Thursday, October 23, 2008


So much has transpired since the site went down a few weeks ago. You know already, financial difficulty. Yep. It's true. Still broker that a bomb joke.

But here we meet again. Handful of new tracks in the can & all is lovely.

1. 227-SPIT (Prod. by Count Bass D)
2. Music For My Mother Dear (Prod. by J. Rawls)
3. The Write Way Remix (Prod. by Count Bass D featuring H2O & Lee Green)
4. You Gotsta (Prod. by AmDex featuring H2O)
5. Day Lite (Prod. by AmDex featuring H20)

Meanwhile...romantically, eye have stepped out with another. Outside of my relationship, eye am afraid. & yes! It's causing major eruptions.

Eye love Mic.

It's True.

We had a fling last week that might lead to something more permanent. Happiness? Gotta find out! & know that eye have always gone out of my way to distinguish what eye do as a writer as completely different than the category where critics place me. F.E.M.C.E.E. (What up, Starhh!) But to deny this chemistry, would make me born dead. & trust me. After a week AWAY, alive is no jive. THIS IS LIVING!

As for Mic, eye have known Mic for as long as eye can remember. Mrs. Dora Berkley (Sylvan Street Baptist Church pianist) had her way with me every Saturday night before Junior Choir Sunday in order to insure that my solo's were kneading halo's. Mic was always hangin around her organ.

It's all so coming to a head. My name has been in print on records since '95; voice recorded since Dwight Spit/Day By Day in 2001. Mic must be highly regarded as an old friend who has always shown up at just the right time. September 12, 2001 - out with Mic. After the Twin Towers conspiracy, relief & letdown was on my mind. For those of you who know the real goods, remember that eye almost lost...well, took my own life weekend prior. Whew! What an ordeal!

So...with all of these children & grown man kid running around me all day, eye lost focus. My vision became smudged & blurred. Stepping away from my life allowed me to see it for what it is, not what eye was imagining.

Shawne Bailey...
Kid Captain Coolout...


Friday, October 10, 2008


For as long as eye can remember, Post-its have been clocking my dedicated dollars. Generic will not do. Stickies has to be one of my strongest addictions.

Eye use Apple stickies program faithfully. Then slap pink hearts filled with lyrics all over Macxie in additon. Small & large squares on walls, mirrors, desktops and cabinets. Multi-color notepads strategically placed all over the house for in my face to-do reminders. Sometimes eye even sticky notes onto my laminated organizing list.

This might just be out of hand, my friends. Just a tad bit obsessive. But for good reason. People get so frustrated when they borrow my laptop because the notes are everywhere but on the screen & keys. After an initial jolt of guilt, eye have to remember, they are borrowing MY with it.

Wonder if Post-it digital notes are worth the investment. Thinking about at least trying it before taking the plunge. Eye know myself enough to know that it will probably be added simultaneously with my paper treats instead of using it to truly eliminate & streamline all of the clutter.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


How long has it been since eye have had a nap? Months eye tell you. Months! It's rare that the night even permits sound sleep. But times are a changing. Getting better by the moment. Wondering if eye should pursue graduate school. Thinking about New Mexico, New York or Cali. Must be looking for something more liberal than what eye know. Fo sho'!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Talk about shook! As much as the internet is access to all information, sometimes it can be too much. As much as eye love knowledge (Nolij was my first MC name; don't get it twisted), there are moments when not knowing may feel like a better option.

After job hunting for teaching work on the internet, eye was led astray by links, as usual. Eventually eye ended up at this article about a man wrongly charged with murder on his way to death row when charges were miraculously dropped.

Tommicus Joyce Article

Whoa! This is my...first real boyfriend! Death-row? Murder? What the bleep! This dude got me in so much mess at school & at home it wasn't even funny. We lived together at a motel for all of two weeks when eye was 16. My only visit to planned parenthood was because eye was scared that playing grown up was going to make me a teenage mother. What the bleep? Now be mindful that my Mom despised this dude (maybe that's not a strong enough word, but for lack of a better it will do), but my hardheaded Self was entranced by the good hair & green eyes. The relationship was very rocky. But that all said, would eye wish him to death-row? Hell, no. HELL NO!

Apparently he's on a better path these days. Above is a picture of him from August shirt. Yeah!

We ALL lead Jerry Springer lives folks. Ask Michael Eric Dyson...

Michael Eric Dyson Article

Headed to court mySelf tomorrow. It could ALWAYS be worse...

Starting my own Gangsta Party to get ready. N.W.A. Ya'll...
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton: 20th Anniversary Edition - Fuck tha Police (2002 Remaster)