Thursday, January 27, 2005

Recycled from my post at OkayPlayer...

People always ask where the real musicians are in this Hiphop thing...Count Bass D is THE real musician in this underground Hiphop thing. Believe that! Good music can only be denied for so long. He composes, produces, makes beats, rhymes, dj's...and plays drums, bass & keys. As Bishop Don "Magic" Juan would say..."Who got a business like that?" Count Bass D has worked with Van Hunt, Dionne Farris, Victor Wooten, MF DOOM, Beastie Boys, Vitamin C...and the list goes on & on. Am I laying it on thick? Nope. I'm just telling it exactly like it is. Let's give this man his roses now.

""...keep it real!"


Wednesday, January 26, 2005



My name is Oriana lee...

...and I am a hypochondriac.

Oh yes, good people...your friendly neighborhood nurturer is indeed stressed, confused & overconsumed with the quality of my health. I may actually be suffering from something...who knows? But I have to be bare in acknowledging that ever since my Granny passed in March of last year, I have swore that I am dying from everything that I feel a within. Chest pains. Muscle spasms. Gastrointestional. Anxiety. Insomnia. Cramps. Headaches. Twitches. Moles. Cracking joints. Depression. You name has tried to force my life to smithereens. Take for instance...we met up with DOOM in October (Atlanta)...he wasn't feeling too well...I have been certain the noncontageous diagnosis that he received was contracted by me at that point. That's what I mean when I say confused.

Please say a special word for me...

Yeesh!!! Cheese & Bread!!! I went on a search for some of the symptom links just now and stumbled upon this...THE TRUTH.

Magnificent brings such a calm to the house. In the trenches of my pregnancy

I never though about how peaceful things would be afterwards. Even in storm...he makes this feel easy and okay. I am thankful for the priviledge to experience motherhood.


Monday, January 24, 2005

It's like the IN thing to put out a spoken-word cd in this era. Sonia Sanchez just dropped one. I haven't heard it yet, but if I had to take a guess at it I would think that it probably is not much different then the others. Correct me if I am wrong...but I say that because people overall seem to think that there is a "standard" sound to accompanies poetry. Because she is a legendary writer [first]...spoken-word performer [second] would hope that she would break this monotony associated with the genre. Hopefully she does. Eye know that I am going to be about it. EYE AM NOT A SPOKEN-WORD ARTIST! EYE AM A WRITER. The accompanied music to Something To Cope is truly a landscape for the musings...the backdrop for my literary ramblings...the thoughts & ideas of a generation reared in Hiphop.

"...ain't no slippin' goin' on."--Scorpio


Sunday, January 23, 2005


The snow that was predicted for yesterday finally fell overnight. It doesn't snow as much as it did when I was a youth. People around here attribute the lack of definite seasons to global warming. Who really know what's going on...but it does make sense. Even the snow that we do get fails to pile up enough for the kiddies to even gather a ball in hand. The only thing that comes out of a snowy day anymore are slick roads. Somehow it's worth that much hassle though.



Saturday, January 22, 2005


So much to say. So little time. I could really talk to you all day. I have been getting checks in talking since grade K. I am not quite certain why I don't blog as much as I think to, but I am making an effort to change that. It's a wonderful outlet!

"Who got a bidnet like that..."--Bishop Don Juan

I have been so slack in putting together the artwork for Something to Cope. I have been planning for it for nearly a year now. I am being really conservative about this project, which is why it's taking so long to complete. I am nearly at the end of my rope though. I am ready to call in a few favors and knock this thing out of the ballpark. Besides the fact that the music portion is not yet done, this piece is almost a wrap...except for the artwork. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I am overanalyzing to the point of confusion. I need a sudden push to move me past when I was forced to confront my fear of large pools of water at age 6. Too bad my ex-stepfather's not around to push me in this time.


I am enjoying the day. Lots has come out of it. Being productive...that's what I'm talkin' bout.


Friday, January 7, 2005


GOOD DAY ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! At once, the whole industry is seemingly back in sync. We are here for all of you interested in some of this game right chea'. Come fooling with me & I'm sending 'em...oh yes sir I am. yes maam.It takes two to tango but only one to mettle. The score is three to their one. And their ain't no fun without the funds part. I'm is gone git what I want. Ain't no frontin' in my future.

CAUTION: This track on 2006:Some Music (part 2) got me caught up in the flow above. I'll never understand how he missed his flight with this in the air. Hair all over his head on the press photo. Hangin out with that dodo. Don't get me started. Pardon me.


Monday, January 3, 2005

HELLO MUSIC INDUSTRY! We are happy to have you back in business. We look forward to all of the opportunities that we can create together this first quarter of 2005. January 3rd symbolizes the day that becomes immortalized in the minds of those near & far. Mark my words...


Saturday, January 1, 2005


Optimism on the horizon. Pessimism out the back door...and I am slamming that piece!

Habari Gani! Imani (Faith)!

And was my faith indeed tested in 2004...

Several friends and loved ones passed away; I endured a miserably sick pregnancy; our 10/7 year marriage was tested on many fronts...

Through it all, I am ecstatic to begin this day as a survivor!

We have big things planned for 2005. Not only will release a slew of Count Bass D heat, but in conjunction with, Something To Cope will be released for your reading/listening pleasure. I AM SOOOOO EXTREMELY EXCITED! As soon as the tracks for the CD and artwork for the book are completed the project will go to press.

Since I missed a few days posting, here is a Kwanzaa recap of those principles (Nguzo Saba):

Day Six-Kuumba (Creativity)

Day Five-Nia (Purpose)

Day Four-Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)

I am beginning the year the way that I would like to see it end...WRITING! Off to do some editing...