Friday, December 2, 2005

Join us in Hartford, Connecticut @ UCONN (9 p.m.) on Saturday, December 3, for performances featuring CountBassD & Jneiro Jarel. Though this is primarily a business trip for me, as always, the King & eye will surely enjoy our time away. Our time together. It is so incredibly overwhelming to see our dreams & pursuits all coming to fruition at once.

We have been together for 12 years. We have both been working in the business for at least that long. We decided to see Count on top in 2000. This is when my career as a freelance journalist morphed into a part-time publicist position, which soon snowballed into a fulltime, exclusive management job. In 2004, eye decided to narrow my scope of work & clients to focus solely on he who eye believe in most.


In only two years, ALL PRAISE BE TO THE CREATOR, we have come full circle in our initial endeavors. The Oriana lee EP is finally scheduled to drop mid-month with the launch of the Unchaste belt line. Visit for more info. Click Music.

Catch CountBassD on tour with DOOM beginning December 5 in Austin, TX.

To the folx: Thanks for the loving response...


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