Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Blogger has been down since the weekend. Two incredibly long pieces to you, my people, lost in the world wide web. Choosing to move forward. A new day awaits!

Kana(9) & Hezekiah(7) have recently uncovered the iTunes Music Store. Having noticed that they had begun asking me to do tunes both before & after school, my assumption was that they were playing MP3's in our personal collection on the family computer. Next thing you know, eye hear Kana rejoicing over never before heard Michael Jackson with the music blaring from the speakers. Eye wonder, "What's going on up there?" Triumph!

Magnificent(2) discovered soy shreds during his mid-morning fridge raid and enjoyed them all over the floor on the heels of me replacing the broom to storage after the after-breakfast quick sweep. He rediscovered the power of two this week & terrorized our home in a way that would make us all aware.

Old Man Kush(5) has developed a big-boy appetite and has spent the last week eating up what will soon be the unborn baby's portion of daily grub. Five alive!

Following a month of live dates leading up to the release of Act Your Waist Size, Dad has finally been released from the sansukumi presence that has haunted him for years now. Someone slipped a me weed in his drink. Already, the King has embraced a whole new other beast.

Thoroughly displeased with the limited food options offered to a pregnant person with aversion to onions & garlic, the OleE[arth] has spent more time thinking about nourishment than any other task these last days. It's no wonder my slimline still works those pre-pregancy (size four) Apple Bottoms. Nelly as true to his word about craftsmanship as our creator. See me work those genes at a fieldtrip near you!


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