Thursday, October 5, 2006


Brother J has really big plans in terms of revolutionalizing the Black Amerikan mind in the upcoming months. He had me on the verge of tears a few times, as he kicked in my ear the Creator's master plan for his voice. He's such a blessed brother to know. A wise soul. Fo sho'! The Grand Verbalizer's prospective on the way that this society has promoted a disenfranchisement of our people falls in line with what conscious educators across the country have been trying to correct for decades Think: Miseducation of the Negro/Carter G. Woodson. Follow through makes all the difference. A girlfirend was building on the same thing last evening in the ATL. Something positive is going around...

Speaking of a round...

We've been told by supporters that the labeling is backward on the Count BassD "Internationally Known" 12 Inch. How typical? Right? You know how it is when you give over control of a post to others that you have traditionally guarded. Mistakes happen that are out of your reach in terms of preventing or correcting.

What you loyalists have come to know factually is that our product always proves worth more than the means to which it is recorded no matter whether a perfect means or not, so just try to keep that in mind in this instance. Forgive them for they know not what they do! Find perfection in the art. Huh, bruh!


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