Monday, August 29, 2005


Something To Cope is scheduled for the printer in 2 weeks & the darn page layout remains undone. The learning curve is greater than the time that eye have to invest right now.

Please help if you can. You will be credited in the book.
Message me at


Oh yeah...make playright August Wilson a focus in your thoughts, prayers & meditations. He has apparently been diagnosed with liver cancer. Please do the same for my spouse's mother. She is back in the hospital.


Sunday, August 28, 2005



Everything is better outside.
From birth to death, everything is better outside.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why the triple "PPP" post? Sorry about that. It' s been corrected.

Though, it is our intention to get out to the Triple Crown next month.
C you there?




JOIN US TONIGHT (25th of August):

Brentwood Skate Center
402 Wilson Pike Circle Brentwood, TN
(615) 373-1827

FAMILY NIGHT - $6 Per Family w/ $2 Skate Rental


Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well here are the remnants of a post lost in cyberspace. Right when eye copied it (acting on a conscious nagging), this darn virus caused my browser to close. No matter. Eye smiled & thanked the creator for having me take the time. Then eye reopened the browser, returned to blogger, dice.

In brief, my musing was a testiment to how eye cannot for the life of me excel in attempts related to: popcorn, pancakes & photography. Maybe another time we can explore these issues in greater detail. As for now, it is nearly 5 a.m. After typing a lengthy post & losing it, this sister is spent. Just know that eye plan to take another photography class soon, so maybe my photographic shortcomings will be resolved by the time we get around to the topic again.

On that note, eye have failed to mention that eye recently read on K. Danielle's blog that a friendly, familiar spirit has transitioned due to a tragic incident. An accomplished photographer, Nathan Burkett will be dearly missed. Peace Be Upon Him.


Friday, August 19, 2005


Anyday now, eye will have before me the custom font for the Something To Cope cover. Once this manifests, Graf master-writer DJ Shiro will layout the cover design in its entirety & my born word will be printer bound. Ain't that something. Something To Cope. Bugged out!!!

For the past few weeks, eye have made it a priority to spend at least an hour in Borders, a couple times a week. Sure, it would pleasure me much more to hang out in the more vibey independently owned spots. Trust me. There is no monetary exchange going on between me or any desk clerk in the bookstore. It sickens me to spend my hard hustled dollars in major franchise establishments. (Now Wal-mart is an addiction, so it does not count.)...But for the sake of game, it is necessary for me to see what's happening on "the shole 'nuff track" that Rev. Ed mentioned in his Sermon on last Sunday morning.

It is crucial at this point that my hands are familiar with the fabric on possibly every type of book every made. Eye need to be able to identify the weight and color of paper by simply flipping any given page.

Does everyone use the same texture foil for embossed letters? Not sure.

Do books that are shrink-wrapped move as fast as books that are not? Don't know.

What are the various adhesives used for CD's inside books? Do books with audio price the same as those without?

My taste for quality book design has to be top notch & 100 percent on point. In accordance with every record that we have released through Quality! We demand it...we know that you do to.

This is school as far as eye can tell. So what eye never made it back for my Masters. It is my promise that eye will master this publishing game just like we have the recording game. Writehanded Dot Com will soon be a fully-functioning Press, in addition to the current press vehicle for affiliated music artists and independent interests.

Thank you for the magnificent support! MAGNIFICENT!

It was 10 years ago, this past February, that eye declared professional writing as my job. It was 10 years ago that eye started out on the track - freelance. My first published piece, as a "professional" was a commentary about Black History Month. For a small paper in Philadelphia. Oddly enough, it was an editor that eye met through AOL . This was when AOL was one of the only 3 online networks. None of this World Wide Web business.

It was my desire then, as much as now, to publish a full work. Yo, your girl is trippin'! This is mad overwhelming.

Eye am living out my dream.


Monday, August 15, 2005


We are finally in the position to announce the collaborative/promotional project for Something To Cope. Writehanded Dot Com/ just entered an agreement with the flavor UK belt line, Unchaste. We will release an exclusive Oriana lee mix cd, produced by CountBassD, to promote their specially designed waist-wear, along with Something To Cope - scheduled for November.

TONE...Soft & Sweet
TODAY WAS LIKE..."The Wizard of Oz"- When Dorothy & Toto got caught up in the destructive tornado winds, only to finally land in the wonderful world of Oz.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Battling this computer virus has taken more effort than originally expected. This
dag-blasted Bloodhound W32.EP is poking its nose into everything that we try to do
on this terminal. Mac – here we come! These PC’s are made for the kids – not for the
professionals. If anybody knows what needs to happen in order for me to exterminate
this virtual nuisance, please send the info to

This virus controls my keystrokes, documents, and browser - yowzers! (Couldn't
resist) This cyberspace-sickness even resets my background to the image of its

All of this havoc is making my job so much more challenging. Instead of typing the
editorial, eye must first jot down for fear of losing my copy. We are certain that
it will only be a few mornings before the cyber Hurst comes to claim the remains of
our third computer in seven years. My memory is short already, so it will likely be
only days before it is totally shot.

However, during these tedious tasks, we are going to keep those spirits high. Though
things are not all that we want them to be, we accept what we have.

This week, Michelle A. Whyte shares her perspective regarding VH1’s The Greatest: 50
Hip Hop Artists of All Time. We are offering you a chance to sound off & share your
list in our next issue.

Since IN THE KNOW is a little late due to the technical snags aforementioned, we are
including a treat with this week's issue. We are offering a free “Writehanded/IN THE
KNOW” Mp3 download for those who visit the listings. Feel free to save this IN THE
KNOW promo & share this ditty with all of your folks. Vocal Performer- Oriana lee;
Producer-Count Bass D - of course!

Something To Cope is now in labor. Dilation is at around three, so my artistic
concentration is steeped in the anticipation of the manifestation of my first book
complete ;-). Through we have executive produced many records, but
this is the first book/audio book attempt. The overall development process is very
similar to record manufacturing, but the nuances are pesky enough to stretch the
learning curve. Anybody know Quark??? HELP PLEASE!!!

Keep it movin' along! Be easy.


Friday, August 5, 2005


Who is the mastermind exec behind this product?

Can't you see your child being the envy of the entire school with this piece? Yeah, right.
Just when you think that commercial rap influence cannot get any more disguisting, somebody decides to kick it up another notch.
Feature description (from
Chuco, Mr. Frosty, Mr. Clean, and Mad B. Welcome to the world of "Homies", it is a place where we enjoy our Urban culture, wear baggy clothes, lowride our custom cars, and party hardy every chance we get. Us "Homies" have been around in the Latino southwest lowrider community for 20 years. Chances are you already know us, when you buy these toy figures, you will know that your Homies will always be there for you. Collect the whole neighborhood, and Homies will hang out in your home, where the party is at!

In search of a special b-day toy treat for Kana, these "Homies" caught my eye. On the website, they are actually listed as one of the best sellers. This is plain disguisting! No really. My stomach churns harder with every word typed. Does anyone know if this is an actual TV show or just a ploy to get money from Latinos who like Hiphop?

Monday, August 1, 2005


Just lost my whole post. Boy, oh boy is that frustrating. Eye am going to have to start typing in text & then pasting it into blogger. That did it! Eye am going to rest for the night/early morning.

Tomorrow is my big meeting with my potential printer for Something To Cope. Please wish me luck! Oh...& the cover layout design is underway. FINALLY!!! YEAH!!! Details soon.

Be easy. Take care.