Saturday, December 17, 2005

See. It's Sunday again tomorrow. Time to take the children to the chess center. It's always time to take them to the chess center. Geez...

Today was Kana & Zeke's monthly class at the Frist Arts Museum. The educational outreach department offers a valuable program to the community for free "Art Saturdays". It's best to reserve space in advance (just in case it fills quick), but they surprisingly accept walk-ups, so long as seating permits. Hi, Ms. Ashley!

This creative outlet for them grants me a free visit to the museum monthly. Not that eye could not go otherwise, seeing as how Writehanded has been one of the museum's press partners since 2003. But it's a much more lowkey experience to tour the exhibits as a "Parent-Chaperone". My advisory sticker actually reads : Frist Center School Tours Chaperone. So of course everyone is looking at me like eye am SOMEBODY, in a way different than when eye have visited on "Press Days". To be a parent...

BTW - Freethinking technology "Macks" use Mac. Hardware "Squares" prefer PC's = Microsoft. Which are you?


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