Friday, October 30, 2009


Hear the Headstone Rolling Toward the Sun
(Remembering Jam Master Jay)

during this eternal pause
we shed more than nostalgia
in mourning the void
left at the core of his technics

commonly known to rush transformation
as a mastermind perched in panorama
behind units supporting three to five

his spirits itch roams chafe areas
but no more scratch alive
to flip the evil that is
because it has to be
in spite of

when babies rouse
to comfort
papa will not
& neither run
to jock the box

just another brother pumped by another
rocked hard in the studio with heavy metal
all for the love of casualties re blends breaks & spins

bass sang the purpose in his drum at the last rattle
up until the downbeat fell thumping as godspeak
absorbed in ear candy for tricky talkers of much

baba sun has favored an architect worth less strain
truth be cold as it manifests human remains tagged

the twin tower rockers lay underground but a day
yet tupac, biggie, & jay lay in wake until

-Oriana lee
©2002 Writehanded Communications

*Hear the Headstone Rolling Toward the Sun (Remembering Jam Master Jay) was originally printed in Where Handstands Surprise Us/Pitchfork Battalion(2004)

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