Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Geez...writing verses never proved itself so challenging as it has the past few weeks. With children swarming at all times, it seems impossible anymore to get in the proper headspace to write. Almost nothing frustrates me more than procrastination, so it's not that. Writer's block is an it's not that. Three weeks ago eye made Rawls a promise to knock these joints out in a timely manner. To not have this Back in the day, a short alloted period of writing time would see me through thue progress. Now, these bits & seconds just don't add up.


Count lined up the entire (48 pieces) Something To Cope last evening in preparation for tracking. Zippededoda, Zippedeya! Looks like manufacturing is truly on the horizon, as promised. Where are you, Batman? Holla back, dunny!

Watermelons just aren't the same anymore. Are they coming from Chile, too? What ever happened to the seeds? The seedless melons come with a disclaimer to the effect of : You may find an occasional seed, please don't hold it against us. WTF??? Then, the meat in the seedless, a rare pink, tastes foreignly sweet. No longer the candy red sugary flavor from your childhood. Bogus, dude. Thanks for finding an authentic, hon!

BTW- All that fluffy nap-tural, negroid hair in the picture above - nada. Gone. No more. Five years since a haircut, pulling in my hair had become a stress outlet thereby leaving the whole left-side of my head a fingertip's length. Last weekend, the shears paid a visit.


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