Friday, August 18, 2006


This week began with a slew of few very successful meetings, starting bright & early Monday morning. Thankfully, the weekend has arrived to potentially save me from the challenges that have been born out of the past two days. This antemeridian has proved itself even more perplexing & frustrating. Eye look forward to the afternoon.

To hell with this music business.
All eye ever wanted to do was write.

The children are blasting "I Need You To Survive" (Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Choir) in Kana's new system. That song reaches my depth. So simple. So real. It makes all of the adversity that surrounds me feel like a bed of cotton balls.

I pray for you,
You pray for me.
I love you.
I need you to survive.

I won't harm you,
With words from my mouth.
I love you.
I need you to survive.

Speak this as your self-affirmation today. Share this sentiment with someone that matters.
Your support in this walk allows me to live. "You are important to me. I need you to survive!"


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