Monday, May 30, 2005


This holiday weekend was by far the most eventful in years. Memorial Day stamps the longevity of my marriage, so we always plan for big fun. But to ride the rollercoaster of emotions wrapped in these last few days was a totally unexpected adventure that I hope to always cherish. To know good & Godly people is a wonderful perk. What favor!

IN THE KNOW will be delayed until Wednesday because of the mailing that went out regarding the reconfirm request. Please take the time to simply click on the link in the message that you received on Saturday. Doing so will renew your subscription to the newsletter. It is necessary that YOU do this & not me doing on your behalf so that we follow the anti-spam rules designed for announcement lists. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Over & out...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey, hey, hey! [sista-girl style, not Fat Albert]

It was a relatively a short time ago that I would find myself 20 something & marveling at the breadth of what life has to offer. This day in 1996 I wed the man that Jah bless for me. We recognize 9 years of legalization/11 years of commitment on the master scheme. And as we celebrate a shared life, we mourn the loss of a close "Count Bass D friend".

It's in these 30 somethings that the marvel over living is skewed by the finality of dying. As we plan for each tomorrow we are ultimately working toward that transition to the essence. Knowing that now, I AM SHOOK!!! "What part of the game is this?" It's like every other week that SOMEBODY that we know has moved on. And obviously the more people you know increase those numbers. We know A LOT of people. We meet new people EVERY day.

To realize that we will no longer be able to vibe with Mike Mahaffey, who has been around for the duration of Dwight's, that's tough. Such a cool guy! Mike, may you be the peace that you sought on earth. We thank GOD for your presence.

Matt, Re-Re, are in our prayers.

[Song- "Anniversary" Tony Toni Tone]


Saturday, May 21, 2005


Martin Lawrence's, RUNTELDAT, is one of the best stand-up, concert films of our time. In the vein of Richard Pryor, Martin breaks down misfortune in a manner that all can laugh at. His original characters have an authentic demeanor. His delivery is flawless. From what I hear, Martin has a serious go-get-em attitude when it comes to presenting his art to the masses. Martin has been in a few memorable films, as well as a legendary sitcom. In my thinking, Martin Lawrence rates as one of the "Top Dawgs" in the entertainment business. He is a raw talent. But he has the crafted a skill that solidifies his natural ability.

Can you believe Jessica & Nick are filling the void for Bob Hope in war times? What part of the game is this? I wonder. I also wonder why Jessica sings so hard. Absolutely no one in the business belts more agressively. Sheesh...


I can really appreciate his candor in this film.


Thursday, May 19, 2005


During my high school years, we would spend the beginning of each school season reviewing and refreshing the skills that we had adapted the previous year. And after all of the rote memorization exercises, we would dedicate a portion of our studies to listening skills. My teachers would stress the importance of knowing the difference between hearing something & actually listening to it. I always enjoyed this review because I believe that learning to listen is as important as reading & writing.

I am still working on bringing my listening habits in line with my love for books & the written word. I am a talker by nature ( I was the girl with the checks in talking EVERY grading period), so it takes some concentrated effort to shut my mouth when I am certain that there is so much on my mind to speak about.

I actually love do to listen. It does me no good to just hear anymore. The crux of any conversation can only be gotten by one who listens well. Of that, I am certain.

I want to thank those who have made a point to remind me of this over the years. I owe it to those folks for helping to make me a better listener of the word. As an educator, I hope to impart those very fundamentals. We're working on it... Yes, I am we, too.

True Skool pupils:

Kana/Age 7/3rd-4th Grade
Hezekiah/Age 6/ 2nd-3rd Grade
Kush/Age 4/1st Grade

We are in the middle of math testing right now. Please keep us in your thoughts.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Ever since the Japan shows in September, I have been straight hooked on Sake. My palate has enjoyed "The Finest Sake" as advertised, as well as the most expensive Sake on the shelf. $50+ per bottle. I have finally learned to limit my intake to Sake & red wine (though I will occasionally drink Red Stripe), but there is something about Sake that appeals even when I am in my "NO ALCOHOL" phases.

I started drinking at the age of 15. Yes, I am aware that is well beneath the legal age. I initially began sneaking minitures from my mother's closet. By the time I hit college at 18, I was a pro. With the exception of a few incidents with of near poisoning, I was a champion at "handling my liquor". At the time, I felt that was an honor. The lies that we tell ourselves when we are seeking validation.

Geez...was I young & dumb. Alcohol will control ones life in a way that makes sense sound stupid?!?! It is such a shame that most of us will get hooked on something or another that is detrimental to our well-being at some point in our lives simply from living HERE. Even hometown billionaire, Oprah Winfrey has admitted to crack & prostitution. Who would have known?

As one who people place on a "conscious" pedestal, I am human FIRST. I , too, am hooked on living life. Do you want false or true? O.K. then. In America that translates to some vice or another. Alcohol. Dope. Porn. Sex. Gambling. Lying. Gluttony. Greed. Well, now I am getting into the beatitudes, but certainly you catch my drift.

I want to encourage you on this day to look beyond the vices. True love; real life is sooooooooo much bigger than that!!! YOU BETTER KNOW IT!!! Please pray for me in my pursuit of the same basic desires. You are in my thoughts, as well.

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Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Michelle & I committed to re-release In The Know roughly a month ago. It was a sunny afternoon. We were amidst a beautiful brainstorm that connected us through fiberoptics and the shared desire for consistent community information.

We anxiously outlined our plan for a successful release. We tweaked the format. Mailed out the press release. Crafted our writings. Compiled the listings. Then, out of nowhere - unforseen obstacles.

I will spare you the details because the "battle is not yours", but even to blog is a challenge at this time. And you faithfuls know that I do post regularly these days. But hey, we have to go by the rules because they still stand. Music business entreprenuer, Bobby Ellis, Jr. knew it & so did Christ. It's really simple. Stand firm on those things that we relegate as our principals. Our morals & values. If we stay true in those things then we will always be able to claim victory.

Yes...we are having chuuch. More than one is gathered here. Right? According to my stats, there is quite an assembly. Thank you for continuing to share your energy!

It is a joy to be back in the know! The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for sharing your appreciation with me!

Have a great day!!!


Monday, May 9, 2005


When a sister works as hard as myself at motherhood, the expectations for Mother's Day is that the momentous day reflects the magnitude of the the labor. My special time was more than any mama could possibly wish for in a lifetime of Mother's Days. I am convinced that no matter what, I will always have the best possible celebration simply because it is my belief that we have the absolute BEST children on the face of the planet. It sounds cheesy when people say that "every day is blah blah day", but as it pertains to me and motherhood, that is a factual, cheesy cliche'.

It is my wish & desire that mom's around the world found the recognition received on this Mother's Day to also reflect the magnificence of the daily duty. Only a mother really knows what that work entails down to the nitty gritty, but it is incredible to have a time period set aside where others take the time to highlight whatever it is that they can grasp of the commitment.

TO MOTHER'S EVERYWHERE - Love yourselves as much as you expect those who you nurture to love you. Love yourselves as much as you love your loved ones. In this action, we teach our loved ones how to love themselves.

Have a marvelous day all!


Monday, May 2, 2005


Monday, May 16, will mark the return of reputable e-publication In The Know - the bi-weekly mailing that features a comprehensive listing of events related to the world of arts and entertainment.

Published by Writehanded Dot Com, In The Know was born out of the demand for widespread access to events that promote cultural growth in the Southern Unites States. In The Know is available to anyone with a valid email address. In addition to the wide-ranging listings, the e- publication will feature a new column, in which listings editor Michelle Whyte will highlight how-to tips, etiquette, and advice relating to the entertainment industry. Editor-in-chief, Oriana lee will engage in dialogue that offers an insider’s perspective about many of today’s luminaries.

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