Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mad shouts to Skew for the flicks (5/21-Cat's Cradle):

Document. Document! DOCUMENT!


Friday, May 26, 2006


Like any powerful addiction, meat has worked it's way back into my diet on a fairly consistent basis this week. Starting with the small slither of smoked turkey found resting in the fie collard greens that my sister-in-law hooked up for me on Monday night; followed by Catfish on Tuesday; Filet Mignon tips on Wednesday; & Organic Rotisserie Chicken on Thursday. The range??? Beef???

"Have you forgotten about Mad Cow's disease, Oriana?"
This question posed to myself as molars masticated the tender flesh. Sheesh! Get me off of this thing!!!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

(Gouda, Cheddar & Blue Cheese)

Never a more normal series of hours than this government wedding anniversary. Besides Kush "calling Earl" a couple of times, nothing special really. After 12 years & 4+children, normal becomes a mighty fine present. Mind's eye had always envisioned going diamond an occasion for grand hoopla. Fairy tales live in books. We live here & now. Give thanks!

"...if it's the thought that counts..."
Dwight would gift Oriana a diamond broach pinned onto a suit jacket lapel.
Oriana would gift Dwight an assortment of music cufflinks (see below):

You must admit, these links are classic. Hilarious!

iTunes Anniversary Mix/DJ Conroy

You And I-Stevie Wonder
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life-Stevie Wonder
Overjoyed-Stevie Wonder In A Square Circle
For Your Love-Peter Brown
A Fantasy Love Affair I Love You -James Brown
Say It Loud-I'm Black And I'm Proud
Here To Love You-The Doobie Brothers
My First Love-Angela Winbush
Too Shy To Say-Stevie Wonder
Love Makes The World Go Round-DON-e
Endless love-Diana Ross
Let's Stay In Love-Blackstreet
Thank You Love-Angela Winbush
Where Are My Panties?-Andre 3000
No Ordinary Love-Sade
Anniversary-Tony! Toni! Tone!
Must Be Love-Shannon Sanders
Tender Love-Force MD's
I Do It For Your Love-Bill Evans

Face it fellas, once a woman has stayed down for more than 7 divine years & actually brought forth child, there are few things that you can do to top that in a whole lifetime. Pregnancy. Labor. Can't see anything more humbling or loyal on a wifey's behalf. It shouldn't be too much to expect a man to at least TRY to top it every once in a while. Should it? Eye don't get these new age American men; & that's coming from a true Southern woman. You all know what they say about us down south gals? Among the most dedicated in the nation.

Willingly jump through a hoop or two BIG-MAN. Not only does she deserve it, but it will add a couple cents into her nickel bag of praise. That change might come in handy on a rainy day. :-)


Early afternoon shout to Staj Prezence for the party favors in NC this weekend.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Granny always advised me to not advertise my man.

"You don't need to advertise your husband. Other women don't need to know what you got."

In my case, those wise words only go so far because as an entertainer, Count BassD serves as a walking banner for what many women want - a popular beau. Make no mistake about it, like most public figures, L.adies L.ove C.ool C.ount.

"Hey ladies."

That said, this mo'fo threw down on some gourmet version of Macaroni & Cheese this afternoon.

"Makes me wanna shout," Elmo bellows. Eye feel you, Kevin. Me, too.

Brother cooks so proper that we have begun to put together a cookbook to be accompanied by beats. We have a million little projects going on like that behind these moldy walls. The sooner we find space to live & thrive; the sooner we manifest to the greater good of the universe. Those of you who have supported us with your energy and hard-earned money - GIVE THANKS!

All day.
All night.

MAY 25=10th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Dwight! Somehow, we made it!


Monday, May 22, 2006


Suni & Sh'ia unite over Lionel Richie songwriting soul movement.Sitting, watching this clip on Nightline has renewed my faith in the possibility of art being sustenance. He is the first artist to capitalize on the renewed ties between Libya & these United States. Wow! Wonder if they might like Count's Down Easy.'s a love song. Kinda?

My husband justs remarked about how well Down Easy went over tonight at the Cat's Cradle (Carrboro, NC). Heads showed mad love over the course of the evening.

Insight ripped the place to shreds PERIOD


Crazy shouts to: Aida, Mark, L, Insight, Crash, Jason, Angie & the whole base


Friday, May 19, 2006

Let us recognize the life & contributions of Malcolm X, born May 19, 1925. Reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X in 10th Grade was my first detailed insight into the militant leader's life. Like many young afrocentric youth in the America's, the teachings of El Hajj Malik Shabazz led me to explore religious principles outside of Europeanized Christianity.

Writer and playwright, Lorraine Hansberry was also born on this day. This information came to me fresh by way of my favorite newsletter, mentioned below. "Netsanett Ahun" (the title) was taken from a page in Hansberry's posthumous, To Be Young Black and Gifted.

Peace Be Upon Him. Peace Be Upon Her.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

One of my favorite newsletters happens to be The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor. It has been faithfully delivered to my address every midnight for the past few years. Sometimes they pile up 5 or 6 before being opened, but they always get read...eventually.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day was overwhelming more than any other year. My crew made me feel like a true Superhero in treatment & blessings. It was as much traditional as adventurous. Just the way life should be. With 8 years of mothering under my apron, the recognition only highlighted the perspective that everyday is a special one as a parent. 4 gems & counting...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Main Entry: 1foul
Pronunciation: 'fau(&)l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ful; akin to Old High German ful rotten, Latin pus pus, putEre to stink, Greek pyon pus
1 a : offensive to the senses : LOATHSOME b : filled or covered with offensive matter
2 : full of dirt or mud
3 a : morally or spiritually odious : DETESTABLE b : notably unpleasant or distressing : WRETCHED, HORRID
5 a : being wet and stormy b : obstructive to navigation

6 dialect British : HOMELY, UGLY
7 a : TREACHEROUS, DISHONORABLE b : constituting an infringement of rules in a game or sport

8 : containing marked-up corrections
9 : encrusted, clogged, or choked with a foreign substance
10 : being odorous and impure : POLLUTED
11 : placed in a situation that impedes physical movement : ENTANGLED
12 : being outside the foul lines in baseball
synonym see DIRTY
- foul·ly /'fau(l)-lE/ adverb
- foul·ness noun


When ish hits the fan, it's best for me to step back & calm down before letting my mouth fly off. For now, these words from my homeboy will have to suffice:


Faces have trouble smiling
When it's less than a merry affair
When you communicate through
The writing on the wall
There's no love for you there
You wanted to draw a picture
But, your relationship could never hold a pose
You're left with a roomful of sketches
That only hint at the love you wanted to know

Let it out. Let it go.
Hold back the tears no longer
Let them fall on the floor
Not on your will to be stronger

Who are you
In the face of disappointment
Where is your character
The one that keeps you going
Who are you
When heavy weather is blowing
Where is your character
The one who keeps you going

Caught you by surprise
How time changes people and places
Would you guard over your ruins like you're doin'
If you knew your first kiss was your greatest

Let it out. Let it go.
Hold back the tears no longer
When you work too hard to get along
Maybe it's time you moved on

Exit the vacant hills
Look for a new thrill


Tuesday, May 9, 2006


To teachers & educators across the world, thank you for your dedication & contribution. It is my pleasure to be ranked among you. Above my desk hangs a prize ribbon that my 3rd grade teacher insisted we make. Mine reads:

1st Prize
Best Teacher
Oriana Jackson

For this to have come to my face off. Eye am living out my dream. At 8, it was obvious to me that writing would be a staple in my life. At 9, the knowledge bug bit my stick legs & set me in this direction. What a pleasure to be a part!!!
Happy National Teacher Day!

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” -Socrates


Sunday, May 7, 2006


After several missed opportunities to witness the Barber Brothers, eye finally messed around & caught Rashaan Barber (Saxaphonist) while out with the family on Saturday. Local jazz radio station, 89.5 WMOT, hosted their annual festival, held in Murfreesboro (30 miles south of Nashville).

This outing ranks as one of the most family-friendly events in the area,by far. Children ate at a bunch of "Sweet N Sassy" goodies and participated in one "Never, No Mind" activity, after another. Our decision to journey came as a special break for the children, saving them from yet another Saturday school session. Kana suggested this fine option.

On a humorous note, it was right on the town square where Magnificent & eye encountered what Al & Jesse might have considered a "Racist Robot". Disguised as a mobile-talking firetruck, this 2-foot tall plastic contraption (accompanied by a tobacco-chewing firefighter...not sure if he's sold separately or not) fished around for the right things to say to my near 2-year young King-Baby. Every child-friendly comment seemed to be followed by an off-color remark. Lucky for the machine, Mags didn't plant one of his brand new, classic white, hard-bottomed baby shoes right in the kisser. Thank goodness Magnificent's mother left her ghetto-face in the car. Could have been ugly...


Thursday, May 4, 2006

Oddly enough, ever since we moved into our neighborhood nearly 5 years ago, our family has been pestered by the company of an estranged black cat nearly every single day. The free-roaming feline frequently hangs out on our porch, walkway, and underneath our vehicle. We find the animal's attraction to our residence haunting, but typical in light of the "forces" that often pervade our space. Tormenting, nevertheless.

Learn more about Black cats

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


With Count's Act Your Waist Size finally delivered, we have again moved into Something To Cope mode full-speed. More recording tonight. At least a couple of hours, but not much more as not to push myself into what should be sleeping hours. "Ghetto Soliloquy" up on deck. Watch me to rip a (w)hole in it...

Our 10-year-old God-daughter won a local writing contest that eye also placed in for many of my school years. As a matter of fact, it was through this contest that eye was first published in a now defunct local newspaper (Nashville Banner) during high school. We are just tickled to death for her and proud parents (What's up DJ Reggie Reg? How are you, Tiff?). Thanks so much for including us in your moment. Please allow me to share it with the world:

Black Cat
by Brianna Mason

Black cat,
Brother to the concrete.
Where do you live? Where will we meet?
Wandering along the city streets.
Running in front of passing jeeps.
Drinking rain water from gutters up high
Ducking down, cautious of the red sirens in the night.
Balancing just like bottles on the cold wall.
Sleeping beside apartments, churches and malls.
Hunting pesky subway mice.
His eyes following trains, a blur of color and lights.
During the day, he paints shadows on graffiti-colored walls
And pushes past people outside crowded malls.
Leaping upon ledges, eyes like old, green bottles,
When heÂ?s worn out he waddles.
Crossing basketball courts with no-netted hoops
His eyes watching the dirty orange ball;
Through the hoop, it swoops.
Searching for sun-soaked spots and snoozing in flower pots.
Black cat,
Where is your home?
He replies, "Anywhere I roam."

*Note: Not this DJ Reggie Reg, but the one from the "Pre-Life Crisis" cover .


Monday, May 1, 2006


Between incessant drama & the binge brew gurguling taking place in my environment, breakdown was inevitable. Jack has been calling back-to-back all day on a similar schedule as Chase Visa collection throughout the mourning. Well into the afternoon. His warm reception has deceived me, as always.