Saturday, July 8, 2006


"I Need You Now" by Smokie Norful happens to be both Magnificent's (1) favorite video to watch & preferred tune to croon. From top to bottom, runs included, Mags lays down vocals that rival any child singer eye have even seen. He even pretends to play the piano on whatever surface rests before him. You have to hear his rendition. Tripped out! We have to get this on video soon. You know how children will suddenly shift gears on you leaving you with only a memory of their remarkable antics. Maybe it'll be a good idea to set him up in the studio for an audio recording. We can work on the music later.

Children's electronic learning toys are now made with conscious style in mind.
7 girls have dreadlocks.
2 more girls have dreadlocks.
How many girls have dreadlocks all together?

Oh yeah, this a real word problem programmed for LeapFrog's Math Turbo Twist.
Whoopi Goldberg endorses this line of teaching tools, so perhaps that question reflects her personal input. Yet another example of a famous person with no website. What's with these popular folks? Get with the times?

Maybe these are the elite thinkers of our generation? Those who avoid computers might just have a spidey sense for danger in the midst. Computers & technology bring out the best guilt in me sometimes. On that note, what would possess the world's second richest man, Warren Buffet to give away roughly 37 billion dollars of his funds to the Gates Foundation? Philanthropy? UMMMM...this one sounds way too good & simple. Ever heard of the Apocrypha?

We're headed to work in the neighborhood Earth Park (George W. Carver Food Park) this morning. Gotta get in that community service. Right, Sizwe?

Be safe.


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