Saturday, December 3, 2005


How much is parental commitment worth? Is it normal for parents to make promises to their children & then regularly back out - even partially? Is it disrespectful for a child to request fair & loving treatment from their parent? Is this what the Bible means by obey your parent? Is it wrong to question your parent's motives at any time? Eye have never had a "normal" relationship with either parent, so eye genuinely do not know what's considered regular.

Weigh in with your thoughts:

Psychology teaches us that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Therefore, more often than not, we can guess how a particular person will act based on how they have in previous experiences. Keeping this in mind when we find ourselves in guarded situations will prevent us from making decisions that will potentially expose our vulnerability. Eye am learning to trust my gut instinct in these circumstances. This is my Saturday morning epiphany.

All praise & thanks to my Granny for teaching me how to be a great mother by her example. She truly did sacrifice all for the sake of her family, and you just don't find that type of grandmother anymore. Even on her meager income, she would be of financial assiatance however she could to keep things moving for all involved. She even lessened her work week at times to help me finish school, so that the life that we are providing for the babies now would be possible. She jumped at any opportunity to spend time with her children & grandchildren because family first was truly her life & not a concept. Most importantly, she never stopped mothering me, even as an adult. She gave me much advice that was not requested & knowledge that my mind was too young to grasp at times. For these things, my gratitude is abundant! It would have been nice to have appreciated her more in those times. Hindsight is indeed magnifying.

Last week was my first visit to her burial site. It was a really bugged experience. Here swell the tears...more in a bit.


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