Friday, July 14, 2006


Did somebody turn the heat up? Sitting out here on the deck working makes me feel like brisket in the fire. Not as if the entire climate surrounding my life isn't too hot already. As mentioned yesterday, eye have been dwelling in a state of reflection - outward, now inward. What presents itself is not so pretty, but beautiful in that the eye can see. Dig? It's difficult as the mother & sustenance for such a large unit, to take the necessary space for self-improvement, but no excuse - just darn near impossible. Plato declared, "necessity is the mother of invention". "Old habits die hard", according to on Ole English proverb. Mama Olee declares growth on the horizon. You know it's time to do something when you start pissing your own self off. Word! Just keepin' it real...

Most adults who have a knack for fault-finding were once children whose parents pointing a secondary reflex. In my case, this is also true. "Gotta shake that shit, Oriana." To realize that my critical (often overly) tendencies are causing irrepairable harm to loved ones. Recognizing that this nastiness usually creeps out during bouts of extreme happiness (i.e. sick & vomiting day in & day out), it's going to have to start with my state of mind eye assume. Depression will completely screw perspective. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers. Please feel free to take my open criticsm of myself to heart that it may help somebody, somewhere. To be a superwoman doesn't equate perfection. Believe that! Just keepin it gangsta...

Off to turn down the oven on my day. Birthday shouts to Semetrius & Brianna who are both 11 today! These kids are really growing up fast. What ever happened to Barney & sippy cups guys?

Peace & Blessings!


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