Sunday, November 5, 2006


Most Consistent Pregnancy Foods
1. Salad
2. Broccoli
3. Fish

Catfish is desirably the least palatable seafood in my diet - usually. But man, oh man, my famed pregnancy dive has done it again. South Street has this incredibly meaty & lightly seasoned version that keeps me licking my chops - day in, day out - like a fine brothuh with long locks. Licking my plate was a childhood habit long past until this week. Eye caught self doing it last week after some of Dwight's West Indian styled pancakes. Eating never stops around here. Everyone in the house has taken up the pickle craving - except me. So much for the pickles & ice cream theory.

Kana discovered through a random "Oriana" Google search that a most inspiring wordsmith passed weeks back. In the haste of Act Your Waist Size, many current events apparently have gone unnoticed. Peace be upon namesake author Oriana Fallaci who returned to the essence in September. Following her releasing, The Rage and the Pride, the latter years of life proved trying. She was diagnosed with cancer & jailed in her 70's for standing on the word. A most stimulating figure in my life, her physical presence will be missed. Peace be upon her.

Oriana lee is the second most known Oriana, next to the renowned author.

H. Graphiks freshened up the Writehanded Dot Com logo. Thanks a million, Unka H!


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