Monday, September 18, 2006


When you have children, you have to reprogram your mind to consider them in all things. ALL THINGS! The same is true in a marriage. To be able to do so, you have to train yourself from the standard "me, me, me" selfish outlook on life to be "big enough" to put self aside. As more children pass through this womb, this has become easier for me to do over time. There's something natural in it that takes little work, but it's also a forced conscious effort much of the time. Primarily because of outside influences which come from every direction not usually with the "best intentions", but their own selfish motives. Creator forbid that you surround self with those without children who only have to look inward on a daily basis. The influence of their lifestyle can move you right off of your mark - if you let it. Moving either slightly left or right of that mark can lead to a path that will ruin generations for years to come. The responsibility associated with this parenting thing is awesome beyond belief. So much so that until you do it, you can NEVER know just how much so. NEVER! An outsider's perspective on this lifestyle is just that - a perspective, based on very little fact or experience. Think eye am wrong? Humph! Just you try & see.

How do eye know? Take five.


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