Thursday, August 10, 2006


Not the ones that Europeans say live in Africa. Not the powerful force living under the Farrell roof. Not THE tribe at all. But, A. A group of Queens Kings once bound by Native Tongues. A Tribe Called Quest .

"Bonita Applebum" rocked my socks off when it first came pumping through my walkman radio headphones. Eye recall so clearly the moment. Parked in Chemistry class, listening to this creation, ironically sitting across from a girl named Bonita. Geez! It was 1990. But in '91, the deal was sealed.

The Low End Theory blasted off in a way that would forever change the sound of rap music in my headspace. Content-wise. Rhythmically. Creatively.

In walks a young cat known by the moniker Jay Dee...

The know what it is...his story.

Sending a born day shout out to "Kangol from U.T.F.O." (a group who got my mind all twisted in the early 80's). Untouchable!

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