Friday, December 23, 2005


If you think that somebody in this United States of America is not making big bucks on this day, then you just carry yourself on down to your local mall, Wal-mart, Target and get a feel for what eye am sayin'. Xmas falls on the weekend. And you know how we love to shop on the weekends. That's what those breaks in the work week are for, right? Not to rest; but to spend up that check. Word up!

Seeing as how eye am my own boss, perhaps eye should take myself to task about not having a check to blow. My spending cheer will go to keeping our vehicle in our possession (carnote due) and the rest to candles for the Kinara(s) that we'll be making tomorrow as a family project.

Magnificent recently broke the heirloom piece that Dwight made for our first Kwanzaa celebration 5 years ago, so we'll be making a new one for our household. We're also going to design several for our other family members, which will be our holiday contribution - in gift form. We started making our "love offerings" in 1999 and have followed the tradition ever since. We don't make any big purchases in the name of the "season, but we do create wonderful pieces worth a lifetime of love. The children so value the experience, and it gives them great joy to use their artistic talents to delight their relatives. Eye am getting so excited just typing about it!


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