Sunday, September 17, 2006


So much for rest. Another sleepless night caught me by surprise, but not really. For the last 14 days or so 3-5 hours a night has been the average. Insomnia has a way of dominating all bodily needs & functions when emotions (Can we say prenantal hormones?) are out of sorts. My family speaks often of how this has been a key enemy ever since they can remember - since age four or five it seems. Eye chalk it up to the nightmares that have plaqued since those early years.

Lack of sleep=mentally deranged

Out of pain comes anger comes resentment. To the furthest extreme acting out often manifests, stemming from the original pain. It's cyclical & when you live with other people it can unfortunately be detrimental to their livelihood, as well. There's always a more productive way of sorting out the pain than lashing out at those around you. For this, eye am guilty at this moment.

Occasionally, my supporters write me questioning my "real talk" on this site from the perspective of my disclosing too much. In my thinking, we are all human, therefore no one can judge me. Though many can learn from my mistakes so long as eye continue to be open & honest with those who say they love me. This is just life, my friends. Popularity does not excuse this actuality.



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