Wednesday, October 25, 2006

At some point in living, one has to come to know that every demon cannot be challenged outwardly. Some you just have to ignore. A less innate strategy than fighting it out, but not out of reach.

It wasn't until embarking on the "two's" with Kush that ignoring came second nature in parenting. Believe me, trying to match wits with a raging child lunatic who falls out in the middle of the supermarket aisle, limbs flying in every direction, screaming bloody murder...Humph! Something about me saying, "No" to a request for Fruit Loops cereal. How else could eye compete? Feel me?

Now to master those sub conscious activities. When my eyes close for REM, people & scenarios come out of every crevice. Lately the me weeds dominate night terrors, growing up all over the place. Some of the things that come with this business will have your head spinning. Freaks really do come out at night. Fo' sho!

I, too, despise long goodbyes.


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