Sunday, July 30, 2006

One of the most controversial social debates taking place in America, breastfeeding - has parents across the country spastic over the public display of a healthy bosom on the cover of a parenting magazine. While narrow to only view this vital organ as a sexual object when it was biologically created as a source of nourishment, those complaining are mothers themselves, which strikes me as disconcerting.

Perhaps innate guilt regarding their own alternative methods of nourishing their own eats at them. What female in her right mind would think that feeding her child could be nasty or pornographic? The signs of a horribly confused someone whose perspective has been thwarted by twenty-first century indoctrination as to what the female body was made for blink rapidly. The derogatory nature of rap videos have had a great influence of the minds of our young and breast fetishism rampid, but in general, the society (demographic:10-70) has become enthralled with sexual relations & affecting stimulants (remember Viagra?). Huh' bruh?

Having proudly nursed all four of our babes - on public display (covered) and for private consumption - it sickens to entertain the general (U.S.) public perception that the human body primarily be viewed as a sexual object. The primary function of the female breast is to produce milk through the mammary glands. While scientists believe that other external functions exist, nursing babies is number one role. Fo' sho'! Parents - dialogue with your youth. They know the difference between themselves and a baby. Well, maybe. Depends on how we teach them to act.

Talks of a video for "Netsanett Ahun" ensue this afternoon. So very exciting. Yet, so very real as to how Something To Cope has an agenda of her own. With Count's music, these pieces are so much more powerful as a catalyst for the message.

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Dallas Austin apparently co-executive produced the movie ATL, starring T.I. After watching it last night, it became clear that the message coming from the "black mecca of the confederacy" shouts economic empowerment. Take notes, music business chums. Jot the details, mi compadre escritor. A model is officially in place and the paridigm now shifts.


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