Thursday, November 30, 2006


Kana is participating in Metro's annual presentation of the mini-Nutcracker and in reading the costume requirements it's obvious that they know they have some black angels because it is worded that the girls wear "light lipstick and blush appropriate to one's skin color." Funny, huh? Granny would be so proud to see Kana playing her position the way she does in the performance. She always loved for us to be on stage or front and center in any capacity.

Granny...Granny...Granny...[heavy sigh]

Granny would always say to me "You have a life of your own to live. No one can live it for you. You need to worry about controlling you." Over and over throughout my youth these words would manifest at the end of a discussion or chastising regarding me minding someone else's business.

How does one maintain that viewpoint when someone else's life becomes your own to a degree? Like in marriage or parenting. Still trying to figure it all out.


It will be imperative that the ten hugs requirement be fulfilled today in order to soften this heavy heart. Being heavy with child only compounds what's going on emotionally. Prayer warriors, please remain steadfast.


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