Sunday, July 23, 2006


My blog mysteriously disappeared. Well, most of it anyway. The meat. But, anyway.

So the marketing team for stock car racing got me out to watch their presentation meant to lure our children to the sport. We initally set out to see Superman since we had ties to the soundtrack, but changed to Cars at the last minute. We realized that on a Friday night, it would not be wise to get trapped in a crowd of Steel-billies with a loud verbally repititious baby in tow and other children who look to the public restroom as a frequent fun-break from the movie. UMH, umh.

The movie was indeed good and family-oriented (PG). While heavy on the selling, it only attests that car racing has become commercial like basketball, football, baseball and hockey. What was once backwoods has become mainstream since the passing of racing martyr, Dale Earnhardt. Well, to win me over, someone on their marketing team needs to demand better representation. We walked right pass the theatre, all the way to the other end of the corridor because we didn't see the shoddy sign. Backwoods mentality?

Another Saturday at the Frist club and it is no insecure fantasy of my mind that the patrons always stare at me as if a part of the Ancient Egypt exhibit. A lady once approached me while exiting, grabbed me by the forearm and proceeded to show me off to her circle of sister-girl friends as if she had found a walking Egyptian treasure. Kana thought it was flattering, but it felt more embarrasing than complimenting. It's weird the emphasis that some put on physical appearance. Even though commonly regarded as modelesque, fashion and facial features hardly even occur to me anymore. Unless it's a deformity, of course, then it catches me off guard like anyone else.

Otherwise, this industry has made a believer out of me that packaging likely does not wholly represent the quality of the "complete work". Neither does it define.

What feels really fulfilling is being true to self - whatever that day entails. Nobody looks beautiful all of the time. It's how we feel that matters.

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