Monday, September 4, 2006


My beloved great-uncle made an unannounced stop by our home bright & early this morning to check up on us, as a great uncle should, but also to discuss our plans for the holiday. He was no doubt hunting a cookout.

When he asked," What ch'all gon' do for Labor Day?" My response was very simply, "Labor". "You're a communist", he joked. "Just a commonist", my cute reply.

As this National (United States) holiday was originally established to extol those who contribute to this economy through regular work habit & employment, it bothers me to unveil the contradiction in that only official government employment, multi-million dollar companies and those affected by the absence of those aforementioned get the option to spend the day labor-free. Of course, the culture has changed with the growth of the economy, but in these 2000's, money is much mightier than any worker.

Gas stations, fast-food restaurants, pharmarcies - all open.
Grocery store clerks, video store help, department store staff - all working.

Who needs a day of rest from the hassles of blue-collar bull, more than the common workers? These are the penny-pincher wage-earners who would be penalized if they didn't show up to grind today - all in the name of Labor Day.

Add this tidbit from the U.S. Department of Labor website for extra sarcasm:
"The Sunday preceding Labor Day was adopted as Labor Sunday and dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the labor movement."

The spiritual aspect is money worship, while the educational aspect is whether or not you have learned this yet. Huh, bruh? What's that you say, sis?

Were you fortunate enough to take this day for Self - congrats to you! If you had to mash for the rations in spite of what your calendar reads - consider it a blessing, nonetheless. Me - everyday is a work day as the entertainment industry does not readily provide for health coverage, 401K, sick days, or retirement pension. Nothing to even mention really. It's just my job!


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