Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Habari gani?
::Ujima (Collective work & responsibility)

We started our morning with the intention to light our candles, but were prevented due to faulty homemade kinara cups. Somewhere in the molding and baking process, a few of them came loose and left red & green candles laying to the side. Oh well, we kept it moving...

We went on to thoroughly clean our school following a discussion about the importance of working together & being responsible for our selves. During that activity, we decided that we should spend a portion of our day gathering Magnificent's gently used baby items & preparing them for give-away. The proud recipients : Nashville Rescue Mission. Kana has been wanting to "help the homeless" for the past two holiday season's. She put in her bid once again this year and won. Our daughter is such a wonderful being.

Word came today that the "Oriana lee EP" will be distributed in Japan in the upcoming months. Who? (You might ask.) Wouldn't you like to know. Well, let's just say that until the check clears, eye would rather sit on that info. You all know good & well how things tend to change up in this business. But when all is definitive, you will be the first to read the news - right here. Word up!


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