Sunday, August 13, 2006


"Hot Sex" really turned me out when the Boomerang soundtrack came out my senior year in high school. Honestly, for the time, that whole collection was on point. Toni Braxton popped on the scene with a fresh female voice. Boys II Men took it over the top with "End of the Road". That joint was so big that Motown had to go back & add it to the second pressing of Motown Philly. Huh bruh? P.M. Dawn even did it big with "I'd Die Without You". Talk about crossover appeal.

But what bugs me is that in all of Tribe's career, there's not another song that even kinda sounds similar. Not one comes to mind. Hummmmh. Wonder who made that track????? Of course it's credited to the crew as most of their tracks have been, but the real heads know the real deal, or we could appropriately say, the realla dilla behind much of that story. Huh bruh?

"Good mornin'!


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