Friday, November 24, 2006


Three Novembers ago, my career foci went from True School & Writehanded to For that long, this has been my primary job as a professional, in addition to the many years of part-time service. We have since added two children to the equation - this fifth being due January 8. As my run as full-time manager draws to a close, it's important for me to speak candidly to those of you who have helped make it all possible.

Of all of the pursuits in my life, artist management has to be the most thankless - honestly, downright graphically demeaning oftentimes. [This coming from a woman who sold automobiles at one of the grimiest lots in town and also co-managed a greasy car repair shop for years.] If not for the consistent encouragement of so many of our supporters (financial, spiritual & emotional), you would have wiped up the floor with my towel long ago.

As we continue to be thankful, allow me to extend special gratitude to those supporters who have taken an interest in championing the personal efforts of Oriana lee - as mother, wife, manager, educator and writer. Your encouragement does not go unrecognized. It's you who have let me live, so take a big whiff of your roses while you still can (in no particular order):

The Farrell Family (at large)
The Jackson/Williams Family (at large)
Shawne Bailey
Steve Balser
Mr. Merge
Charles Kiskadden
Tee Little
Dee Little
Jazzy Sport Crew
Van Hunt
Shellie R. Warren
K. Danielle Rucker
D.J. Fisher
Shyria Coleman
Erika Reed
Menah Pratt
A.C. the PD
Adrian Constant
Biel & Cynthia Fuller
Hunter Brown
Lady Jaz
Brother J
Cousin Chris
Corey Bloom
Donnell Floyd
M.C. Eades
Joyce Harris
Auntie Easterlyn
Sacha Williamson
Frank E.
J. Millz
J.P. & Shellie
Jason Batog
Sheila Rawlings
Vanessa Vex
A to the L
Thomas Brown

Peace, people.


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