Friday, December 9, 2005


This business will smoke you like an Optimo if you let it. You know, real slow like. But burning all the while. You find yourselves in situations where cats will rob you without even a BB gun pointed at your dome; screw you in the rear without a prophylactic or lube, as they [do not exist] say. Straight jacking for verses, tracks, publishing, writer's credit, hotel rooms, performance fees, appearance fees, jewelry, individual lyrics, mixes, remixes...whatever's up for grabs, more or less. It is sometimes disheartening to face having to soak in what often reeks of a cesspool in order to provide even a decent lives for the offspring. What jolts most is knowing that "it ain't even gotta be like that."

Why do those who are the kindest find themselves most used, abused and mistreated? We all find ourselves in the bully role in certain instances, knowing that if we just do the right thing we could make life a little easier for the next man. But, somehow many of us lose focus from time to time and eventually find ourselves remorseful and apologetic. But then there are those who get out of focus and continue down a blurry road of stepping on the next person until it becomes the norm and you may as well write them off as blind at that point.

Eye am still having trouble finding comfortability in such practices. Eye am still unable to see the justice in such treatment.


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