? Feel me?

Now to master those sub conscious activities. When my eyes close for REM, people & scenarios come out of every crevice. Lately the me weeds dominate night terrors, growing up all over the place. Some of the things that come with this business will have your head spinning. Freaks really do come out at night. Fo' sho!

I, too, despise long goodbyes.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Blogger has been down since the weekend. Two incredibly long pieces to you, my people, lost in the world wide web. Choosing to move forward. A new day awaits!

Kana(9) & Hezekiah(7) have recently uncovered the iTunes Music Store. Having noticed that they had begun asking me to do tunes both before & after school, my assumption was that they were playing MP3's in our personal collection on the family computer. Next thing you know, eye hear Kana rejoicing over never before heard Michael Jackson with the music blaring from the speakers. Eye wonder, "What's going on up there?" Triumph!

Magnificent(2) discovered soy shreds during his mid-morning fridge raid and enjoyed them all over the floor on the heels of me replacing the broom to storage after the after-breakfast quick sweep. He rediscovered the power of two this week & terrorized our home in a way that would make us all aware.

Old Man Kush(5) has developed a big-boy appetite and has spent the last week eating up what will soon be the unborn baby's portion of daily grub. Five alive!

Following a month of live dates leading up to the release of Act Your Waist Size, Dad has finally been released from the sansukumi presence that has haunted him for years now. Someone slipped a me weed in his drink. Already, the King has embraced a whole new other beast.

Thoroughly displeased with the limited food options offered to a pregnant person with aversion to onions & garlic, the OleE[arth] has spent more time thinking about nourishment than any other task these last days. It's no wonder my slimline still works those pre-pregancy (size four) Apple Bottoms. Nelly as true to his word about craftsmanship as our creator. See me work those genes at a fieldtrip near you!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


As we pour out the neck of a Guinness stout onto the harlequin kitchen floor for all our dead downloads, we encourage you to download Act Your Waist Size legally!

If you already copped it "by any means necessary" in advance, then remember that you can leave a direct donation for your aural blessing here! We appreciate your sincerity in helping us achieve our family, artistic & financial goals in life. Our 4 plus children appreciate you, too!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rest well.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Remember to believe in the abilities of the EYE.
Makes all the difference.


Sunday, October 8, 2006



Saturday, October 7, 2006


In case you didn't know already, our family is working to establish a model of living that we know will benefit the entire society. The primary tenant boils down to education, which we pursue through & with our seeds. Baby number five gets about 14 more weeks of gestation before joining this True Skool/CountBassD/Oriana lee movement. We put our jewels up against whips & chains any day of the week. That's Hiphop!


Wouldn't you agree this the most soulful looking cup of Lemon tea ever? Coffee-black. No matter how unappealing it looks, many thanks to Hampton Inn staff for keeping it moving each & every morning of the tour. Honestly, some of the best, most consistent service ever.

A very mean, power-hungry man halted Some Music Pt. 4: Vinyl Ain't Dead Yet from being sold by the online retailers without my approval. This is the latest installment to the series that you have come to expect from during the last 3 fall seasons. Never mind though. As they say, "One monkey don't stop no show." If you want a copy before our attorney can work this situation out, then you know where to find me for direct order.

Behind me devil! We rubuke thee!


Friday, October 6, 2006

Some really weird vibes have been coming my way today. Not necessarily bad. Just strange.

Artists are real people, too. Belie' that! Folks are going through it all throughout the industry. Most with both the label/distributor and on the home front, all at once. Know it or not - hell in the worst kind of way. It's difficult being a "real" person and a successful artist, all at once. People want you to be a jerk just to make them feel better about their own insecurities. Hence, insults & sly remarks or coy eyes are always coming in your direction hoping to bring you out of character. To hell with that - in the worst kind of way, know it or not.

"Land of the free, home of the brave."


Thursday, October 5, 2006


Brother J has really big plans in terms of revolutionalizing the Black Amerikan mind in the upcoming months. He had me on the verge of tears a few times, as he kicked in my ear the Creator's master plan for his voice. He's such a blessed brother to know. A wise soul. Fo sho'! The Grand Verbalizer's prospective on the way that this society has promoted a disenfranchisement of our people falls in line with what conscious educators across the country have been trying to correct for decades Think: Miseducation of the Negro/Carter G. Woodson. Follow through makes all the difference. A girlfirend was building on the same thing last evening in the ATL. Something positive is going around...

Speaking of a round...

We've been told by supporters that the labeling is backward on the Count BassD "Internationally Known" 12 Inch. How typical? Right? You know how it is when you give over control of a post to others that you have traditionally guarded. Mistakes happen that are out of your reach in terms of preventing or correcting.

What you loyalists have come to know factually is that our product always proves worth more than the means to which it is recorded no matter whether a perfect means or not, so just try to keep that in mind in this instance. Forgive them for they know not what they do! Find perfection in the art. Huh, bruh!


Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Touring with our whole family in tow has been one of the most fulfilling experiences that we have offered to ourselves since in this business. Only after all of the typical label politricks came to play, did we derive the courage to actually put what has been a longterm dream in to effect. Geez...has it been worth it!

Big up to the Kid Captain Coolout for reppin' in Athens last evening! Chuck Brown (Stareanacha) are truly appreciated!