Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Habari Gani! Ujiima! (Collective Work & Responsibility)!


Monday, December 27, 2004

Habari Gani! Kujichagulia (Self-determination)!

Define yourself...plot your own path...tread your own course!

Today we hope to buy a new vehicle. I am "claiming it" as they like to say. The other vehicle tried to take her own life a few weeks ago, so we are going to trade her in to a new owner who can encourage her to be her all. Hopefully the new ride will help us be our all when it comes to getting these dollars. For so long this thing was black & white for me...ah ah's most def green in these days & times. "What's black, white & green all over?" HIPHOP!

Be encouraged.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Habari Gani! Umoja(Unity)!

Kwanzaa...the first day always sparks a new vibe. Feelings of togetherness...thankfulness. I am truly appreciative of family & friends on this evening. The Beatles say that "love is all you need", so in the name of Jesus I remain steadfast to the concept.

In spite of all of the love that we have shared this year, we are seemingly ending another year in financial vicegrips. We are trying to exploit the art in a way that will allow us to support our large unit. Things are so strange on that front. Doing that requires allowing Japanese groupies to help support us with pledges. It means that we have to accept handouts from anyone & everyone who respects the art for art's sake. No discrepancy. No matter whether the overall intentions are pure or not. We have babies to feed. Somehow that type of all out acceptance makes me uncomfortable still...

Please help us in this endeavor if you feel compelled. Visit and download a few new sounds from the listening station. If something moves you then contribute whatever you so desire. Follow the link on the page...

"Something to Cope" will definitely be released this year (remembering that there are no absolutes). I had hoped for an April release, but in the wake of sacrificing all for the art I have contributed my entire publishing fund. I consider it an investment. I only hope that the returns payoff. Past investments have left me cheated...high & dry. But as a gambler by nature I am risking it all this time hoping to hit it big.

Oddly enough...big money presented itself this week by way of a reality show opportunity. We concluded today that it would not be the best move. We would have an opportunity to possibly exploit the art for more funds, but not without sacrificing our integrity. NO, NO, $50,000 is worth our integrity. It's one of the few things that I am sure that I own that can't be repoed ;-). They can call me back when it's 5 million that's up for grabs (ha ha).

Peace be upon Reggie White & his family! Eye had the pleasure of worshipping with him on several occasions in my youth. He always came off as a cool fellow. It's a shame that his wife & children will have to go on without him. Hopefully love can carry them through. Please offer a prayer, word, or thought for them during this transitory period.

Thanks for your continued support! Reach out...



Monday, November 15, 2004

R.I.P. Tonya" Dayo" Bailey.

R.I.P. O.D.B.

The number of spirit crossings this year is a testament to these aging days. As a child I viewed thirty as ancient. When I began to approach thirty, I recognized that though my years were increasing , I perceived myself as youthful. In the wake of those who are in my age group returning to the essence, I find my spirit conflicted about it all. At thirty, I am a proficient writer who still has not learned how to type. Go fiqure! But for the first time, I am not guilt ridden. I am what I am. I am just happy to be at all on a day like this.

Dayo will be funeralized on Saturday, November 20 @ 11:30 a.m @ 15th Avenue in Nashville. She is the second writer-sister-friend that has been taken by cancer this year (Katrina "K-Luv" Lewis returned in February). These occurances make it all so real to me...this thing we know to be 'life'. As a parent, it hits me so hard every time I find myself facing death. Which crossed my path last night...& the night before. It's only prayer that keeps them from ringing my neck.

See me & Magnificent below:


Sunday, October 3, 2004

For the past few months, I have been trapped in a growth spurt. I use the word trapped because I did not necessarily have to run the range of emotion that I have in order to grow, but I appreciate God's way of doing things nonetheless.

I am living out my dream.

I just returned from a vicarious vacation to Asia with Count Bass D. In order to fully simulate, the entire homeskool lesson plan for the past few weeks has been a comprehensive study of Japan. The children totally loved it! In all honesty, I did, too! Count went through some transitions of his own actually being in the mix and all. He says that he has never received so much love. I am so impressed by his happiness in doing what he loves. I will always support his efforts and encourage him to express his genius.

I am hoping to find comfort in completing the artwork for my book. I know--what book, right? On again. Off again. Well, that's not really it. There have been quite a few snags in the road. I hope to have my work in print by the first of the year. I need to make some sharp, snappy decisions about artwork in the upcoming weeks. I know that I don't want digital imaging, per se; but I do want professional. We'll see what happens naturally.

Please reach out and say hey. I'm above ground for a minute.



Friday, August 27, 2004

"Time waits for no one." --Pernell Elizabeth Young Jackson

In my consciousness, I like to believe that time and space do not exist. In times like these, I run into them head first.

On August 8, Magnificent Young Anane Farrell came into self. He was 8.5 pounds and 20 3/4 inches long. He was the first man-child born at our home. He was the first man-child to seamlessly transition into our living.

I am living out my dream.

"Where Handstands Surprise Us"/Pitchfork Battalion was released this summer. Two of my writings: "Hear the Headstone Rolling Toward the Sun (Remembering Jam Master Jay)" and "Living Out My Dream" are featured. I really dig Mike Smith's piece, "First Place in Little League" (p. 56). Order "Where Handstands Surprise Us" at for only $10. Mickey requested that I squeeze in during the last days and hours. Asante sana, Mickey!

I am living out my dream.


Monday, June 7, 2004

Life can & will present itself some point.

Keep sharpening until. Eye, myself, am on the grind. Nothing

new...just with more precision.

Two months of anticipation left before we expand our crew from 5 to 6.

This seed has kept me sick day in & out, just like the two male children

that proceeded. It must have something to do with the testosterone because

my daughter's inner presence did not torture me so. Please keep me in you

thoughts. Eye think of you often.

+Singer, Dionne Farris has a new fan group through Yahoo. To join, simply go

to the Yahoo! Groups site by clicking on this link or cutting & pasting it

into your browser:


Saturday, May 1, 2004

where have eye been?

submerged in a whirlwood

of blak & blue bottled

emotion overflowing

eye am showing & proving

my nights keep moving

the sun a little bit closer

to the shadows

+big ups to dj mark luv (Zulu Nation)

+blessings to cousin chris, wifey & the newborn

thank you for your energy.

please reach out to me



Friday, April 30, 2004

The book is coming along nicely. Eye sleep only when syllables lay my hand to rest.

The best keep me in the cipher. Folk attest to the power of a muse. Feel free to chuckle

because it is funny. Honeysuckle line the path to my dreams.


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Thirty feels novel. A harlequin illustration of broader days.

This earthday to be spent overwhelmed by the mother's drama.

Mad shouts to the birth mama!

"Oriana Lee"-the golden child; joy.

Granny knew all the while. Peace be upon her.


Sunday, April 4, 2004

For a year or more an internet search for the artist Van Hunt turned up only a dozen or so hits, Writehanded included. That was up until March. Now the search reveals thousands of sites that include reviews of his incredible debut release (Capitol Records), features on the man the myth, performance reviews, and a trail of songwriting credits that lead down a decade long road of grinding. Van Hunt has contributed to the growth of Writehanded on many fronts and at this time, I would like go beyond the call of duty to encourage each and every one of you to purchase this record. This record is in the masterful tradition of past legends like, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. Van truly captures the essence of real music. Everyone that I love will be recieving a copy of this CD this week...I'm buying Tower Records out is that crucial. Trust me..."so necessary."

Before me, eye see 30. Today eye see the transformation that preceeds it.

Peace be upon her.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

The Reading

The journey to Indiana afforded a no nonsense drive, a warm reading environment, dinner at a pizza shack (no garlic on my dish of course) and late night effedra-fueled trek back to the Music City. Bean Street was a fitting backdrop for my writings. Really ecclectic. Both familiar & foreign; but snuggly & cozy nonetheless. The two opening readers set a perfect stage for my rhetoric. It was a fulfilling experience to say the very least. Thanks again to Mickey Hess & Indiana University Southwest (Hi Jackie!) for inviting me to share.

P.S. About the garlic--that reference is related to the sickness that I endure during pregnancy. I am taking this opportunity to publically profess the anticipated arrival of our 4th godchild. Like our first-born, this seed will be of the orbit Leo. We are likely to pull up the reigns for a while once this little person comes forth. As far as eye can tell, this will complete my germination period. According to holistic living, the theory about childbearing is that a woman is at her prime age, health, and fertility between the ages of 18-30. I conceived and delivered my daughter 6-7 years ago and this year marks 30 years in the game for me, so it appears that my cycle is complete. Eye find it appropriate to adapt this theory to my life because eye recognize that as a biological mother eye am 100% fulfilled.

Fastly approaching 30, it is clear to me that mothering, as it now exists, has hit a growth spurt. It is more broad than caring for children & their minds anymore, it also entails mothering my people & my person. Mothering my art. Mothering my writing. Mothering my health. Mothering my sensuality & sexuality. Mothering from the standpoint that it is my sole purpose rather than my fucking duty to please the world & some nigga in it. Mother as being and not labour.

Ahead of me, eye see 30. Today eye see the transformation that preceeds it.

Peace be upon her. Pernell Elizabeth Young Jackson. July 2, 1929-March 3, 2004.

"Thank you Granny for making me world-class."


Sunday, March 21, 2004


WHO: Oriana lee

WHEN: Friday, March 26 @ 7 p.m.

WHAT: Bean Street Reading Series

WHERE: 2736 Charlestown Road

New Albany, Indiana

Indiana University Southwest