Thursday, July 13, 2006


Have you ever had the desire to disappear into the blowing breeze at a moment's notice? Existing only in the most natural state...not forever, but for just a little while. Right now...that would be a welcomed journey.

For almost a week now, my stomach has been quakey every waking moment & my gang-reflex stays cocked. Oh Granny...

During my pregnancies, my Granny would spoil me like a baby, showering me with perfect grub, tons of help with the other children & unconditional love. No greater love - ever. Even today, she carries me. After the morning rainstorm, eye followed Nature's lead & went outside on the deck to "let it out". For nearly an hour, tears & self-pity overflowed; eye was "letting it out" about my current situation & begging the creator for more help & mercy. Feeling alone in that space, Granny made her presence known. We shared in truth & realization. She cloaked me in her strength & sent me back into the house to face my reality.


Granny always told me that to have one or two "real" friends in life means you are lucky. She was my very best friend. If she be one of the only, eye can affirm overwhelming gratefulness for the experience.

Here's 2 go(o)d friends!


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