Friday, November 17, 2006


People say the darndest things. Leaving it there for now. Giving thanks for the ability to work from home for nearly a decade now. What a blessing! To even think about joining the traditional corporate or blue collar workforce gives me frightful chills. Yuck! For those of you who put the sole/soul to the pavement everyday, kudos! It may not be long before eye become a part if things continue in this direction for us financially.

Think long and hard before entering the music business. Again, think long and hard.

Ironically, we got a call yesterday from the tv show Wife Swap. If you remember, Trading Spouses contacted us a while back. It trips me out how badly these people want us involved. Of course, there are so many concessions that we would have to make,that no matter how appealing the money, it just does not seem right. We're holding out for the right opportunity yet. There has to be something fitting for a Hiphop dad & family that allows us to keep our ethics in tact. Right?

We're looking for a major blessing on this move to Florida in the upcoming weeks. My mother in law is still fighting the good fight against cancer. As a gift to my husband, eye am bound & determined to fulfill this plan. Somehow. Someway.

Something To Cope will again be a dream deferred in order to bring this to fruition as all funds are being used for the move. To me, there is no sacrifice too great for life. Both my mum & spouse deserve this time together as Dwight left home at 13.

Missing Granny should be the strength needed to pull us through to the other side. eye miss her! The pastor/friend that eulogized her tried to preach to me yesterday in the grocery store, not initially recognizing who he was recruiting. He thought to tell me about the power of Jesus. It lead to traditional fire & brimstone, which is where my ears took a break. In my thinking, it was Granny coming at me from another angle of reassurance that things will work out in the Lord's time.

My husband says that new viewers are going to think this a religious website because of all of the spiritual content. Eye guess it is in a way.

In God we trust. May the creator touch your life on this day. Thanks for your undying support.


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