Monday, February 28, 2005


I think that Mr. Rogers used to sing that line. The music in my head tells me that's where it comes from. Anyhow, it is a great day to be her. Eye just checked out the Buck 65 site doing a little research. it a nice site!!! I really do love the simple design. It's palatable. I can't say that the music is familiar. Surely it's platable, too??? I hear that he kicks it around with our boy Dibbs.

To all those who came out to support us at the BEGBORROWSTEEL release performance, feel the love. We appreciate your loyalty [J.P, Shellie, Shellie W., Crisis, Biel, Cynthia, Georges, Koop, Art]!

"There Once Was A Daddy" is edited & in the can. Until the recording portion of Something to Cope is completed, the book will continue to grow. No point in saving this newer material for another work Now is the time. Eye am living out my dream!


Friday, February 25, 2005

FEBRUARY 25, 2005

Of course you will find me there on the grind. Please bless me with your peace if you see me.

This has been a great week for writing. I would like to think that W.E.B. Dubois makes it all possible from the ancestral realm. Oftentimes we send up energy failing to realize when it is being reciprocated. Shout out: Dr. Ray [Winbush] appreciates Dubois more than anyone on the face. Now that would be the book for him to write. Some sort of critical analysis on Dubois. Amistad needs to work to make that a reality while they still have him under contract...if they still have him under contract. It has been a while since we last communicated so who knows?


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I.P.S.[Introduction to Physical Science]

The Low End Theory-Tribe Called Quest

This record is known to me as the record that saved Hiphop. Around my way, rap music was on a crash collision course when this joint dropped. Gangsta rap was pervasive in neighborhoods very much g-familiar with that particular lifestyle. Eye recall being blown away by "Bonita Applebum", but Tribe truly crapped on the sophomore jinx with The Low End Theory.


Saturday, February 19, 2005


Isn't it frustrating when you blow your nose so hard that you clog one ear to the point of no maneuver? This is the type of frustration that drives you from 0-60 like whoa. Boy! Being without the full use of this write lobe makes me value my hearing much more than usual. We take so many things for granted.

I can remember being 6 years young. We lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...Twin Lakes Apartments...MOM, michael, and my baby sister. Every Saturday morning we would get up early to begin the Saturday Morning Sweep. Aside from anticipating the end result-a clean house...the main reward would be background music. A whole bunch of records, one after another spinning on the turntable. Chicago. The Police. Stevie Wonder. Earth Wind & Fire. Sugarhill Gang. Marvin Gaye. Hall & Oats. Miles Davis. I mean, it would be an onslaught. American society was different then. There were no BLAK radio stations. Not wide spread at least. Music was truly the universal way. We did not have the pressure of hammerhead marketing or the restrictions of newly natural BLAKness to define us by their standards of ourselves. Hindging on the 60's revolution, we were newly free to explore the breadth of human culture. Borne into the first generation of American-Afrikans to be mixed into the melting pot and not presented as a garnish.

Ow..there went a little relief in my write ear. Beautiful decay. The publication by the same name has a haiku by Count in it this month. Tower carries it. What up Kate! Eye digress...

Even to this day, eye regularly remark of how it is the deep & wide appreciation for quality music that is the shellac on the bond between Dwight & Oriana. We are one from the core to the finish. Through maturing & mistaking we have learned to identify the root faster. Easier. Saying that does not mean that we don't wander off of the beaten path periodically, but that we find our way back to the stake much quicker than we used to.

Music as our business has promoted as much togetherness as it has distance. All in all, what overwhelmingly matters most is that we are one/in the same. What a phenomenal year we're having! "A DEAL IS A DEAL."

Monday, February 14, 2005


Rub-a-dub with your mate
'Pon 'de circle of soul

Taking the good from this another Pagan holiday, remember to send her your love/send him your love. One single rose is just as significant as a whole dozen. Just make sure that each one counts. Rather than give a bunch of somethings that digest, break or wilter, become the flower that you admire. Become the candy that late night cravings are made of. Forever be as loyal as rare yellow diamonds. Share self unconditionally.

"Jesus knew it"
-Gorgeous Dre

Wednesday, February 9, 2005


If you drink Goldschlagger before you board a plane, will you set off the metal detectors? Just wondering. BTW- this airport business has gotten to be such a drag. Damn that Patriot Act (their eyes were watching GOD too Zora)!

Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Looking out the front window:

3rd born son-"Daddy has his hands on his hips? He's a girl!"

2nd born son-"Why is Mister Futureman smoking if he's a future?"

The rationale' of children catch you off guard, but they make you think at the same time. You have to be very careful what you teach them; what you expose them to. The perception through their limited experience is often thwarted & minimizing. But even still, they are more poetically profound than eye will ever muster. Yes...writing is my profession, but the purity of their emotion makes them much more qualified. What eye would give to utilize the filters that shape their scope...


Monday, February 7, 2005


People's reactions never cease to amaze me when they learn that I homeskool the seeds & that both my mate & I work primarily from home. The looks that come over their faces say so much more the verbage that they so thoughtfully craft to cover up their true feelings. You know that look...lik

Magnificent just pushed a series of buttons & published my post before I was finished, so I'll pick up where I left off. As eye was saying: when someones breath is tart but you can't bring yourself to tell them while you can hardly stand it at the same time? That's the look? My rational is that the look means:

1. jealousy to the point of disgust, or;

2. envy disquised as pure admiration, or;

3. frustration with "my kind" because the general belief is that we are weirdos who are holding the babes back by not socializing them THEIR way.

However you slice it...we are happy to be doing it this way no matter what. Know that it is tough doing it in this manner...but the rewards are truly unmatched. With that said, I would be withholding to not admit how lonely the journey really has become. Last week we met a bunch of people like us who have started a group called Tapestry. As a group, we went to see a musical at the grand Ole' Opry House. "Freedom Train". Of course, it was the familiar story of Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad, but it was a seriously remarkable portrayal of "the same knowledge that they claim to have."--Church da Poet


Sunday, February 6, 2005


Is Maya Angelou one of the best poets of all time since she is by far one of the most heralded?

Is Nas really one of the best rappers ever since Illmatic is undoubtedly one of the best rap records ever?

Sometimes it is difficult to seperate hype & propoganda from true value & worth. For years small circled conversation has existed regarding this topic. Every year the superbowl fuels such discourse. It is amazing that our most logical thinking patterns cannot always supercede the effects of marketing. More than ever, marketing rules the world in which we live. Isn't blogging marketing in itself?

Cell phone ringing in the background-There goes that ringtone that I want...Giant Steps. I have yet to get into the swing of the signature ring, but Coltrane makes me want to take that leap. We just inked a deal for Count Bass D ringtones in Japan last week. I would bug if I heard "My First Piece" coming out of someones phone.


Friday, February 4, 2005


WOW! It has really been a minute since I have had the opportunity to let my hair down...or in my gele'. Thanks to the invite extended by George Sulmers (formerly of Rawshack) & my dear mother babysitting (Thanks Ma'), Count & I got to hang out last evening & party hearty. The Dap Kings went on after George's DJ set (who is known for his monstrous vinyl collection) & they tore the roof off that emeffin' club. Daptone labelmate, Sharon Jones was the featured vocalist...eye must report that sister-gyrl has soul unbound. Being that it is my blessed job to deal with known musicians on a daily basis through, it is a rare occasion that giddyness interferes with my ability to be "professional" & business-like. On this particular occasion, me & Mrs. Jones were inches away from straight kicking it because I was determined to be a part of that hanging out backstage groupie scene. It didn't happen quite that way because duty required us to cut the outing short. Anyway, handled your business. I want to extend a personal thanks for contributing to a wonderful time;-).


Tuesday, February 1, 2005

It just hit me the other day that Tony Danza is one of the true entertainers of our time. He is successful at everything that he tries to do. He is also terribly underrated. The brilliant fellow, sings, dances, plays instruments, does comedy, and he is a wonderful humanitarian. And he looks great for his age! He has to be a cool dude, too because Tupac said that Danza was one of the few that wrote him when he was locked up. He described him as being encouraging and completely down-to-earth. I would love to build with him one day. I feel the same way about Ellen Degeneres. Yes...I have succumb to the hype. I slept on her for years until she got this new show and I caught Van on it. Ever since I have been watching at least through the dance segments pretty faithfully. I sometimes take a break from school and coordinate her monologue with snack time so that I can get my smile on from her dancing and being seriously silly.