Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Just a few hours ago, eye did an interview for Synthesis Magazine. Good looks, Corey!
Interviews are really good for gathering your thoughts and ideas as you would have them represent you eternally. Where casual one-on-one questioning sometimes lends itself to babble and brainstorm, knowing that the entire world will potentially read your careless drunken babble will clean it all up real quick. Word up!

Speaking of glossies, Susan Taylor seemed to basically vanish from the pages of Essence Magazine almost immediately following the buyout/merger . Eye have yet to hear anyone address this, but a few months ago (following the announcement) she wrote an editorial assuring readers that her role in the company would not change and neither would the format. Well, so much for the first promise. That's the business. Ya heard! "Cut-throat...to the bone." We wish her well in her future endeavors. Essence can't possibly capture it's own without her contribution.


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