Monday, August 28, 2006


As eye begin to slate the performance dates for Count to exploit Act Your Waist Size, it becomes clear from our response from promoters that people EVERYWHERE want to catch a glimpse of the beat magician.

Do eye look like a booking agent? Depends on who you ask...Eric? Gabe? Karin? Booking messages are wired to come straight to me from the site, so it seems the answer would have to be yes...however slight. Alls eye know is this is the last go round without a full-time booking agent to carry me through.

Thanks to all of the die-hards, we have more potential bookings coming at us than we can fulfill. Some have been hassling their local venues for us since Dwight Spitz. A few even since Pre-Life. One-nighters here & there over the years have pleased quite a number of heads. But this go round, expect the real thing - a tour. Who knows, maybe shine will catch me on a couple of stages. Gotta' pay those "Pot/Liquor" dues!

No pot or liquor right now, but rice soup with fresh tofu & vegetables has been on my mind. The women down at the International Market know my order by phone & by face:

ME: "May I please have your Rice Soup with fresh tofu & fresh vegetables?"
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "No Onion & no garlic, right?"
ME: "Yes, Ma'am.
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "Cilantro, honey"
ME: "That's just fine."
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "You on your way?"
ME: "Walking out the door."
OLDER FEMALE VOICE: "Good, honey."

So once arriving in line to pay, my thirst led me to the All Natural, Not Sweetened bottle of Green Tea presented in the drink cooler before me. All ghetto go would have had me open that drink right then, paying for the empty bottle once the cashier got to me. But instead, eye chilled:

NICE OLDER LADY AT REGISTER: "You don't want to get that. It has caffeine."
ME: "Are you sure? It says "All Natural."
OLDER LADY AT REGISTER: "I think this is not for pregnant woman. I think you should put this back. Get some juice or something."

In my all natural obedience to my elders posture, eye broke line, walked back to the cooler & replaced the drink. Miss lady was straight putting me in my place. To find another woman spirit that's cares just because, with no personal interests almost brought tears. Shoot...she might know something eye don't. It can't hurt to listen. 'Cept eye drove all the way back home so parched that swallowing wasn't even an option. Plus, the devil on my left deltoid reminded me on the ride that those ladies were getting to be a little too nosy & comfortable for my natural liking.

Just as with my 4th pregnancy, my appetite has started to open up slightly in this second trimester. Food, mostly viewed as a disgusting enemy just last week, has won it's way into at least my peripheal. After a second look at a catfish sandwich, eye tried it & actually held it down. Sweet victory! Now, it's all about sweet potato pie. Really, Granny's (R.I.P) can only truly satisfy this craving. Anybody know who makes a good one in Nashville? Even if it's your Mama, tell her we'll come pick it up.


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